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Big mistake for Mueller to indict Jerome Corsi
Larry Klayman says he's proud to now represent 'modern-day hero'
By Larry Klayman
December 4, 2018

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There is an old expression: What goes around comes around! In the context of my client Dr. Jerome Corsi – a 72 year-old, vibrant, renowned and distinguished conservative journalist, investigative reporter and accomplished New York Times best-selling author now in the cross-hairs of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's "witch hunt" to take down President Donald J. Trump – should Mueller and his prosecutorial comrades indict the good doctor, they will have made a huge mistake.

Unlike other subjects or targets of Mueller's runaway investigation, Dr. Corsi does not labor from the near-universal notion that one has to play "nicey nice" with the special counsel to escape unjust prosecution. Indeed, the president himself, at least from a legal perspective, notwithstanding his daily tweets, apparently has been counseled to effectively roll over to Mueller. With the "advice" of his lawyers, The Donald has produced over a million documents and somehow got bamboozled to now submit written "interrogatory" responses to the special counsel, answers that, when compared by Mueller to what others have testified to, could put the president in greater jeopardy by way of a so-called "perjury trap." If I were in Trump's shoes, I would have to say to my lawyers a la Laurel and Hardy, "A fine mess you have gotten me into now!"

I have been asking myself over the last year and a half why the president's lawyers have not directly challenged Mueller's mandate and the unconstitutionality of his appointment in federal court and attempted to have him removed. Save for Andrew Miller, a friend of target Roger Stone, no one thus far has taken this route, and the courts are unlikely to give much attention or credence to a lonely third-tier witness, despite what this crucial issue deserves. But if President Trump had directed his attorneys to take the matter all the way to the Supreme Court, there would have been a good chance the "conservative majority" might have shown Mueller an exit stage left.

Also, puzzling to me is why Trump's lawyers have not gone on the counteroffensive by bringing suit for the illegal surveillance against the president, his staff and his family. This would have been a no-brainer, but then again the president's ego-driven establishment lawyers seem to have been mostly fixated on cable news appearances, rather than taking strong legal action.

So along comes, by the divine grace of the Father and his Son, my esteemed client, a true American hero, Dr. Corsi, who has the "cajones" to stand up to the treachery of Mueller and his conflicted and venomous leftist/Democratic prosecutorial staff. Mueller offered Dr. Corsi what the special counsel in his infinite arrogance considered a sweetheart plea deal if he lied and falsely ratted out Roger Stone and President Trump with regard to alleged Russian collusion, but my client stood his ground in self-defense and told the special counsel to stick it where the sun don't shine. While not equating Dr. Corsi to Jesus, let's not forget how He told the Romans to do the same thing.

In so doing, in the mold of Clint Eastwood's famous line "make my day," Corsi effectively dared Mueller and his political hack prosecutors to indict him, in the process also instructing me and my co-defense counsel, David Gray, to prepare a criminal complaint against the special counsel. This complaint, to be filed with Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker and the heads of the Office of Professional Responsibility and Inspector General of my alma mater, the U.S. Department of Justice, will set forth the crimes of obstruction of justice, witness tampering and witness intimation, among other felonies, committed by the special counsel and his staff, as well as his spokesperson, Peter Carr, and others in his office, who have furthered the criminal leaks of grand jury information not just about Dr. Corsi, but a myriad of the putative and now actual defendants. Stay tuned for this filing this Monday, which will ask for Mueller's removal and professional discipline and much more by way of criminal prosecution for him and his accomplices.

The complaint also will address the unethical if not illegal conflicts of interest of the prosecutors, including Mueller himself, inherent in the ongoing "witch hunt."

And should the special counsel unwisely then seek to indict Jerome Corsi, on "Trumped up" and false charges, this will give my client, through our legal actions, a vehicle to challenge in court Mueller's legitimacy, or rather lack thereof, all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

All of this is long overdue! It is particularly overdue given the previously unchallenged march of Mueller and his collaborators in the now-Democrat controlled House of Representatives, who will use his phony work to ignite impeachment proceedings when the likes of new Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her band of rabid, leftist and anti-Trump comrades take control of the people's chamber in early January 2019.

I feel privileged and proud to represent Dr. Corsi not just because he is in a unique position to legally end Mueller's "reign of terror," but more importantly, because he is exemplary of the courage of our Founding Fathers, who stood up to another despot in 1776 and, through fearless action, formed a new nation. In so doing, our Founding Fathers and later our framers looked to God for divine guidance and provenance.

In rejecting the felonious plea proposal of Special Counsel Mueller and his prosecutorial staff just last week, which called for my client to lie under oath, Dr. Corsi invoked his godly belief that he was doing the right thing, not just for himself but the nation.

That is the true spirit of what it means to be an American – and for those other patriots who feel as if they out there in the wildness without legal recourse to save the republic, let's all take a lesson from this modern-day hero. Dr. Corsi's "last stand" brings hope to those citizens who believe in the rule of law and the Constitution!

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