Larry Klayman
Hillary, sexual abuse and equal men's rights!
Larry Klayman sees women as 'protected species' too often not held accountable
By Larry Klayman
November 22, 2017

Hillary Clinton, the Wicked Witch of the Left, has spent the last week largely protesting that if a special counsel is finally appointed to investigate and likely prosecute her racketeering enterprise known as the Clinton Foundation – which took bribes on her and Bill's behalf to grease the sale of uranium to Russian interests – it would be an abuse of process and an affront to the rule of law. Notwithstanding my petition to be appointed that special counsel at the direction of President Donald Trump (Go to to sign the petition), Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has allegedly perjured himself before Congress, is himself under investigation by the other special counsel, Robert Mueller, and is loathe to appoint one for Hillary, as those in glass houses don't generally throw stones.

In reality, the primary reason the Wicked Witch, in my opinion, has not been prosecuted for her illegal capers, even dating back to well before the corrupt Clinton administration, is because she is a woman. And, despite some valid claims of sexual harassment now permeating the media, women, when it comes to being held accountable under the law, are generally given a pass and are in effect a "protected species."

Even my favorite judge, the Honorable Royce C. Lamberth, would never allow me to take the deposition of Hillary Clinton in the famous Filegate lawsuit I brought while I was running Judicial Watch. In that case, Hillary was the lead defendant, having illegally ordered up the FBI files on over 900 persons she considered adversaries, to dig up dirt and then smear them. Judge Lamberth, who is a Southern gentlemen, could never summon up the stomach to have me put her under oath, even when it was shown that she not only illegally obtained FBI files, but also hid key evidence as part of the Wicked Witch's first email scandal.

In this regard, in the late 1990s, thanks to two White House whistleblowers, we learned that over 1 million emails were allegedly "lost" on the server of the White House Office of Administration, likely containing proof of the then-first lady's and her husband's crimes. While Judge Lamberth allowed me to conduct a criminal contempt hearing, Hillary was left out of the witness mix, and I was prohibited from even deposing her generally in the case.

Despite this, I do not want to give you the impression that I do not appreciate all the judge did and continues to do to further some integrity in our broken and corrupt system of justice. He is a shining star of judicial integrity and courage – and to be frank, I love the guy. Since I left Judicial Watch and have had the chance to get to know Judge Lamberth even better, as I have not had cases before him, I can't tell you how much I have come to admire him even more. But with Hillary, he could not pull the trigger.

Today, I was leafing through Google on my cellphone and came upon an article reporting that a human head had been transplanted on a corpse in China. Scary as this is, recalling the TV show "Batman" of my youth, I had to quip to myself "Holy Frankenstein, Batman!" I also had to a laugh. Into my head came the devilish thought: "What if we could transplant Hillary's head onto the body of Bill Clinton," her sexually depraved husband? In this way the woman who claims that she lost the last presidential election, in which she called her rival Donald Trump a female abuser and every other name under the sun, and then blamed her defeat on male sexism, could sexually harass herself. Then I thought, consistent with her being a "female protected species," that she certainly would never be called out and vilified, much more prosecuted for her own sexual harassment.

And why and how is this? Is not our system of justice, as Hillary also put it this week in trying to ward off a new criminal investigation and the appointment of a special counsel for her illegal misdeeds, supposed to be blind?

Well, friends and fellow patriots, justice is blind, but not because it is just. Its blindness, given the state of affairs in our ethically and morally crumbling legal system, is demonstrated day in and day out because it is blind to equal justice.

The hard reality is that there are plenty of legitimate claims by women about sexual harassment and abuse, but there also are multitudes of false claims conjured up by women to strike back at men. This occurs frequently, for example, in our corrupt and compromised family courts, where sleazy divorce and child custody lawyers, to win judgments for their female clients, conspire with them to make false claims that the husband sexually abused or molested his own children. And, statistics show that in about 90 percent of all such cases, these claims were manufactured for strategic reasons. What happens when these women are exposed as having borne false witness against their estranged husbands? The answer is nothing. They just walk off into the sunset with no legal repercussions.

In many of these cases, the aggrieved men live with the stigma of these false claims for the rest of their lives, and some, given the severe emotional distress, have even gone to the length of committing suicide, as their children and society had become alienated from them. But despite this, the women who made these claims generally couldn't care less and just go on their merry way in life.

And then there are the false claims of sexual harassment, running so rampant in the last few weeks in particular. Today, despite the documented and serious crimes of the Harvey Weinsteins of the world – and now Sen. Al Franken – "Girls Are Now Running Wild," "remembering" male crimes against females 30 and 40 years after the offenses are alleged to have occurred. And, for the most part these stale allegations, where the statute of limitations has run decades ago, are generally believed.

Yes, the "Feminist Salem Witch Trials" are now in full swing! And while some of the women coming forward have legitimate claims, I urge you not to prejudge men as guilty before they have been given the chance to be proven innocent.

Men, despite the hypocritical actions and claims of Hillary Clinton, or the likes of her fellow witches on NBC's "The View," are to be accorded the same due process and equal protection rights as women under our Constitution, not to mention standards of common decency.

And, when either a man or a woman testifies and gives false witness to sexual or child abuse allegations that have been strategically conjured up for political, family law or other improper purposes, these false accusers should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Neither gender is above the law, plain and simple. And, even more importantly, we both are clearly equal in God's eyes.

© Larry Klayman


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