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3 elements of 'stacked deck' that imperil Trump
Larry Klayman sees 'cavalcade of compromised establishment fools'
By Larry Klayman
April 9, 2018

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Some of you may remember a film by Woody Allen called "Match Point." Despite his comedic genius, the movie was a sad thriller that ended in tragedy, all in line with Allen's dark view of life. Today, We the People are living another tragedy in the making, and while also suitable for leftist Hollywood production, there are grave consequences for both the president and those of us who are dedicated not to just "Making America Great Again," but saving the republic and restoring the vision of our Founding Fathers. I would call this new drama "Stacked Deck!"

The first question we must ask is: Who is stacking the deck of cards against the president, his family, colleagues and those of us who voted for and put our trust in The Donald? And, the answer is not simple, but multi-faceted!

First and foremost in the stacked deck is our U.S. Department of Justice, run presently by an attorney general who, while shamelessly featured on the cover of this week's Time magazine, is far from its "Person of the Year." His name is Jeff Beauregard Sessions. He is no "Legal Eagle," but is rather a "Legal Weasel." Sessions and his band of do-nothing and destructive Obama-Clinton loving loyalists – the most prominent of whom is the deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, a man so brain-dead that he might consider changing his "nom de famille" to Frankenstein – have given the corrupt Special Counsel Robert Mueller free reign to rape and pillage the Trump White House and by extension us peasants of the kingdom.

In Sessions' case, he not only has allowed Obama holdover former U.S. attorney from Maryland Rosenstein to rubber stamp all Mueller and his leftist prosecutors seek, which is to go far and wide from the special counsel's original limited authorization to investigate only alleged Russian collusion by the Trump presidential campaign, to now do a "rectal examination" on the Trump business empire, going back many years earlier.

Now, not only is Mueller busily preparing what in effect will surely be an impeachment report, at a minimum, that the president committed obstruction of justice when he fired former FBI Director James Comey, there is a real likelihood that the president, his son-in-law Jared Kushner and his son Donald Jr. will also be indicted for some "Trumped up" crime related to their business dealings. All the while, Sessions and Rosenstein are just sitting back waiting for this to happen, rather than doing what real chief law enforcement officers would do and fire Mueller and send his prosecutorial staff figuratively back to their leftist homeland in Siberia.

But Sessions will not lift either of his paralyzed cowardly hands! While I initially was hopeful that he had some courage, he has become little more than a textbook Republican establishment political mouse who fears blowback from not just the Democrats but their Deep State, which remains embedded into the intelligence community and the FBI. Obama-Clinton-Comey loyalists embedded in these government agencies undoubtedly have dirt on Sessions; dirt that could not just end his professional career but personally damage him and his family. Indeed, when the Trump Tower was wiretapped by the FBI in the days leading up to the election and thereafter, it is likely that telephone conversations between Sessions and the president, and their staffs, were illegally obtained. This coercion and blackmail is the way it works in the swamp known as Washington, D.C. – and Sessions knows this!

Second, there are the president's lawyers, who before one of them recently either quit or was fired, I used to call "The Three Legal Stooges." Cashing in on notoriety and mucho hard currency for their efforts, like jellyfish they have been dragged along by Mueller just like the "living dead" they have been. Rather than taking the offensive with Mueller, such as by suing him for violating the president's constitutional privacy and other rights, or moving to cut off the special counsel's runaway investigation by filing a lawsuit to shut him down for exceeding his mandate, as Freedom Watch and I have done, the remaining two zombies, Ty Cobb and Jay Sekulow, would rather rest on being naively promoted by Fox News host Sean Hannity than doing their job – which should be to take strong pro-active steps to protect Trump and those around him, by fighting back with real legal force! Public relations should be left to professionals, not inert establishment lawyers!

To the contrary, Fox News' chief judicial analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, pessimistically sees things in stark contrast to Hannity. In an opinion piece Thursday he, as I have been urging for many months, challenged President Trump to get new legal counsel, musing: "Where will all this go? The president cannot seem to find an experienced criminal defense lawyer." [Judge Andrew Napolitano: "What is Robert Mueller looking for?", April 5, 2018]

Third, there is the federal judiciary – perhaps the most destructive card in the stacked deck. Here, Obama- and Clinton-appointed leftist jurists sitting on the Manafort-Gates and Gen. Michael Flynn and other related prosecutions have looked the other way at Mueller and his conflicted venomous prosecutors who are almost daily criminally leaking grand jury information prior to trial to not just irreparably damage the defendants, but the Trump presidency.

And, if this were not enough, these politicized federal judges – Amy Berman Jackson, Emmet Sullivan, Rudolph Cantreras and others who sit on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia – allow Mueller, the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice to slow roll Freedom of Information Act requests seeking to expose Mueller's criminality. Should these documents come to light in the near term, even the cowardly attorney general and his corrupt deputy attorney general would be forced to fire the special counsel, so the nation can get on to doing important business for the citizenry rather than carrying on with the left's Russia fixation.

Finally, there continues to be the pressing need to have appointed a second special counsel to investigate, seek indictments and convictions of Hillary and Bill Clinton, former President Obama, former FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Director John Brennan, former director of NSA James Clapper and others in the high echelons of the latent Obama-Clinton Deep State, such as Mueller himself. If Sessions will characteristically refuse again to take this crucial action, President Trump should do so himself, as he is the head of the executive branch of government of which the Justice Department is a part, and he has the ultimate authority. Go to to sign the petition urging my appointment.

To sum it all up, President Trump, his family and their colleagues face a cavalcade of compromised establishment fools and leftist evildoers committed to bringing them down and throwing them in the slammer – to the fatal harm of the republic! If this worsening crisis continues much longer, this "Stacked Deck" drama will soon end as a "Match Point," final set and game over in favor of the Obama/Clinton-run leftist Deep State.

We the People cannot and will not sit back like the president's current lawyers and watch our great country to be destroyed!

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