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Here's how to get rid of Robert Mueller
Larry Klayman advises Giuliani to put Trump's interests before his ego
By Larry Klayman
May 7, 2018

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I like Rudy Giuliani and have met and spoken to him on several occasions. But this week's appearance on "Hannity" did not do any justice – pun intended – to the president of the United States! As the president acknowledged Friday morning in passing as he was on his way to the NRA convention in Dallas, his new lead criminal defense counsel needs to get his facts straight, having created a mess in his bizarre and most likely factually inaccurate explanation of the Stormy Daniels payout by Trump attorney Michael Cohen.

Giuliani also made statements this week that "he" would consider having the president be interviewed by Robert Mueller for two hours and that the chances were 50/50 that this could happen. As any experienced criminal defense attorney, and even one wet behind the ears and just out of law school, would tell you, allowing an interview of The Donald would not just be legal malpractice, but one of the most stupid acts in the history of legal representation in this nation. Mueller would juxtapose anything the president said – and all interviews with the government are in effect under oath – with the so-called testimony of others who this corrupt establishment special counsel has obtained through plea bargaining and otherwise, persons who may have turned on Trump. In this way, finding the inconsistencies, Mueller would either charge The Donald with perjury and/or include this in the special counsel's inevitable impeachment report to Congress. Stupid is as stupid does, in the words of the mother of Forrest Gump!

I am glad that President Trump now recognizes that he needs other criminal defense counsel, having dispensed with two of his previous inert clowns, John Dowd and Ty Cobb. And, while it is good for Rudy to speak clearly about the "witch hunt" that is the Mueller investigation, he needs to step back and realize that he is not the be all and end all of the president's fate and should not spew forth anything that may sound good on a propagandist's cable show, like "Hannity." Instead, Giuliani, after being properly briefed on the facts, can hold serious press conferences, because in essence his take on the runaway and patently illegal Russian collusion and obstruction of justice investigation is correct. Rudy just needs to get serious in a respected forum.

Last Thursday, I called Rudy and left a message with his secretary to call me back. At the time, he undoubtedly was "preoccupied" with the fallout of his "Hannity" appearance. What I wanted to advise Giuliani was that the fastest way to end the Mueller "witch hunt" was to have the president support our lawsuit seeking to uncover the illegal and criminal grand jury leaks to the media by the special counsel and his frankly evil leftist staff. These leaks, which have been occurring with daily regularity since the inception of Mueller's investigation, are calculated to harm the presidency and damage the Trump agenda to "Make America Great Again," regardless of any later indictment or impeachment report.

Mueller is a product and tool of the establishments of both political parties, and the Washington, D.C., so-called elite wants to see The Donald dead and buried. The meme below tells the tale of this desire to end the reign of King Trump, as he threatens the never-ending gravy train of the beautiful people of Washington, D.C., and not just the self- anointed nobility status of the Clintons, Bushes and Obamas. If Mueller succeeds – and unless something is done quickly he will – he and his slimy prosecutorial staff will be rewarded in far greater ways than, ironically, porn star Stormy Daniels and her bottom-feeding lawyer, Michael Avenatti – who has come out of guttural obscurity with great glee to try to make a "name for himself."

In addition to supporting my cases (see to pry the communications of Mueller and his prosecutors with the media out of Justice Department files, which once exposed would create a groundswell forcing Jeff Sessions to fire him, taking the heat off of President Trump, is the urgent need to have me appointed special counsel. You can rest assured that I would bring the Muellers, Clintons, Comeys, Rosensteins and corrupt Obama Deep State intelligence chiefs like the lying James Clapper and John Brennan to justice. Go to to sign the petition to have me so appointed.

In addition to this, I also need your support in commissioning citizens grand juries so We the People can take legal matters into our own hands and empanel a grand jury, indict and later through public trials before a petit jury of one's peers, selected randomly from voter rolls, convict the criminals. We would do this before a neutral retired judge and then seek to have the criminals sentenced and then arrested and imprisoned. This plan is not far-fetched. Justice Scalia recognized in a majority Supreme Court opinion in 1992 that grand juries belong to the citizenry not to the three branches of government.

In short, Giuliani and the president should urgently "sit down" and hear me out. Time is short before President Trump, his White House and the republic as a whole goes under for the count, thanks to an evil establishment-supported special counsel who has assumed the roll of an out-of-control Justice Department attorney general. Mueller presently has carte blanche to do as he pleases.

While our current actual attorney general, Jeff Sessions, is a worthless coward, and his corrupt deputy, Rod Rosenstein, even worse, it is time for President Trump to take bold action by appointing me a second special counsel, supporting our lawsuits to expose Mueller for the criminal he is and supporting our citizens grand juries. The president should instruct his new lawyer to put The Donald's interests before Rudy's ego and simply cooperate with Freedom Watch to get the job done!

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