Larry Klayman
Republican rats & Trump flee sinking ship of state!
They Exit Stage Left!
By Larry Klayman
January 8, 2021

Last Wednesday, Americans rose up because they could not take it anymore, and entered the Capitol Building, to try to take control of their own so-called government, which had abandoned them with lies and deceit and subverted our democracy with fraudulent November 3, 2020 elections, both presidential and otherwise. Sure, there probably were a few non-representative Antifa infiltrators in the masses, but not even these persons committed any major crimes by simply breaking a few windows. The patriots who then chose to sit at the desk of the evil and vile Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, did no harm and indeed that desk does not belong to Pelosi but to We the People. Not a hair on the head of any senator or congressman, who fled to hide in the bunker like political cockroaches, was assaulted. To the contrary a brave female military veteran protestor was shot and assassinated at point blank range, by a Capitol security guard.

The people rose up in defiance as our greatest of Founding Fathers and presidents, Thomas Jefferson, predicted they someday would, because they finally came to fully understand that they had been left defenseless to government tyranny by a totally corrupt legislature, evil Deep State in the executive branch, and worse of all a federal judiciary who had just crowned, through their dishonest rulings, the nation’s new king, one Joe Biden, the Manchurian candidate and now anointed head of state.

Biden, who through money laundering with his son, had accepted billions of dollars of bribes from the same Communist Chinese who, if they had been in charge last Wednesday in the nation’s capital, would have, as occurred with its Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, murdered the Capitol protesters. Between April 15, 1989 and June 5, 1989, these butchers of Beijing, who now literally own the incoming President of the United States, slaughtered in cold blood over 10,000 peaceful protesters who, while carrying a re-creation of our Statue of Liberty, were speaking their peace about the Communist Chinese dictatorship which had enslaved them.

Incredibly but to be expected, cable media in particular from all quarters, Fox News, CNN aka the “Communist News Network,” and MSNBC raced to call this protest an undemocratic insurrection and riot, widely condemning their provoked actions. Fox News, which had in its early years been seen as the network for conservatives, people of faith and the masses who believe in the creation of our Founding Fathers, readily jumped on the leftist media bandwagon, fearing that it would be blamed for inciting what the socialists and communists were calling this attempted coup d’etat. Next in line were former criminally minded, incompetent, and/or clueless former presidents – all part of their elite “presidents club” – from Jimmy Carter, to Bill Clinton, to George W. Bush, to Barack Hussein Obama.

Seeing all of this, the Republican establishment, which at first was attempting to pull off a phony dog and pony show in the Senate by “doth protesting too much” the fraudulent elections – simply to take the monkey off of their cowardly backs – followed suit. Trump White House officials and cabinet secretaries jumped the Trumpian ship, fleeing like the rats who they are. Most notable, and ironically, was Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, not coincidentally the wife of outgoing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (who had just thrown Trump under the bus in a disgusting speech on the Senate Floor). Chao, whose family is tight with the butchers of Beijing, as my then Judicial Watch uncovered in the late 1990’s, had during the Clinton years laundered money from the commies, through Chinese spy John Huang, into her husband Mitch’s coffers, although a mere pittance compared with criminal Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

A short while later, the Wall Street Journal, owned by the owners of Fox News, the Murdoch family, demanded that Trump resign the presidency.

If this situation were not so tragic, perhaps one could have found some humor in these the Keystone Cops, by cutting and running under pressure from the left, particularly Fox News and the Murdochs who had profited handsomely from the Trump presidency. But wait, just hours later, President Trump himself joined the mass exodus, now to try to save his own skin from being removed as “insane” under the 25th Amendment by his own Vice President Mike Pence, the American equivalent of Brutus in the Roman Senate who had stabbed Julius Caesar in the back, and/or impeached by a Democrat House of Representatives. Trump then jumped ship himself, conceding the election to the Manchurian candidate, and branding the protestors criminals for having committed a “heinous” act, promising that they all would be prosecuted.

And, so as not to hang around for the inauguration of our new compromised and corrupt leader, leaks from the White House suggested that The Donald would instead hop Airforce One on January 19, 2021 and flee to Scotland, where he could seek asylum to golf at his own course. But cutting this apparent plan short, the Scottish government said that it would not allow Trump on its shores, citing the phony excuse of Covid-19 quarantines as a pretext.

So there you have it, not just Fox News, but its Republican minions who were showcased on this network, including the president himself, a man who had billed himself for years as a person of courage, fled the sinking ship of state like rats, condemning Americans who, after they could not stomach more government tyranny and corruption any longer, simply chose to occupy for a short while the Capitol Building that belongs to We the People.

If this cowardice had been exhibited in the years, months and days leading up to July 4, 1776, and the over two centuries which followed, we would not even had the broken and tattered republic that today we must reclaim with all due speed.

A few of’s “readers,” probably leftist trolls, have criticized me for pushing my new book on and, “It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry!” This is unfair as the reason that I wrote this work, the culmination of 43 years as a public advocate fighting the corrupt government and legal system, is because the American people need urgently to be educated, emboldened and have a real roadmap and plan to wage a new American revolution, peacefully and legally, before all is lost.

With the events of the last week, the citizenry is now totally on its own, with only the Father and his Son in our camp. But with Divine Providence, as our Founding Fathers proclaimed in our Declaration of Independence, We the People, risking our lives, fortunes and pledging our sacred honor, must now rise up, forget the Republican cowards and so-called conservative media who just jumped ship, and save the greatest country ever known to mankind!

So help us God!

© Larry Klayman


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