Larry Klayman
The virus: What did the Deep State know, and when did they know it?
Larry Klayman advises other nations on holding the Chicoms accountable
By Larry Klayman
April 9, 2020

As the old adage goes, talk is cheap! And that is exactly what we mostly hear during these trying times when it comes to holding the People's Republic of China, aka "the Chicoms," legally accountable for the human tragedy it has unleased on this nation and the world as a result of the coronavirus and the disease it causes: COVID-19. Even President Donald Trump, a man of action, has only praised President Xi of Communist China, while at the same time signing a budget-busting unprecedented socialist bailout that will put the nail in the economic coffin of this country, which is about to go down for the count. Coupled with the draconian so-called emergency orders of state governors, threatening to arrest anyone who leaves his or her home for "non-essential" reasons, what we have – as I wrote last week – is the making of a socialist/communist government takeover of the republic envisioned and created at great expense and risk by our Founding Fathers.

I say this not to brag or engage in "oneupsmanship" with regard to any pundit or activist group. Instead, I am relating pure, confirmable fact. What public-interest group, right or left, has taken the lead and sued the Chicoms with a class-action lawsuit seeking to have these criminals pay for the huge damage they have caused and continue to cause, in worsening degree each hour, to We the People? And it does not stop there! In a one two punch, my public-interest group, Freedom Watch, supported by many patriotic Americans such as yourselves, filed just a few days ago a criminal complaint with the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands. The goal: to indict, try, convict and sentence the communist powers that be in China for their crimes against humanity. There is a growing consensus, also endorsed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanhayu of Israel, that COVID-19 emanated from an internationally outlawed bioweapons lab in Wuhan, China. At least Bibi has the courage to finger President Xi and his fellow felons of the Chinese Politburo for allowing what is in effect a terrorist weapon to wreak havoc not just on his country, but the world.

It thus is no surprise that the first country to follow suit in also bringing a class action is Israel. In this regard, my colleagues in Tel Aviv filed one Thursday, and Freedom Watch is a plaintiff in that case as well. Listen to my show this week on Radio America, which is embedded below, to learn more about these class actions and to support our noble and compelling full-court press to hold the Chicoms civilly accountable for damages as well as criminally before the bar of justice.

As for the two class actions, which you can sign up for as a putative class-action plaintiff by going to, and support with tax-deductible contributions, they are just a warmup act. Lawyers from around the globe are contacting me by the hour wanting guidance on how they can bring similar class actions, as well as join our criminal case at The Hague. As just a few examples, I have heard from Indian, French, Italian, Sri Lankan, Polish, Turkish, Nigerian, Ugandan, Lesothoan and many other legal counselors around the planet.

Freedom Watch is also litigating a Freedom of Information Act complaint, already filed in federal court in Washington, D.C., against our spy and related government Deep State agencies, including the National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, Director of National Intelligence and Federal Bureau of Investigation, to uncover what they new and when they knew it. Having illegally and criminally spied on millions of Americans in the past without probable cause in what a court has already ruled was "almost Orwellian," these Deep State actors have the technical capability to have learned not just about the bioweapons lab of the Chicoms in Wuhan, but also detected when the coronavirus was leaked there. The big question is why our president and his White House were not alerted.

Was this information withheld to set Trump up so he would take the blame for the spreading pandemic, i.e. for not taking preventive actions fast enough? Given the two prior attempted coups by these Deep State spy agencies to have the president removed from office, using illegal search warrants and wiretaps of Trump, his colleagues, family and friends, this is not a way-out thought. In short, along with the Chicoms, heads will most likely need to roll for the deceit and possible criminality among the Deep State actors, Obama and Clinton loyalists, in the intel community.

Time is short, fellow patriots, and while others just pontificate on the cable networks and elsewhere, your Freedom Watch acts. So get up off of the couch, turn the television off, and join me in getting down to business. Your compatriots in other countries know what dire straits we all are in. Now is the time to act and act fast, particularly since the U.S. Department of Justice, my once proud alma mater, is nowhere to be found. In fact I had a dream that our overstuffed attorney general is "hard at work" hiding under his desk in a crouch position, adorned with a protective mask that none of the rest of us peasants can obtain or even have access to. Far fetched? In today's world, not really!

There is no reason in hell that the American people need to pay trillions out of their own pockets for the damage the Chicoms have caused and continue to cause. And as far as hell is concerned, that is exactly where we need to send the Chinese leadership in Beijing. Perhaps we can reopen Alcatraz for them, after the International Criminal Court indicts, tries and convicts them of crimes against humanity.

I thus call on all Americans, of all races, colors, creeds, sexes and religions, to join our cause. Importantly, about one-third of all of the putative plaintiffs who have signed up for our class action are Chinese and/or Asian Americans. These patriotic citizens are to be respected and thanked as all Americans are now in a battle for their lives and financial well-being.

© Larry Klayman


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Larry Klayman

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