Tabitha Korol
Learning through lies
By Tabitha Korol
December 17, 2011

The Rt. Honorable Sir Robert Atkins MEP apologized for stating that the Jewish diaspora is responsible for Palestinian suffering, but failed to say that Israeli Jews are also not responsible. Only half his damaging statements were covered by his apology. Adherence to the Palestinian narrative remained.

How could I not be reminded that England is responsible for the greatness of Sir Winston Churchill and the men who fled England's religious tyranny to become the Founding Fathers of America and her Constitution and, by contrast, England's expulsion of the Jews from 1290 to 1656, her severe restriction of Jewish immigrants into the Palestine mandate because of Arab objections, the detention of more than 50,000 Jews on Cyprus, and the return to Germany of 4,500 Holocaust survivors who'd finally reached their ancestral homeland. (It took President Harry Truman to pressure Britain to admit 100,000 refugees to their land.)

As anyone in government and journalism should know, the Rules of Ethics stipulate that one must obtain information from both sides, yet he intentionally avoided the truth by visiting only Gaza with an UNRWA representative. As a member of Parliament, does he sincerely believe that he chose a fair path to the investigation upon which to base his opinions?

Muhammad's terrorism in the 7th century resulted in 1400 more years of terror and death to 270 million people because they would not convert to Islam; and the jihad continues against 5 religions worldwide. Islam is the scourge of the planet with its deadly 18,136 jihad attacks (and counting) to date since 9/11. Does Sir Robert sympathize with Islam's attacks on Christians, but not the Jews? or neither? Do he understand that the five Arab nations that invaded Israel one day after she became a state (1948) did so with the intent to "pave the roads with Jewish skulls?" Does he understand the culture based on the sword of the Prophet?

The year 1948 brought turmoil when it could well have brought peace to all. The expulsion of 10,000 Jews from the Arab-controlled Palestine Mandate and the 850,000 Jews who fled increased Arab persecution became a Jewish refugee problem — but they were soon absorbed and became citizens of Israel, France, and America. The 160,000 Arabs who accepted Israel's invitation to choose peace and become citizens, now numbering more than a million who live freely as Israelis, work in various professions, including as members of Parliament. This common wartime exchange of population was handled ideally.

However, between 472,000 and 750,000 Arabs left Israel because 1) the wealthy fled to avoid war; 2) some fled to avoid fighting their own brethren; 3) some complied with Arab instructions to leave, and return after Arab victory; 4) some fled in fear of Arab propaganda of Israeli atrocities; 6) others left if their homes were in strategic fighting areas. The Arabs set up refugee camps and never permitted the Palestinians to return to the lands of their origin (Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen), were never absorbed, and were forced to remain homeless pawns for future strategy. Please note:

Ralph Galloway (UNRWA, 1958) said, "The Arab states do not want to solve the refugee problem. They want it as an open sore to the UN and weapon against israel."

King Hussein (1960) said, "Since 1948 Arab leaders have used the Palestinian people for selfish political purposes. This is criminal."

Gamal Abdel Nasser, President of Egypt (1956-), said, "If Arabs return to Israel, Israel will cease to exist."

While other of the world's refugees are served by one UN agency, not to include descendents, the Palestinians and five generations of descendants get special treatment. The billions of dollars of aid do not improve their living conditions or opportunities because the money is controlled by the Palestinian Authority. The money is funneled to the terrorists who are in a constant state of war. The Palestinian Arabs receive the highest per capita aid transfer in the history of foreign aid anywhere. With a highly developed propaganda network, they continue their victim status. Further, although Israel has repeatedly tried to end the "occupation" after 1967, offering an exchange of land for peace, the Arabs rejected each offer. Their infamous Khartoum Resolution reply was: "No peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with it.

Sir Robert fails to acknowledge that the Israelis attempted to befriend their enemy during their administration of the territories by seeking to improve the Palestinians' lives — by removing barriers, permitting freer travel, improving infrastructure, creating 2,000+ manufacturing jobs, establishing universities and schools; encouraging freedoms of the press, of association, of religion and their own local administration. Gaza became the world's fourth fastest-growing economy in the 1970s; West Bank per capita income rose 80% (1967-1973); unemployment plummeted to 2%; infant mortality fell drasticaly; their refugee camps were improved and more children attended school so that illiteracy dropped to 15% for adults over age 15. Israelis built communities for Gaza and the West Bank. Does Israel sound like a tyrannical people involved in torture?

