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Hack leftist judges on the attack
Larry Klayman outlines ongoing behavior of Clinton/Obama appointees
By Larry Klayman
February 19, 2018

I have been saying this for years. What we have on the federal bench in particular are "politicians in robes!" And while our Founding Fathers tried to fashion and leave us with a "Cadillac of a legal system, what we currently have on the bench are drunken drivers at the wheel!" In fact, given the way things have degenerated since I founded Judicial Watch in 1994 to "watch over" judges in particular, I now need to add that these "drunken drivers" are also on crack cocaine, thanks to leftist interests who, generally having made large campaign contributions to the Democratic Party and its candidates' campaigns, got them their jobs during the administrations of Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Indeed, over the last 16 of the past 25 years, during these corrupt administrations, Clinton and Obama packed the courts with radical and generally intellectually dishonest jurists, with a few exceptions. And, if there are these exceptions, it is clear to me that there was a mistake when senators recommended to these presidents what they thought would otherwise be "yes men" political hacks who would do the bidding of the left once confirmed.

It has gotten to the point that I can predict with almost absolute certainty how a judge will rule given the president who appointed him or her. Of course, some leftist judges are less intellectually dishonest than others. An example is the Honorable Emmet Sullivan on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, a judge I first encountered at Judicial Watch many years ago when, thanks to a lawsuit I had filed, he attempted to force then-Vice President Dick Cheney to reveal who he had secretly put on the Cheney Energy Task Force.

This was important because Bush and Cheney, both former "big oil men," were making energy policy behind closed doors, some of which was to the detriment of our national security interests in the Middle East and Israel. Sullivan ordered that Cheney disclose who was sitting on his advisory committee.

To make a long story shorter, Sullivan ordered Cheney and Bush to come clean, but his rulings were later overturned by conservatives on the Supreme Court who were out to protect both Cheney and Bush. But my hat was off to Sullivan, a Clinton appointee, although clearly his politics was no hindrance to ruling against the Cheney Energy Task Force in the first instance.

Judge Sullivan is also the judge who ordered Hillary Clinton to answer questions, albeit in writing, about her illegal private email server, as well has recently required Special Counsel Robert Mueller to come clean and produce to him any exculpatory "Brady evidence" his leftist prosecutors have that could serve to exonerate Gen. Mike Flynn. We learned just this week that former FBI Director James Comey told Congress in closed-door session that the FBI did not think that Flynn had lied to his special agents. Yet Mueller indicted Flynn anyway and then somehow, thanks to Flynn's hapless and compromised legal counsel, Robert Kelner of the Democratic law firm of Covington and Burling – not coincidentally the law firm of former Attorney General Eric Holder – pleaded out to one count of lying to the FBI.

Judge Sullivan is also the judge randomly assigned to my case to obtain documents concerning communications between Mueller and the media, which his office and the FBI have thus far stonewalled in producing to my group, Freedom Watch. In this case, one can only hope that Sullivan will again put partisan politics aside and do the right thing. That is because these communications will show that Mueller and his staff have been leaking grand jury information, which is itself criminal, to harm President Trump, his family and associates and to ultimately serve to destroy his administration's effectiveness in implementing conservative and libertarian principles.

But Judge Sullivan is a rare bird in the federal judiciary today, a judiciary infested with leftist judges who couldn't care less about the Constitution and the rule of law. Just this week, President Trump and his compromised Justice Department, now run by that worthless attorney general, Jeff Sessions, took another stinging defeat in the lower courts, when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit again struck down Trump's travel ban. Incredibly, these leftist hack judges ruled that the president's executive order violated the constitutional rights of Muslims who are neither U.S. citizens nor even permanent residents!

Then there is my case at Freedom Watch against Hillary Clinton for wrongful death and defamation over the killing of Americans, at the hands of radical Muslim terrorists, at Benghazi. This case, brought for Patricia Smith and Charles Woods, the "Gold Star parents" of Sean Smith and Ty Woods, who were murdered along with Ambassador Chris Stephens, was dismissed by a leftist hack Obama-appointed judge in federal court in the District of Columbia, Amy Berman Jackson, on the eve of Memorial Day, when Patricia and Charles were grieving for their sons. As this dismissal was clearly politically motivated, I then took an appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

Incredibly, as has occurred a number of times over the years, since this appellate court is also packed with leftist jurists, the three-judge panel allegedly randomly chosen to hear the case (which I doubt) was comprised of two judges who not only have made campaign contributions to Democratic political candidates but one in particular, Patricia Millet, who had donated to Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign before she was nominated by President Obama to the bench.

When I politely asked Judge Millet to recuse herself given her conflict of interest, she refused, and when I was then forced to file a motion to disqualify her, she again ignored her ethical responsibilities to get off the case. This judicial flouting of the law and the Judicial Canons of Ethics is not just an arrogant affront to our system of justice, it is typical of the attitude and actions of the leftist judges who think that they are above the law, much less any accountability at all. And what makes matters worse is that these judges' conservative brothers and sisters on the bench also protect them, since there exists a "there by the grace of God go I" mentality.

That is why I continue to do what I have done for the last 23 years since I founded Judicial Watch. The judiciary has broken away from the principles contained in our Constitution and is generally lawless. And while there are some bad eggs among conservative judges, and while there are some good leftist judges, by and large the Clinton and Obama appointees who sit on the federal courts today are a disgrace.

That in a nutshell is why I soldier on to try to restore integrity of our legal system. Join our fight and go to and sign the petition to name me special counsel not only to hold the Muellers, Clintons and Obamas accountable under the rule of law, but also our generally corrupted judiciary.

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