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Punishing Mueller and leftist bullies!
Larry Klayman doesn't trust GOP to hold 'coup attempters' accountable
By Larry Klayman
April 4, 2019

Thank God that President Donald Trump was found by Special Counsel Robert Mueller not to have colluded with Russia and that the evidence of obstruction of justice did not rise to the level of a crime. But God, in my view, helps those who help themselves, as the old adage goes!

Indeed, it was the courage of my client, Dr. Jerome Corsi, who refused, like many others had foolishly done before him, to bow down to Mueller and his leftist hack prosecutors, and instead rejected a phony deal that would have required him to plead guilty to one count of perjury in exchange for no jail time if he implicated the president in crimes, that was the straw that broke the special counsel's decrepit back. Having hired me as his criminal defense counsel to push back on Mueller by filing criminal and civil complaints against him and the Obama Deep State intelligence czars and agencies, which had illegally and unconstitutionally surveilled the good doctor, Jerry did what Trump should have done early on in the special counsel's witch hunt. If the president had hit back with legal actions against Mueller and his thugs, he might not have had to go through two years of agony.

And it worked, as both Jerry and I – two peas in a pod who think very much alike after decades in the trenches of the Washington, D.C. swamp – had reason to believe, based on experience, that it would. For we understood that a good offense is nearly always the best defense. As a result, the special counsel was taught a lesson to treat us with respect and to beware of the downside of continuing to extort lies from my client by continuing to threaten him.

This reminds me of my days as young boy in Philadelphia, when nearly each day after elementary school I was attacked by bullies and beaten up as I got off of the bus ride home. Finally, my dad, a tough meatpacker, had had enough and warned me that if I ever came home beaten up again, he would beat me up himself when I got there.

My dad was right! He gave me boxing lessons over the next few weeks, and the next time the bullies assaulted me I counter-punched and fought back hard. The result: I earned their respect, and they left me alone from that point forward.

And so it was that when Jerry and I punched Mueller and his leftist hack prosecutors in the legal nose, they left Jerry alone and did not indict him, as they had Roger Stone. At all times, Jerry was truthful and, in Yiddish parlance, a mensch. But this mensch had the heart of King David, and that is what it took to slay a modern-day Goliath, Robert Mueller!

Following Attorney General Barr's release of the summary of Mueller's findings exonerating the president, establishment Republicans such as Sen. Lindsey Graham, who had inherited the chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee from Sen. Charles Grassley, went on a verbal offensive against those leftist criminals who had triggered Mueller's witch hunt. I am talking about James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and of course the dishonest Obama intel czars John Brennan and James Clapper, to name just a few. Graham pledged to begin a Senate investigation into their misdeeds, boasting that he would hold these leftist criminals accountable.

But the problem with this is that it was Graham who had to fess up this week (before it would have otherwise been leaked in retaliation by Obama's Deep State), that he was the one who had urged the late Sen. John McCain to turn over the phony Steele dossier – which had been sent to him by the Dems, the one paid for by Hillary Clinton allies – to the FBI. How, then, can Sen. Graham, who deceitfully played a role in triggering Mueller's witch hunt, now credibly investigate this attempted coup of the president? He clearly cannot and should not! Instead, he should be investigated himself and held legally accountable with the rest of the conspirators.

If the past is a prologue, what we will now see from Graham and his establishment Republican comrades on Capitol Hill are more dog and pony shows, calculated to raise money for their re-election, and in this regard to get their pathetic faces on what had become an equally pathetic two-faced cable network: Fox News. In recent weeks – before Mueller sent his report to Barr – Fox News had moved to the left when it looked like the president might go down, even banishing host Jeanine Pirro from her weekend show over accurate but "politically incorrect" remarks about Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar. During this time, Fox News, led by Chris Wallace, Andrew Napolitano and Shepard Smith in particular, became increasingly anti-Trump. It was only after Attorney General Barr released the summary of Mueller's findings exonerating the president that this opportunistic network got back fully on the Trump train, and in so doing boosted its advertising dollars, as the ratings of its leftist and deflated competitors at CNN and MSNBC plummeted.

Now that Mueller has been slayed, it is up to We the People to take matters into our own hands and legally and peacefully mete out justice.

Freedom Watch does not just collect documents under the Freedom of Information Act and then beg the government to pursue accountability under the law, as some groups do. We, with courageous clients like Jerry, do it ourselves.

And, do not count on establishment Republicans like Lindsey Graham to do the job all of us patriots must now do. In this regard, Freedom Watch's hard-hitting cases and citizens grand juries – which in just a few weeks are now poised for "starters" to indict, try, convict and sentence Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, Brennan and Clapper, and then in later weeks move on to even bigger felonious fish like the Obamas and the Clintons – need your strong support.

Go to to learn about, join and support our Justice League to finally hold accountable those who sought to overthrow our republic and install a socialist if not communist regime that would have trashed the Divine creation of our Founding Fathers. And, listen to my radio show this week, "Special Prosecutor with Larry Klayman" (below), and heed my call to man the barricades to prevent another attempted coup d'etat!

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