Phill Kline
Indifference and callousness in the name of tolerance in the post modern relativist world
By Phill Kline
September 16, 2009

The ACORN Saga Continues. (Latest Video after the story)

Video Activist James O'Keefe continues the release of his video investigation of the lawlessness within ACORN. The neighborhood activist organization stood to receive millions of dollars to assist in next year's census until lawmakers pulled the plug due to O'Keefe's earlier videos showing ACORN employees in Baltimore and the nation's capital conspiring to cover up the trafficking of underage foreign girls into the US sex trade.

O'Keefe approached ACORN offices with a hidden camera and a female partner. The female poses as a madame, interested in trafficking more than a dozen underage girls from El Salvador into prostitution. She seeks tax and housing advice and receives much more from ACORN. O'Keefe poses as an aspiring politician who desires to launder the sex trafficking monies into his soon to be announced Congressional campaign. He also receives advice, support and encouragement.

As the videos were released, ACORN feigned shock, fired the employees on the tape and stated that it appeared O'Keefe's taped had been "altered" to give a false impression. Never mind that the firings seem inconsistent with a claim of "false impression.

The "so what, an extremist right winger has uncovered a few bad apples" defense. The same defense Planned Parenthood has claimed in response to the Lila Rose videos showing Planned Parenthood employees conspiring to evade state laws requiring the reporting of child rape.

As Attorney General of Kansas in 2003, I initiated an investigation into child rape and failure to report child rape. I knew that very few children report their own sexual abuse. Often these children are in co-dependent relationships and are being abused by someone with authority over their lives. This is the very reason for state mandatory reporting laws. The laws require those persons who may have special knowledge of a child's condition to report sexual abuse. This includes abortion doctors.

In all 50 states, if an underage child is pregnant, the child is a victim of a crime. The crime is generally known as statutory rape.

As I began my investigation approximately 50 underage girls had abortions in Kansas each year. My initial investigation revealed that the state agency responsible for receiving reports of child rape could only demonstrate that it received a handful of reports from abortion clinics. The numbers did not match up.

It took a while to learn this discrepancy as the state agency was under the direction of former Kansas Governor, now US Secretary of Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius. Sebelius opposed the investigation as she her political ambitions had benefited dramatically financially from pro-choice abortion providers George Tiller and Planned Parenthood. If it was demonstrated that Planned Parenthood failed to report child rape, the organization stood to lose over $300 million in annual federal funding. The stakes were large.

I also learned there were strong forces that opposed statutory rape as a crime. Many argued that sexual activity by children and with children can be natural and helpful. This is essentially the claimed findings by Dr. Alfred Kinsey of Indiana University who studied the sexual habits of pedophiles and published his sensational Sexual Behavior in the Human Male in 1948 and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female in 1952. Kinsey's books were cultural and media sensations. Many of our current cultural assumptions regarding sexuality are based on Kinsey's findings. So are our laws.

Kinsey concluded that children are sexual from birth and can experience sexual pleasure. Kinsey, in great detail, reported the physical reactions of infants engaged in sexual activity (being abused) by an adult. His primary sources were jailed pedophiles and a man, never identified, who took copious notes while sexually exploiting over 700 children over decades. Kinsey applauded the man's scientific approach to his note taking. Kinsey then extrapolated his findings across the general population and has become somewhat successful in defining deviancy as normal.

In the wake of Kinsey — US laws protecting children took a dramatic turn. Laws prohibiting incest were weakened. The argument is that ripping up a family rather through prosecution rather than counseling members towards a mutual respect in more harmful.

Sex with a child after all, is only a choice.

And so, as pro-lifers tend to, we say what about the choice of the child?

Mary Calderone the former Medical Director of Planned Parenthood had a ready Kinseian response when she states "it is not that (pedophilia) is a bad thing or a wicked thing, it is just that it should not be a part of life in general, right out there on the sidewalk." (Pedophilia Steps Into the Daylight, Citizen Magazine, Vol 6. No. 11, Nov. 16, 1992, pp. 6-8).

Calderone went on to state that the primary harm caused by sexual interaction with children, is not caused by the sex, but rather the hysteria of adults who learn of the sexual interaction. (Mary S. Calderone and Eric Johnson, The Family Book About Sexuality, pg. 178 (Harper and Rowe 1981).

This thinking is not rare, it is prevalent. It is this thinking that allows organizations like the ACLU and Center for Reproductive Freedom to argue in legal briefs, with a straight face, that the constitutional privacy right of the child prevents them from reporting child rape.

