Larry Klayman
$2 trillion in welfare + dictatorial orders = socialist gulag
Larry Klayman on coronavirus actions: 'Karl Marx is laughing in his grave'
By Larry Klayman
March 31, 2020

We now know that the coronavirus-caused COVID-19 is here to stay; it is forecast to be recurring at least every flu season, hopefully in a lesser degree. Just ask the National Institutes of Health's Dr. Anthony Fauci and a number of other medical experts. For this simple reason, the $2 trillion bailout just approved by the establishment politicians of both political parties is just the beginning of the permanent socialization and indeed borderline communization of the nation.

We know from past experience that with all of the taxes taken from the American people to support government handouts, once we offer freebees to the masses, they will never want to or practically speaking be taken off the dole, much likes pigs at the trough. Few if any politicians would ever dare to suggest this, for fear that he or she would not be reelected.

Couple this with the massive fraud the bailout will encourage, where dishonest employers will "lay off" their employees who will then collect government benefits, but also continue to work under the table, and you have a massive racketeering enterprise the likes of which the country has never experienced. Already, huge fraud, regrettably, frequently occurs with regard to so-called social welfare programs, with dishonest Americans defrauding the taxpayers of billions of dollars.

How did we get to this point, and will there be no turning back?

First, the nation was aware post-9/11 that we would likely someday be hit with either a biological attack or a negligently or naturally generated pandemic. I am old enough to remember the days when we all thought that terrorists would inflict more pain and damage on the citizenry. But what did our so-called leaders in the sleazy swamps of Washington, D.C. and our state capitols do? NOTHING!

Second, contrary to alleged trade policies in successive administrations from Clinton, to Bush, to Obama, we encouraged our multi-national companies to invest in foreign plants producing strategic and necessary products, such as medicines, in countries hostile to the United States – China and Vietnam being just two examples. Now, we are faced with having to get down on our knees to China in particular, where its evil Communist government has now, in this time of crises, cleverly and effectively blackmailed President Trump not to hold the Chicoms accountable for the massive if not prohibitive damage caused to our health, welfare and sinking economy.

As of today's date, only Freedom Watch and its now over 500 brave class-action clients are seeking to have the Chinese government pay for what is in effect a terrorist attack that threatens to take the republic down for the final count. Indeed, the U.S. Justice Department just this week threatened to prosecute as terrorists those who intentionally attempt to or actually spread the coronavirus. In a mega-sense, China has become a terrorist nation, particularly since the virus likely leaked from an internationally banned bioweapons lab in the city of Wuhan. Go to and sign up for and contribute to our class action on our behalf.

Third, as Americans are prone to do, there is a vast overreaction to the virus. Even some families now refuse to come into contact, within the recommended six feet of distance, with other family members for fear that imaginary "family lepers" will infect them, even when there is no showing that COVID-19 has been contracted. What caused this social breakdown, which is dividing families and separating us from our other loved ones and friends?

The answer lies with the media and in particular the cable networks, all whores of the highest magnitude. Just turn on Fox News, MSNBC and CNN (Newsmax TV is nearly unviewable given its extremely poor transmission video), and you will see hosts whipping up fear and panic for profit. Look to the right of the television screen and see charts with the death count mounting, moment by moment – even when the deaths are miniscule compared to cigarette deaths, car and motorcycle accidents and other effects of taking some risk in daily life.

What is the motive of the cables? To cause viewers, who are now largely at home, to watch continuously throughout the day and night in macabre fashion, waiting for the final apocalypse to drop. The more audiences tune in the more the networks can charge advertisers. This fills the coffers of the networks and by extension the paychecks of the people who work for them. Note that you see very few unhappy faces on Fox News, CNN and MSNBC – they are as happy about their guaranteed employment and the growing wealth of their employers as pigs rolling in their dung. To say this is disgraceful is too kind!

Fourth, couple this with state governors and other elected officials who have issued draconian and dictatorial stay-at-home orders, and you not only increase panic but also assert near total government control of the populace – socialist/communist style. On behalf of Ben Stein, I just filed suit to challenge Gov. Gavin Newsom's dictatorial order in California. Go to to read the complaint.

Yes, the $2 trillion bailout, to use a politically correct term that is unwarranted, plus the near dictatorial control of government, will eventually, if it continues, lead to a Soviet style gulag. Karl Marx is laughing in his grave, and his disciples, growing in large number in our nation, are happy as punch.

Many years ago, when I lived in the swamp of our nation's capital, I remember a bumper sticker a street merchant was peddling. It said "Vote Democrat: Its Easier than Working!" Well, fellow patriots, supporters and friends, we are headed rapid fire way beyond this today.

As I urged in my radio show Friday embedded below, wake up, Americans, before it is too late and We the People are all enslaved to the oppressive government now controlled by the ultra-left orthodoxy.

Join and support Freedom Watch's Justice League to preserve and protect our individual liberties and freedoms. Go to to enlist in our citizens army.

© Larry Klayman


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Larry Klayman

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