Yet, attacks on Israelis continue and increase. Under changing Arab leadership, the Palestinians went from a secular to religious Islamic people who raise their children to accept death and martyrdom, with rewards in heaven for them and financial remuneration for the parents. Their culture thrives on hate, vengeance, violence, and lies in order to prepare the next generation for sacrifices to destroy Israel.. Their Koran and leadership insist on death to infidels, and usurpation of land until they Islamize the globe.

Civilian, not military, Palestinian Arabs have killed nine times more Israeli citizens than the reverse, but the BBC, The Guardian, the likes of Christianne Amanpour (and our own infamous newspapers — New York Times, Reuters, etc) fail to report the truth. Jews have been killed primarily in self-defense, and no Jews have ever gone to Gaza to kill sleeping members of a family as the Arabs did to the Fogel family. The Arabs rely on a psychological warfare against the Jews by inverting the truth, denying reality, and telling lies often enough to be believed by the masses, particularly in countries where anti-Semitism has reigned for centuries.

I challenge Mr. Atkins' audacity to state that Palestinians are treated as the Jews were in the 1930s in Europe! When, in his experience, has he ever Jews beat defenseless people on the street, run rampages and shatter windows of homes and businesses, slaughter people en masse as the Nazis and Islamists have? Only a deep-seated hate or ignorance could ever have someone make such evil comparisons! Have the Jews in the UK not been good citizens in their host country, improve business, contribute to society? Have the Jews had the inclination or ability to amass their own "brown shirts" as to cause terror in the streets? Israel is a thriving, productive, successful democracy, home to every race and religion in the world, whose achievements are reflected in improvement to world citizenry, from agriculture to medical innovations, improving the land and curing our diseases, and worthy of a disproportionate share of Nobel recognition.

The Palestinians live by Shari'a law, undoubtedly the least humane set of rules ever devised by mankind, forcing obedience under the threat of stonings, lashings, amputations, and decapitations.

Hamas are terrorists; no democracy should be coerced into negotiating with terrorists. But, there can be no peace until the Arabs agree to Israel's sovereignty with the right to exist as the only Jewish country in the world, compared to 57 countries with Islam the state religion, and many countries with Christianity the state religion. Not only must the Rt. Honorable Member of Parliament rescind the suggestion that diaspora Jews are to blame for the Palestinian plight, but include Israeli Jews in his remarks. Islam and Muslims are the cause of Palestinian suffering and subjugation, and it will continue as long as they are permitted to avoid assimilation and teaching hate in their schools — in the U.K. and elsewhere. Mr. Atkins should look at his own land to compare the primarily law-abiding Jews to the Arabs who pray in the streets to block traffic and show their conquest, who have no-go zones, march and carry signs that they abhor democracy and will have their caliphate in Buckingham palace.

I believe Mr. Atkins owes it to himself, if not to others in his position, to visit Israel and see what this tiny democracy has accomplished in a mere 63 years, where their efforts result in improved science, irrigation, medicine, entrepreneurship, venture capital investments, and more; where the people value life, world peace, justice and equality, education, and social responsibility, as evidenced when Israelis are first with medical personnel to victims of storms, earthquakes, tsunamis. It is time to turn truth on its feet once again.

© Tabitha Korol


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Tabitha Korol

Tabitha Korol, author of "Confronting the Deception" (Amazon), began her political career by writing letters to the editor after 9/11, and earned an award from CAMERA (Committee on Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) "in recognition of outstanding letter-writing in 2009.Ā¯ She was cited as one of America's modern-day, articulate, patriotic women in Frederick William Dame's Three American Fur Hat Fighters for Freedom.

Her essays appear on Arutz Sheva, Christian Action Network, Conservative News and Views, Dr. Swier, Grumpy Opinions, iPatriot, IsraelNewsTalkRadio, Israel's Voice, Jewish Press, JewishVoiceNY, Liberty News & Views, RenewAmerica, The United West, Trevor Loudon, New Zeal, WebCommentary, Western Free Press and others. She revised David Silberman's book of Holocaust survivors' accounts for publication, and proofreads/edits a monthly city magazine.


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