Phill Kline
Abortion as "health care reform" is nothing new for Secretary Sebelius
Why Speaker Pelosi and Planned Parenthood love Kathleen Sebelius
By Phill Kline
November 5, 2009

As Governor of Kansas, now Secretary Sebelius received her greatest political support from Planned Parenthood and George Tiller. The support was well-earned as Governor Sebelius appointed a Kansas Supreme Court that worked to thwart legitimate investigations of the two abortion providers and also recruited and helped fund an Attorney General candidate who would refuse to pursue legitimate charges against Sebelius's benefactors.

It is not surprising that the left would now look to Sebelius to usher in mandated federal funding of elective abortion. Planned Parenthood already receives over $300 million of federal tax dollars, however, the push is to expand the market for abortion on demand. This is why Speaker Pelosi's 2,032 page health care "reform" bill contains public funding for abortion (§222, p. 110, line 17) and allows Secretary Sebelius to determine what abortions are covered. The bill also mandates a minimum $1 a month premium per enrollee for abortions. (§213, pg. 96). A House vote on this abortion measure is currently scheduled at 7:00 pm Eastern Time this Saturday.

Well, let's take a quick look at what Governor Sebelius supported in Kansas. Late-term abortions on viable children were performed, for instance, because a prospective mother did not want to hire a babysitter when she attended the concert of her favorite rock band. Another example: a desire to compete in the current rodeo season was sufficient to justify the termination of the life of a perfectly viable unborn child just a few weeks before natural birth.[1]

These abortions were performed despite Kansas law that only allowed such abortions when two doctors find the mother "will suffer severe and irreversible damage to a major bodily function."

So how did Sebelius help this happen? In the Spring of 2006 at the National Governor's Association, Sebelius stood with Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards and announced that Planned Parenthood, George Tiller and the Governor were teaming together to take out a "radical anti-choice Attorney General in Kansas" through spending millions of political dollars. Kansas has lax campaign finance laws and all the money could be spent independently without their "pro-choice mainstream" candidate from having to report any support from the abortion industry.

Further, the effort would receive support from the state's major daily newspaper, the Kansas City Star. In the 2006 election he Star's reporting, which included a failure to report the abortion political money flowing to Kansas, proved so valuable to the effort that the paper received Planned Parenthood's "Maggie" Award, named after Margaret Sanger.

Why all of this focus on Kansas? Because Planned Parenthood was being investigated for criminal late-term abortion and if charges were eventually proven, federal law requires the loss of all federal funding.

The political effort succeeded. The "radical" AG was defeated and the Sebelius abortion industry picked AG assumed office and promptly dismissed all substantive charges and "cleared" Planned Parenthood.[2]

Charges were eventually filed against Planned Parenthood by the defeated AG who went on to become a District Attorney. In fact, these charges are still pending. Sebelius, however, delivered again. As Governor, Sebelius appointed a majority of the Kansas Supreme Court, and they are appointed for life, without any confirmation process.

She appointed wisely. The Court's lead writer on abortion is Justice Carol Beier who once worked for the pro-abortion National Women's Law Center.

In January of 2008 the prosecution presented a key witness at a hearing in the Planned Parenthood case. The witness testified that a handwriting expert confirms that the documents produced by Planned Parenthood were manufactured. If this is true, it represents the commission of several felony crimes. Further, the witness in court pleadings has stated that Planned Parenthood apparently committed felonies to cover up misdemeanors. This testimony is devastating to Planned Parenthood.[3]

And so, the Sebelius appointed AG (her hand-picked candidate had to resign in scandal and the Governor appointed the successor[4]) went to the Sebelius picked court and obtained an order that the witness could no longer testify. The Kansas Supreme Court, in a one paragraph order without explanation and without notice the prosecutor, simply silenced a witness to criminal activity. And so the only criminal case ever filed against Planned Parenthood sits in limbo.

Such is the world Governor Sebelius created in Kansas. Imagine what she will do with the nation and millions of mandated premiums for abortion services. Planned Parenthood's investment in Sebelius has returned handsome dividends.


[1]  You can view the statement of the prosecution's expert witness in the original case against Dr.Tiller. The expert, Dr. Paul McHugh is one of our nation's most esteemed psychiatrists and reviewed the records at Tiller's clinic to see if any were justified under Kansas law. Dr. McHugh's conclusion is that none of the abortions were justified. You can view the video here:

[2]  As AG I charged Dr. Tiller with criminal late-term abortion. These charges were reviewed by a District Court Judge who found probable cause to believe Dr. Tiller committed the crimes alleged. The day after filing, however, the Sedgwick County District Attorney went to a traffic court judge who dismissed the charges without notice to my office. The Judge claimed that the AG does not have authority to file such charges. I appealed the decision. When Sebelius candidate Paul Morrison became AG, however, he dismissed the appeal. The eventual case against Tiller was brought on a technicality and without evidentiary support. The substantive charges never went to trial and the evidence has not ever been presented.

[3]  The witness is Shawnee County District Court Judge Richard Anderson. Judge Anderson has the originally produced Planned Parenthood abortion records and has indicated the records contain evidence of criminal activity. The Kansas Supreme Court was able to silence Judge Anderson because the court oversees judicial performance and Judge Anderson can be sanctioned for not following a Supreme Court order. As District Attorney, I was forced to appeal the order silencing Judge Anderson to the Court that issued the order — the Kansas Supreme Court. The Court heard argument over 6 months ago and has yet to rule on whether it will rescind its own order. You can view a copy of the one paragraph order at

[4]  AG Paul Morrison resigned in January 2008. The resignation was amidst scandal. The AG had an affair with a woman in my District Attorney's Office who claimed the AG attempted to persuade her to interfere with the Planned Parenthood investigation. Governor Sebelius appointed District Court Judge Stephen Six to succeed Morrison as AG.

© Phill Kline


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Phill Kline

Phill Kline is the former Attorney General of Kansas who is, to date, the only Attorney General / prosecutor ever to obtain abortion records and formally charge both George Tiller and Planned Parenthood... (more)

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