Tabitha Korol
HARDtalk, hard to swallow
By Tabitha Korol
June 29, 2012

Sarah Montague, of BBC's HARDtalk, tainted the air on May 8, with the prejudices of centuries in the United Kingdom with her opening declaration that American Presidents have always been too "enthralled with the Jewish lobby," and "American Jews influence US policy and that explain's Washington's increasing support for Israel." One can't help but wonder if "all those Presidents" include President Roosevelt, who rejected the bombing of the death camps and the railroads leading to them and refused a safe haven to the Jews of the SS St. Louis, thereby forcing their return to impending death in Nazi Germany; or President Truman, who pressured the British to admit displaced persons to Palestine but was still adverse to the idea of a Jewish State; or President Eisenhower, who pressured Israel in 1956 to withdraw from areas conquered by Israel in the Israel-France-Great Britain campaign to evict Egypt from the Suez Canal, without obtaining concessions from the Egyptians, thereby sowing the seeds of the 1967 war; or President Nixon, who was known for his intense dislike of Jews and Blacks; or President Clinton, who continued to oppose and withhold recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, blamed the failure of the peace process on Israel, and remained silent when Mahmoud Abbas praised their suicide bombers.

Montague faults American Jews who favor Israel, the country known for her extraordinary advancements to benefit mankind during her 70 years' statehood, over Islamic countries whose 14 centuries of enslavement, conquest, amputations, decapitations, and female mutilation are unparalleled, and which have now made their mark on England, with their sights set on Buckingham Palace for the caliphate. From her statement, I can only assume that the native English truly favor the despotic Islamic countries that are now sending their representative citizens to overtake the UK. In fact, while the leaders of the Free World have repeatedly turned their back on Israel, while proclaiming a friendship, they now have to face their grave error. In the name of securing a peaceful co-existence and economic parity, by sacrificing Israel, they must deal with allowing Islam to arise to become the greatest threat to Western civilization in human history.

That the BBC could sanction or encourage Montague to tackle this topic is offensive enough, but coupled with hosting the likes of Norman Finkelstein is a move that no doubt necessitated an extensive collaborative, strategic consideration. The psychologically damaged Finkelstein, like George Soros, Karl Marx, Avram Burg, Richard Goldstone, and others, is a self-hating product of centuries of suffering that turned him from victim to aggressor against his own people. The author of "The Holocaust Industry," in which he accuses Jews of exploiting the Holocaust for their own political and financial gain, references other known anti-Semites to give credibility to his bogus work. Finkelstein also claimed the lobby prevented Prime Minister Netanyahu from dismantling settlements when, in fact, Israel had dismantled settlements in the interest of peace, only to be fired upon the next day from the Palestinians' "new launching pad" in a once-beautiful city of Gush Katif.

Of all the speakers available to explicate on the myriad characteristics of American Jews, their possible influence on Washington or ties to Israel, Montague selected one whose obvious odium, distortion of facts, and damaging assertions resulted in his banishment from Israel. Therefore, one can't help but wonder that this "qualified analyst" was particularly chosen for one reason only. More than mere controversy, this was intended as a hatefest. Surely, if American Jewry were indeed so cohesive and influential, there would be no Finkelstein, Chomsky, Burg, or J Street. If American Presidents were truly so supportive of Israel, President Obama would not be insisting on the dangerous 1967 armistice lines as final boundaries for a Jewish state that is already reduced to a mere one/one thousandth the size of all Islamic land, with a width of nine miles at one point, and he would not have gone against Congress's freeze to gift an additional $192 million of US taxpayer money to Israel's genocidal Palestinian neighbors.

Montague betrayed many of the BBC's "official" guidelines and values: (1.2.1) This was not an impartial and honest report. (1.2.2) Finkelstein verbally denounced the Jewish state for mutiple transgressions without sound evidence. (1.2.3) The duo was free to condemn and indict Israel, their animosity uninterrupted and their slander unchallenged. (1.2.4) The BBC has long lost its integrity by permitting unfair coverage and allegations, and freely influencing the audience, unhampered by impartial discussion. (1.2.6) In the interest of truly serving the public interest, I ask that you offer a fair and honest story about Israel's 5,000-year history, Jordan's 19-year occupation of the land, the invention of the Palestinian people, the wars Israel had to endure for self-preservation, and the goals of Islam for Western civilization. (1.2.7) I expect the BBC to attempt to regain the audience's respect, and provide an in-depth on-air retraction. To Finkelstein's accusations that Israel has initiated wars with its neighbors since its creation, I would hope that Montague could deliver the vastly accessible documentation to show that the Arabs began each and every war against the Jewish state. Montague owes the contributors and audience an apology and then more programming to undo the misinformation that aroused suppressed anti-Semitism.

We expect little from the reprehensible invitee, primarily because he is a by-product of Holocaust survivors who, themselves, may well have been severely emotionally and psychologically damaged by their experiences. Nevertheless, it is criminal to have this individual speak to the masses, since he is apparently quite blinded to reality. There have been several studies written on the subject of turncoats (aka The Oslo Syndrome), particularly self-hating Jews, and it is the BBC's responsibility to never give such a broken or intentionally evil man another venue to cause harm.

(1.2.11) If the BBC would devote itself to being accountable to all concerned, perhaps that lost trust might be restored. If not, only those who wish to believe the lies will continue listening — and the lies will be England's undoing, as the media continue to do the work of Islam. The more the UK becomes sharia-compliant, the fewer democratic laws will be available to save themselves. With the exception of Spain no country has ever reversed its course from Islamism, but it wasn't until 781 years later, in 1492, that Spain's "Reconquista" allowed the Spaniards to shed their subjugation to Islam and retrieve their heritage and culture. I can't predict a reversal for England, but is there no courage at the BBC to begin its return to integrity and impartiality in future programming? I hope the BBC will include HARDtalk among the many programs that need formal, on-air corrections to comply with their official journalism guidelines.

© Tabitha Korol


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Tabitha Korol

Author of "Confronting the Deception," Tabitha Korol began her political career after 9/11, with letters to the editor and essays, developing a readership and earning two writing awards along the way. Her work appears on, Christian Action Network, Conservative News and Views, Dr. Rich Swier, iPatriot, Liberty News & Views,; Published Reporter, Renew America, Ted Belman, The Noisy Room, Trevor Loudon's New Zeal, Virginia Christian Alliance, WebCommentary, and others. Korol revised David Silberman's book of Holocaust survivors' accounts, "And You Saw That,"¬Ě for publication, and edited David Pristash's book, "Essay on Moral Philosophy in Western Civilization." She also proofreads/edits a monthly city magazine.


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