Larry Klayman
Why I'm suing Barack Hussein Obama
Larry Klayman tells of threatening 'assault' against him at LAX baggage claim
By Larry Klayman
February 6, 2017

It's like a bad recurring dream! After eight years of a president who lied to the American people to be elected – namely that he is a Christian – Barack Hussein Obama, who did all he could to harm Israel, not to mention American Jews and Christians, is at it again. Not able to keep his Muslim mouth shut, he recently issued his own version of a fatwah, in effect calling on his Islamic, radical and anarchist followers to take to the streets to protest President Trump's so called "Muslim ban" – which is not a ban at all but simply a moratorium on immigration from seven Middle Eastern terrorist-infested nations for 90 days, as the new administration analyzes how to do "extreme vetting" to weed out possible terrorist entrants.

Indeed, when a former president of Obama's professed "stature" tells his people to go out into the streets, given the current highly combustible climate whipped up by leftist radicals and the ever-growing number of traitorous Democrats who are in league with them to not just delegitimize the Trump administration but to destabilize the nation, this "call to arms" is quite powerful and persuasive.

And, it has been! Obama's buddies, also egged on and inflamed by the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which is a terrorist front organization, have swarmed the nation's airports and rioted elsewhere, committing acts of vandalism, causing mayhem, threatening and assaulting Trump supporters and generally wreaking havoc. As usual, this mass attack on We the People, who voted for President Trump and would like work with him to "Make America Great Again," is being financed by the likes of George Soros, a more than despicable Hungarian-born billionaire who collaborated with the Nazis in World War II by confiscating the property of his fellow Jews as they were on their way to being gassed or burned in Hitler's ovens. Just last Wednesday, these heathens attempted to burn down U.C. Berkeley, when a conservative, pro-Trump Breitbart journalist was scheduled to speak to the students' Republican Club. While burning down Berkeley, under ordinary circumstances may not actually be a bad idea (tongue in cheek) – it is the bastion of ultra leftist, if not communist intelligentsia even surpassing Harvard and Yale – the display was reminiscent of the early stages of the Bolshevik revolution, not to mention what we witnessed in the Middle East during previous "Arab Springs."

The country, thanks to the likes of Obama, CAIR, Soros and radical-black groups, who continue to spew claims that President Trump is a racist, is being torched by these counterrevolutionary degenerates. Their goal, plain and simple, is to dismantle, deconstruct and essentially blow up the republic – to take it down to ground zero and then, a la "Night of the Living Dead," seize total control. Regrettably, these hateful agitators and thugs are a lot more dangerous than zombies, who simply can be stabbed in the head to end their sad existence. These hateful agitators and thugs are on the march, fueled by their unbridled disrespect and contempt for law and order. And, they generally get away with their rampages, as they succeed in getting any opponents to kowtow by simply branding them racists, a charge the mainstream leftist media propagate.

And, so it was that yours truly personally experienced the Islamist, radical and anarchist leftist counterrevolution as I was waiting for my luggage last Sunday at around 8:40 p.m. in the baggage claim area of Southwest Airlines at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). A woman, literally foaming at the mouth, with an Arabic accent and carrying a big threatening sign, charged at me and others around me, screaming in threatening bursts: "You all are racists!" At the time, my immediate thought was that we were experiencing a terrorist attack similar to the one carried about by a recent Islamic/ISIS convert a few weeks ago at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport, where five innocent bystanders were killed and seven critically wounded in the baggage claim area there. I am not overstating it to say that at the time of this assault on me and my fellow travelers, we were in fear of immediate severe bodily injury or death. This is the legal standard for actionable assault under our system, rather than a Shariah system, of justice.

After this legal assault, I asked the authorities of LAX and the Democratic and intellectually challenged mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, preserve the evidence of this attack. LAX and the city obviously have surveillance cameras in the baggage claim area and elsewhere, and the video will prove what occurred.

My motivation in preserving this evidence is to use it in litigation I intended to bring against not just Obama, for inciting and calling for this violence, but also LAX, the city of Los Angeles and the mayor himself for allowing these potential terrorists onto secure airport grounds. Indeed, LAX for several days was swarming with hostile Islamists and anarchists of all races and stripes, to the point that this was not just a security threat, but also intended to bring airport travel there to a standstill. This was also occurring at other airports around the nation. And, in the case of LAX, which has experienced its share of Muslim terrorist attacks in the past, the situation was particularly grave and dangerous, with so many of L.A.'s massive Muslim population, mostly Iranian, on the move thanks to Obama and his accomplices.

A few days later I filed my first legal complaint, this one against the former Muslim in Chief in "La La Land's" federal court. Below is a video announcing and explaining that I brought suit because we cannot allow our nation to be destroyed by Obama and his comrades. While it is unclear if any federal judge, given that most have been appointed by Bill Clinton or Obama himself, will hold them to the letter of the law, I remain determined to use whatever legal means at my disposal not only to seek justice, but to rally patriots to the cause of assisting our new brave president in restoring the country to justice.

We cannot and must not be afraid to stand up and be accounted for, even if Obama's hordes of thugs are physically attacking us and setting fire to the republic we all love and must preserve.

See Larry's video explaining his complaint:

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