These organizations, however, know that the American public is still, as they view it, trapped in religious ignorance and dogma and that most Americans believe that sexual interaction with children is morally wrong. Accordingly, they work to change the nature and tone of the debate in order to redefine the issues. In Kansas they had some powerful allies: the editorial and news pages of the handful of Kansas dailies and the cowardice of conservative politicians who did not want to buck the media.

The investigation came to be known as the "kiss and tell" investigation. It was portrayed by media, over and over again, as an effort to prosecute two adolescents who got it on in the backseat of a Toyota. The media spin was so aggressive that at one point a Kansas City Star editorial cartoonist portrayed me as a child molester with my hand up a little girl's skirt as we sat on a park bench. Millions of Planned Parenthood and George Tiller dollars were spent to reinforce this image.

This succeeded. Despite the fact that the abortions on 10, 11 and 12 year old children continued unabated in Kansas. Also, despite the fact that in the over 700 cases of adults sexually exploiting children in which my office was involved, not one involved two teens getting it on. We only prosecuted instances involving force, deception or when there is a large age deviation — just as the law provided.

Further, simple experience and rational thought led you to this type of investigation. Typically, when a child is stranger raped the police are called by the parents long before the abortion if abortion is the result. When police are not called, it often means that the perpetrator is a family member or someone with control over the child. The abortion is a means of eliminating the evidence of the rape.

Abortion clinics do not have trained investigators. In fact, most of their "counselors" are not trained counselors. Abortion clinics do not have the means to determine who the father of the child is or whether the child is under duress. The child is generally not in the presence of a medical doctor during their time at a clinic.

It is very easy for the rapist to threaten the child into silence about the abuse. Cases have popped up around the nation of rapists leading their victims by the hand to abortion clinics and the clinics refused or failed to report the activity and the abuse continues.

In Cincinnati a young girl was led by the hand to a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic by her rapist. No one did anything and the rapes continued. She is now suing and in the lawsuit her attorneys uncovered a hand written Planned Parenthood policy regarding underage sexual activity. It reads "don't ask, don't tell."

This artful sidestepping of our laws designed to protect children has also reached the halls of justice. In Kansas, the Kansas Supreme Court turned the investigation into illegal late-term abortion, child rape and failure to report child rape into a judicial nightmare of delays, ever evolving new rules and obstacles.

In six years of investigation, the Supreme Court allowed numerous lawsuits and appeals by the abortion clinics. So many in fact, that in the six years of investigation only one investigative subpoena was honored. Only 1 in six years. Yet, despite this, four separate judges reviewed the evidence from that one subpoena and concluded, independently and on each review, that there was probable cause to believe that either Planned Parenthood or George Tiller committed crimes.

None of the charges, however, have ever come to trial. None. Again, radical and novel court action has prevented this. Most recently, the Kansas Supreme Court, without notice and without citing any legal justification, ordered the key witness in the Planned Parenthood case not to testify. They simply silenced the witness.

And so we witness the result of a post-modern relativistic world. When there are no rules there are no laws. When there are no truths, words lose their meaning. Laws are words. They have no force of power unless the truth reflected in the words resides in the heart of a people. And when truth is dead, law is dead.

The abortion industry is capable of taking a newly formed human being, birthing that child in a breach birth until only the tip of its skull remains in the birth canal, stabbing the child in the back of the skull and removing its brain — partial birth abortion. This they celebrate as "choice." When such distortions are possible, the law becomes changeable and malleable. Words lose their meaning.

I still remember how stunned I was when I learned that George Tiller, in 1995, interpreted "healthy twins" to be a "severe fetal anomaly" justifying a late-term abortion under Kansas law at the time. Dr. Tiller reasoned that having twins was an "anomaly" and that this could have a "severe" economic impact on the family.

But now it makes sense to me. There is no law without truth and without law there is not any protection for the vulnerable.

James O'Keefe has given you a video peak of the world without law, a world that I have lived in for the past six years. It is an ugly place. It is a picture of things to come. The reality, however, is that in this time of myopic vision and ultimate distraction we fail to realize it is a world that we, by our silent consent, are helping to create.

Read more about the Kinsey/Planned Parenthood connection here:

O'Keefe's latest work.

© Phill Kline


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Phill Kline

Phill Kline is the former Attorney General of Kansas who is, to date, the only Attorney General / prosecutor ever to obtain abortion records and formally charge both George Tiller and Planned Parenthood... (more)

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