Larry Klayman
A tale of 2 witches -- Clinton and Pelosi
Larry Klayman flays speaker over call to imprison President Trump
By Larry Klayman
June 11, 2019

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Having previously coined the designation of Hillary Clinton as the "Wicked Witch of the Left," her broom is about be eclipsed by another witch, Nancy Pelosi, who now has earned the title of the "Wicked Witch of the West." To differentiate "which witch is which" – since "Left" nearly rhymes with "West," I feel compelled to rename Miss Hillary the "Wicked Witch of the East." These sister witches continue to wreak their evil havoc on our nation!

Just this week, Pelosi called for the indictment and imprisonment of a man she has come to loathe. Dripping venom from her collagen-injected lips, she spurned calls for the mere impeachment of the president by the overstuffed hack chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jerrold Nadler, and upped the ante to making her goal the incarceration of The Donald. Of course, Pelosi has no such feelings about her sister Hillary, a woman so corrupt that she and her slimy husband, Bill Clinton, set an indoor world record for scandals during their administration.

Pelosi, who is the congresswoman from San Francisco, once a shining city, today spends her time not just blocking the president's needed initiatives – including controlling mass illegal migration at our southern border – but now making him a project to land in a successor to California's Alcatraz, perhaps the maximum security prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Neglecting her constituents, many of whom languish lying half dead on Market Street with syringes and human feces all around them, the Wicked Witch of the West also occupies her time defending her hate-filled herd in the House, the likes of which include rabid anti-Semites like Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. Omar, just this week, was fined and reprimanded by Minnesota election authorities for the illegal use of election funds for her own personal use. And this is not to mention that she has reportedly committed immigration fraud by marrying her own brother, among a myriad of failed if not other fraudulent marriages. But not to be constrained by any law other than her Shariah, Omar did not hesitate to file joint tax returns with the IRS with even her past husbands – if true yet another felony.

So, rather than clean house with the lowlifes that infest her own flock, Pelosi would rather further the vengeful designs of her sister witch Hillary, who to this day cannot get over the fact that the American people again rejected her felonious self and in 2016 elected Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States. It is no wonder that the leftist media gleefully adopted the previously popular Trumpian call to "lock her up, " with their own version tailored for The Donald, to now "lock him up."

The problem with this is that Trump has committed no demonstrable crimes, as borne out by even venomous Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his hack leftist prosecutorial staff.

To this day, the minions of Hillary and her beau Bill, as well as Barack and Michelle Obama, remain in virtual control of our so-called government, including the federal judiciary. Notwithstanding the Clinton/Obama Deep State intelligence agencies, the overwhelming number of federal judges are Clinton or Obama appointees. It thus comes as no surprise to anyone living on this earth, rather than circling overhead in now-confirmed UFOs, that President Trump has lost virtually every lower court decision involving his agenda items. At this point, one does not even to have to call up any particular case on Google, to know that it was a Clinton or Obama appointed federal judge who deep-sixed another Trump initiative. The reverse is also true as just this week a Trump appointed federal judge in Washington, D.C., upheld, for now, one of the president's executive edicts on immigration.

But to be candid, many of the newly appointed Trump judges are not much better than the Clinton and Obama ones when it comes to courage. In nominating them, our president relied primarily on the poor advice of his former White House counsel, Don McGahn, an establishment Republican RINO who sold Trump out in 30 hours of interviews with Special Counsel Mueller. He, along with the likes of the equally Republican establishment embedded into the Federalist Society, a lukewarn conservative foundation dedicated to advancing its own watered down interests, at most do think tanks in the swamp, convinced Trump to nominate these establishment yes men as federal judges.

As a result, and based on my own experience to date, the Trump appointed judges are generally not a "Profile in Courage," not to plagiarize, as Joe Biden is prone to do, the famous book by former President John F. Kennedy. I would recommend, to contrast my observations, reading the lead article in this week's June 4, 2019, magazine of the Washington Examiner, the publication of the Republican establishment. In a story written by Fred Barnes, a nice but clueless man of a bygone era, titled "Trump's Judges: Well-Oiled Machine Reshapes Judiciary," Uncle Fred weaves a phony tale about the conservative emergence of the federal judiciary. Hogwash! Just read the recent decisions of the likes of now Justice Brett Kavanaugh who, along with Chief Justice John Roberts, have been moving even the Supreme Court to the left.

Fellow patriots, here are the facts of life, or rather sudden death if we do not all band together to fight the evil Pelosi/Clinton establishment Deep State, hardly challenged at all by establishment RINOs who are busy packing the federal bench with pseudo-conservatives who lack any backbone.

Next week, Freedom Watch's Justice League is commencing its Citizens Grand Juries to mete out justice by We the People. Go to to contribute to our cause and support this as well as our hard-hitting cases to restore equal justice. First up before our Citizen Grand Juries, the eminent indictment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller for his crimes not just against my brave and patriotic client and friend, Dr. Jerome Corsi, but also the American people.

Listen to Klayman's recent podcast about his action against Robert Mueller:

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