Tabitha Korol
The aptness of "Jimmy Carter"
By Tabitha Korol
December 23, 2012

The word, "jimmy," means to pry open, as with a crowbar, an apt label for the former-president Carter, who uses his Carter Center (allegedly created to work for democracy, human rights, peace negotiations) to intrude, to meddle, to the detriment of those very goals. Carter is a family name of English origin and an occupational name given to one who transports goods by cart or wagon. Another aptonym (a name suited to its bearer), Carter transports tales, propaganda, and the Palestinian narrative worldwide to oppose democratic Israel, while profiting handsomely from Saudi funds.

Former-president Jimmy Carter declared in USA Today, that the Israeli government is expansionist and "flagrantly disregarded" clearly stated US policies, once again condemning the only democratic, sovereign nation in the Middle East that must protect her citizens against constant military and terrorist attacks and international meddling. His belief in self-determination extends only to Palestinians, not Israelis. Where all other countries have free rein over their own development and defense, Carter judges Israel by regulations designed to inhibit Israel's growth, assault her border integrity, and ultimately embolden the Palestinians' path to Israel's destruction.

Of what is Israel pronounced so guilty by Carter's standards? Surely not threatening jihad against Western civilization, not funding terrorism, not firing thousands of rockets at civilians. This religious man bears false witness as he accuses Israel of apartheid, of illegally expanding her borders, and more. He denounces Israel for constructing towns and villages on biblical and historical Judea and Samaria, where Jews have lived for thousands of years. These territories are Israel's land, created and purchased under absolutely legal circumstances, never to be deemed Palestinian in any future negotiations.

Upon the establishment of Israel's statehood in 1948, five Arab nations attacked Israel with the expectation of obliterating the new state. Israel lost Judea and Samaria to Jordan for 19 years, and Jews were forbidden entry into the newly named West Bank and east Jerusalem. When the Arabs attacked again in 1967, Israel regained her land, but Carter, loyal to his benefactors, speaks only for Arab control. He never addresses the thousands of years of Jewish history or Israel's recapture, Muslim terrorism, Muslim destruction of Jewish synagogues and neighborhoods, or Muslims' killing Jews and Christians. He lies about the status of the 20% Arab-Israelis who hold full citizenship within the Jewish state, attend schools, work in professions and serve in parliament, and he forsakes the human rights of Muslims who suffer severely at the hands of their co-religionists. Carter rails only against Jerusalem for Jews.

Carter knowingly deceives when he says, "All Arab nations have offered peace to Israel." Resolution 242 grants Israel the right to inhabit the West Bank until there is a permanent and fair peace — Arabs have never offered a lasting peace. Israel's wars have always been defensive. Resolutions 242 and 338 have deliberately omitted Jerusalem until final status negotiations, and Israel holds full sovereignty over the undivided Jerusalem with the right to build therein. And, despite Jimmy's threat to file a complaint against Israel for building in "occupied territories," legal scholars agree that a country may seize and occupy territory when acting in self-defense and securing safety for her citizens.

With continuing duplicity, Carter audaciously assures that Hamas's terror chief, Khaled Meshaal, agreed to accept the right of Israel to live in peace alongside a viable and independent Palestinian state. He makes no mention of Meshaal's promise of conquest of Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv, even as a November, 2012 Palestinian art exhibit showed a Palestine without Israel in the UN's public entrance in New York.

Carter wrote that the new housing, in a section between Ma'aleh Adumim and Jerusalem, known as E-1, severs the West Bank — a false statement designed to sow hate and create conflict. This man conceals his own and Hamas's true intentions — that four to five million Palestinians expect to invade and conquer Israel, and exile the Jews from their historic capital. This Carter brings only harm and sorrow, using the USA Today vehicle to spread the damaging drivel without first vetting its authenticity. The American public expects a return to journalism ethics, corrections, and truth.

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Tabitha Korol

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