Larry Klayman
Bombs the result of breakdown in justice system?
By Larry Klayman
October 29, 2018

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No one condones violence. Indeed, I have always condemned it, which is why I conceived of and then founded both Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, to peacefully and legally enforce the rule of law against a corrupt government and legal system. It's why I have for over 25 years brought hard hitting cases and citizens grand juries to enable We the People to mete out justice the right way. But I have continually cautioned that the breakdown in our justice system, from the courts, to our Justice Department and its Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), coupled with leftist calls for violence and actual violence via radical vigilante groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, funded by the likes of George Soros and supported by the likes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and many Hollywood actors such as Robert De Niro, Madonna, and a host of other leftist "beautiful" people in influential Tinseltown, would someday trigger an all out civil war between left and right.

It was only a matter of time until some reactive and unhinged people on the far right – or far left as the current bombing attempts may be part of a "set up" to blame President Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party in the lead up to the November 6, 2018, mid-term elections – fired the final shot that would trigger this war. This, regrettably, as I have warned was going to happen at some point. And, while the bomb threats against Obama, the Clintons, Eric Holder, Maxine Waters, John Brennan, Joe Biden, George Soros, Robert De Niro, and Corey Booker (and counting) cannot be justified under any circumstances, it is likely the frustration if not hopeless desperation among committed extremists which caused them.

While it has always been bad, the leftist media's inquisition against the president we duly elected to "Make America Great Again," coming after decades of failed Democrat and frankly Republican rule with the exception of former President Ronald Reagan, coupled with inaction by our current soon to be "shown the door" Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the crimes of his current and former corrupt political hacks at the department and the FBI such as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Baker, and of course Special Counsel Robert Mueller, obviously lit the fuse.

Notwithstanding that elite establishment criminals such as the Clintons and the cavalcade of others listed above are "above the law," with judges in our court system generally unwilling to go against the persons who put them on the bench, and you have a volatile situation.

But what also has fanned the flames of revolution, dangerously domestic terrorist style, is the profiteering and opportunistic actions of some in the so called conservative media. The best example is some of the prime time hosts on Fox News, who each day and night peddle false hope to the American people that justice is just around the corner. The most extreme and obvious example is Sean Hannity, who each night, with virtually the same "groupified guests," talk of major new developments that will finally end our dual system of justice and hold the likes of Hillary Clinton, James Comey and Robert Mueller accountable to the rule of law. There is only so much of this that any sincere and committed patriot can take before literally throwing up. While offering this warmed over babble may boost Fox News' ratings and advertising dollars, at some point, now the present, in the words of Popeye "enough is enough and enough is too much!"

The American people, while perhaps mildly enjoying the entertainment value of all of this, are fed up to the hilt. They want action instead of false hope!

And, what makes matters even worse are public interest watchdogs, such as the group which I founded, Judicial Watch, using their millions of dollars in resources doing little more than Freedom of Information Act requests, uncovering documents showing corruption, but doing little else. This may get Tom Fitton on television, but it does not bring about justice, as this head of Judicial Watch, who is not a lawyer, then implores if not begs the so called government to take action. But the citizenry know that this is a cop out; there is little to no justice that will be meted out by either the Justice Department, or the hapless fools in Congress that we call senators and congressmen. They too generate meaningless headlines to get their faces on the likes of Fox News, raising money for their political campaigns, and then being reelected to carry on their march to irrelevance at taxpayers' expense.

And the straw that broke the back of any respect among the people for Congress proved to be the now Justice Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. To call this a dog and pony show of hypocrisy, showboating and deceit from all political quarters – overwhelming by the corrupt leftist Democrat ones – is way too kind to describe the outrages that we all witnessed and were forced to endure and swallow.

So there you have it! A total breakdown of our justice system, coupled with the radical leftist media and rabid Democrats running interference for the likes of the Obamas, Clintons, and the other criminals who act as if and in reality have been above the law. Add our generally worthless judiciary, all appointed by the same people they are encharged to hold accountable, along with our corrupt Justice Department and FBI, and some in the opportunistic conservative media led by Fox News and its minion hosts, and the nation has gone beyond the boiling point!

Freedom Watch and I, and our staff, are striving to bring about real justice through our hard hitting cases and citizen grand juries which seek much more than just documents, but prosecutorial accountability. Indeed I am the only lawyer in American history to have a president, not surprisingly Bill Clinton, ruled by a court, before one of the few courageous judges, the Honorable Royce C. Lamberth, to have committed a crime.

But if our nation is not to be torn apart at its seams, this is not enough! I abhor and condemn the attempted bombings that occurred and continue to multiply this week against Democrats and other leftists like Robert De Niro. But I have warned the American people for a long time that if they did not demand and participate in meting out true justice for our nation's corrupt elite establishments, that a real violent war was inevitable. It appears that sadly we may finally have come to this point!

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