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Trump's lawyers leading him to impeachment!
Larry Klayman calls for The Donald to take charge
By Larry Klayman
August 13, 2018

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The special counsel Robert Mueller's so-called Russian collusion and obstruction of justice investigation is now well into its second year, with no end in sight. Sure, Fox News pundits and lawyers Jay Sekulow and Rudy Giuliani, two of the president's attorneys, predict it will now be over by Sept. 1, 2018, but who can believe them anymore?

Sekulow, a fine religious-rights attorney, simply has no clue about what he is doing in this criminal sphere! Previously he predicted, long ago, that the Mueller "witch hunt" would be over by last Thanksgiving, then it was Christmas, and then in the early spring of 2018. Giuliani, for his part, is having enough problems keeping his facts straight, frequently spewing forth contradictory nonsense – some of which violates the attorney-client privilege – that either the president or he is later forced to correct. The problem with Giuliani is not only that he is well past his prime; he seems mostly to relish the notoriety of his media appearances, rather than going on the attack and getting down to business with legal countermeasures on behalf of his client.

I love this president. He is the first chief executive in my lifetime to recognize – if not express and act on – the rank corruption in our justice system, which is why I conceived of and founded Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch – but for the president's own benefit he should not pick his legal counsel, or for that matter anyone else to represent him, based on his or her "notoriety" on Fox News.

This reminds me of what a close family lawyer friend once told me about Larry King. Having set a record, surpassing even Henry VIII, of seven wives and seeing his current one run off with a gym instructor, poor Larry could not even divorce her, given his flawed prenuptial agreement. It turns out he chose a third-rate divorce lawyer to write this prenuptial based on his having made the man's acquaintance over bagels at Nate & Al Delicatessen in Beverly Hills. Prior to opening his own bagel shop a few blocks away, Brooklyn Water Bagels – thank me, Larry, for giving you free advertising – he literally lived at Nate & Al, even holding staff meetings every weekday morning there at a booth when he hosted his daily show on CNN. My lawyer friend joked that Larry does everything at Nate & Al, including hiring an incompetent divorce lawyer who wrote such a bad prenuptial that Larry could not afford to send King's wife No. seven to the showers.

President Trump suffers from the same fixation as Larry King, only on a grander and more dangerous scale. Much of his world lives at, or revolves around, Fox News, typified by his recent appointment of Bill Shine, the former Fox News executive – who helped bury and thus cover up the avalanche of workplace sexual harassment at the network – as deputy White House chief of staff for communications. The Donald has obviously chosen his lawyers the same way and this is in large part why they, not unexpectedly, are leading him down the primrose path to impeachment.

Here is how:

The recent "brain aneurism" of Sekulow and Giuliani – again, not coincidentally showcased nightly on Fox News – is that they are hard at work trying to negotiate an agreement with Mueller and his rabid leftist staff for The Donald to testify under oath in ongoing grand jury proceedings. While any law student with one course in criminal law and procedure would know this is not a good idea (to put it diplomatically), the president's current lawyers are, in effect, negotiating a means for Mueller to set a perjury trap for their client. To justify this suicidal insanity, Sekulow and Giuliani now say they will allow the president to testify only if the questions are limited and Mueller agrees to end the witch hunt soon.

This is an offer that Mueller will obviously not accept. This "man of integrity" – as the establishment of both parties disingenuously calls him – is not bent on saving face; rather, he is on a mission to take down our fearless leader and his conservative-libertarian agenda with him. In this way, the bipartisan establishment – of which Mueller is a product, having been nominated to various establishment positions over the years – can finally rid the swamp of the one president who is intent on draining it.

So what happens when Mueller rejects Sekulow and Giuliani's insincere offer? He and his prosecutors will then surely subpoena the president, setting up a legal fight which will probably take at least two years to resolve, going all the way to the Supremes. During this time, the witch hunt will go into high gear, with what will undoubtedly result in the issuance of a scathing and incriminating impeachment report right before the midterm elections this fall.

This impeachment report by Mueller will not only serve as a catalyst to elect a leftist Trump-hating Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, but also serve as a trigger for impeachment once these Democrats obtain their House majority.

The result: President Trump and his administration will be tied down, if not immobilized, in having to defend the commander-in-chief all the way leading up to the presidential election in 2020.

In short, Sekulow and Giuliani, rather than taking strong legal action to either have the Mueller witch hunt be found by a court to be illegal and thus shut down, are instead being cute and leading President Trump down the primrose path to destruction. Worse, this occurs at a time when the nation faces real nuclear threats from mortal enemies such as Iran and North Korea, as well as other potentially catastrophic challenges on the horizon.

We at Freedom Watch are doing all we can to end this legal nightmare, with your strong support and prayers.

Mr. President, in addition to Freedom Watch's urgent legal efforts to save your vital presidency, please do yourself a favor and urgently hire new (but this time courageous and strong) lawyers who know how to competently represent you. Please do not hire these new counselors based on their "notoriety" on Fox News, but based on fearless anti-establishment independence and their "true grit" and focused determination in getting quick results. Time is short and the people beg you to do this before you and our beloved nation are taken down.

With all due respect, Mr. President, it's time to take charge, stop playing around, and "change the channel" for everyone's good!

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