Kurt Kondrich
Disregarding Down syndrome "diseased embryos"
By Kurt Kondrich
April 8, 2011

Another disturbing silent eugenic article appeared this week in the United Kingdom http://topnews.us/content/238104-new-test-can-screen-parents-inherited-disorders-pregnancy . New official guidelines in the United Kingdom state that teenagers around the age of 15 or 16 years of age should receive a genetic test to see if they are carriers of incurable inherited conditions like Down's syndrome or cystic fibrosis before they start having sex or decide to settle down with a partner. The test could also be helpful for young couples wanting to have a child. The article states that with this prenatal genetic knowledge of incurable inherited conditions, parents will be able to make their own decisions of alternate child-bearing options such as adoption or use of donated sperm. Another "option" mentioned is the use of IVF (In vitro fertilization), where they can disregard any "diseased embryos" through lab conception and testing.

When my wife Margie was pregnant with our precious daughter Chloe we were never informed that the embryo was diseased. We had no prenatal tests, and we knew Margie was carrying a female child. There are cultures who consider a female embryo "diseased," and untold numbers have been targeted and eliminated prenatally. Where is the outcry? Each time we watched Chloe's development through the screen of the ultrasound we were totally amazed at this perfect child growing in the womb of my beautiful wife — what an absolute Miracle! When Chloe appeared in this world (she actually arrived at her conception) on May 16, 2003 we did not have to take precautions to stop the spread of any disease, and the medical personnel did not appear concerned over getting infected with Down syndrome.

After almost 8 years of life on this earth, Chloe has shown countless people that she is an amazing girl with many ABILITIES. I often tell people if they want to see someone who is disabled just look into the mirror — I need to go no further than that! When a culture labels prenatal people who bring immeasurable light into a broken world as "diseased," then I would suggest we all should be very offended and concerned. Currently 90%+ of children like Chloe are identified, targeted and destroyed prenatally, and this statistic will only increase with advancements in genetic testing and a prenatal "diseased" classification. Our world would benefit GREATLY if people were infected with the characteristics and traits people with Down syndrome carry in their unique genetic makeup. The genetic classification for Down syndrome is Trisomy 21, and this Lucky # 21 is a priceless winning hand each time it is delivered as a perfect embryo.

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