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Sheriff Joe and I take on libelous N.Y. Times
Larry Klayman files suit against paper over 'defamatory' editorial
By Larry Klayman
October 22, 2018

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Last Wednesday, on behalf of "America's Toughest Sheriff," my friend and client Joe Arpaio, I filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia against the New York Times and its editorial board member Michelle Cottle for defamation per se, tortious interference with prospective business advantage and false light.

The complaint can be found at and was filed as part of Freedom Watch's Leftist Media Strike Force, which seeks to hold the dishonest and unhinged "fake news" left and other irresponsible and lawless publications accountable to the rule of law.

The defamatory article at issue, published on Aug. 29, 2018, and written by Cottle, a member of the editorial board of the Times, is entitled "Well at least Sheriff Joe isn't going to Congress: Arpaio's loss in Arizona's Senate Republican Primary is a fitting end to the public life of a truly sadistic man." In this article, the defendants accuse Sheriff Joe of a score of heinous crimes and allegedly seek to trash and destroy his reputation and standing in the law enforcement and political community, severely damaging his future plans to run for public office again. The article is alleged to have been published with malice.

The filing of this complaint was reported by every major publication in the nation if not the world, with the exception of – you guessed it – the New York Times, whose tag line and motto should now be "all the fake news that isn't fit to print." Obviously, the Times, stung by our damage claim for over $147,500,000, felt it prudent to shut up for once! That is because few if any conservatives who have been trashed and their lives ruined by this despicable leftist rag previously had the guts, save for the good sheriff and me, to take it on frontally. Even President Trump, whom we all love, has shied away from suing this once-prestigious paper, despite its having recently falsely accused him, his late father and virtually all of his family of tax fraud.

A press release issued shortly after the suit was instituted contained this statement:

"Sheriff Joe Arpaio, an American hero who has been widely called 'America's Toughest Sheriff,' has had a long and distinguished career in law enforcement and as an elected public official for nearly 25 years. The NYT and its hate-filled reporter, Michelle Cottle, will be held accountable for their libelous acts, not just to bring about justice for my client, but all those who on a daily basis, are demeaned, trashed and harmed by this venomous leftist publication and its staff. By demanding and getting a jury verdict for large compensatory and punitive damages, we hope to bring this 'failing newspaper' to its knees and to end its mission to destroy all who it disagrees with, most notably conservatives, including the current president of the United States, Donald J. Trump."

Indeed, Freedom Watch's Leftist Media Strike Force was conceived of to take on fake news publications such as the Times for this reason. And, in the last weeks, this same strike force filed a class action lawsuit against Google/YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Instagram under our antitrust laws for an agreement in restraint of trade to discriminate against conservatives. The purpose of this discrimination in censoring conservative content, to push a radical leftist agenda, elect more socialists, feminists, atheists and others to public office, and then ask for favors to line the pockets further of these uber-rich social media companies. And, make no mistake about it! The CEOs who run these companies are not only unethical, but closet Bosheviks.

When I founded Judicial Watch in 1994 I fashioned it to take strong hard-hitting legal action, not to rely on government or the "innocence of strangers" to do the job We the People must do for ourselves. Unlike Judicial Watch today, under its current leadership, Freedom Watch does a lot more than just get documents! We seek justice!

It's time more heroes like Sheriff Arpaio come forward to take on the corrupt Deep State establishment not just in the media and the government, but also the hordes of leftist violent revolutionaries such as antifa and Black Lives Matter who seek, with the financial backing of billionaire George Soros, to seize control of our republic, one illegal way or another, thereby destroying our God-given freedom and liberties!

I for one will stand with these brave patriots, as I have done recently with Cliven Bundy, his family and countless others who dare to remain free.

And that is why we at Freedom Watch need your prayers and strong support, since the fate of the nation hangs in the balance.

To support Sheriff Arpaio's case and Freedom Watch's Leftist Media Strike Force, as well as our citizens grand juries, which will soon indict, try, convict and sentence to prison the likes of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Hillary and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, go to and sign up for our "Justice League" and donate.

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