Tom Kovach
June 3, 2007
Republicans: the 81-percent exodus
Rogue elephant chasing voters to the Constitution Party
By Tom Kovach

It seems that President George W. Bush is working hard to help the Constitution Party these days, much as President Bill Clinton drove voters to the Republican Party in record numbers back in 1994.

In the wake of Friday's report about the Republican revolt over immigration, a companion WorldNetDaily poll shows some noteworthy results. As of Saturday morning (02 Jun 2007), 24 hours after the news broke, an eye-opening 81 percent of Republicans considered themselves part of the "revolt." Of those, more than a third favor the "creation" of another political party. (That's 38 percent of the 81 percent.) The total number of respondents was more than 3,300, which is more than triple the number of respondents for most "reliable" political polls.

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Sadly, far too many American voters still think that there are only two political parties from which to choose. In reality, there are eight parties recognized by the Federal Election Commission at the national level (Republican, Democrat, Constitution, Libertarian, Reform, Green, Socialist Workers, and Communist). There are dozens of parties at the state level across America. (For example, I was previously an official with the Conservative Party of NY State. Although I've been a political conservative since the early 1980s, when Ronald Reagan shined the light of reason into the misguided liberalism of my youth, I have never been a member of the Republican Party not even when I ran for Congress on the GOP line last year.) If one adds the county-level, single-issue, and single-candidate parties (yes, in some states that is legal), there are approximately 200 political parties in America today. (According to research that I did in 1998, today's number is about half of what it was during Bill Clinton's presidency.)

Of the six smaller national parties, only one has a nationally recognized member that is capable of actually winning the White House. That party is the Constitution Party, and that member is Dr. Jerome Corsi . He is the author of numerous books including Unfit for Command, which kept John Kerry out of the White House during the 2004 elections. He is also the columnist that exposed President George W. Bush's scheme for a Security and Prosperity Partnership that could disintegrate America as a sovereign nation. The SPP agreement is the paperwork foundation for the North American Union. The planned NAU has even some long-time Republicans using the words "Bush" and "traitor" in the same sentence with the word "impeach." The SPP and its NAU offspring are part of the fuse that lit the implosion of the Republican Party. Were it not for the dogged research and reporting of Dr. Corsi, the NAU juggernaut might have already rolled much farther along its intended course well below the radar of most American voters.

This time last year, Dr. Corsi warned America about the NAFTA Super Corridor, which is a key part of the "nuts and bolts" of the North American Union. As a demonstration of the "kinder and gentler" nature of American voters, it has taken an entire year (instead of a week) for Republicans to "vote with their wallets" regarding the Bush sellout. But, now that the divorce proceedings have begun, one can expect the rift to continue widening until the Grand Old Party becomes simply Gone Out to Pasture.

Doctor Corsi has also warned the American public about Iranian efforts to build nuclear weapons, the nefarious Dubai Ports World takeover (including the trail back to Bush family money), and more shady Bush cronyism in his choice for attorney general and in a Supreme Court nomination. Speaking of the Supreme Court, Dr. Corsi also asked why didn't President Bush appoint a real conservative as Chief Justice? And, when President Bush sent more troops to Iraq (while ignoring the security of America's borders) it was Dr. Corsi that warned about Iranians stirring trouble by crossing Iraq's border. In other words, in his role as a world-class investigative columnist and author, Dr. Jerome Corsi has already been doing "the job that President Bush won't do." The smart thing to do is elect Dr. Corsi, so that he can undo the SPP that the Republicans apparently conspired (even with foreign organizations) to implement behind our backs for much longer than we knew.

Dr. Jerome R. Corsi

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The architect of the Republican implosion is President Bush, not Dr. Corsi, nor Congressman Ron Paul, MD. (I'm a long-time fan of Dr. Paul. But, out of Republican loyalty, he chose not to run on the Constitution Party line. Now, the GOP is ignoring him into oblivion.) Republican loyalists cannot write off Dr. Corsi as some Left-wing attack dog, because Dr. Corsi took out Bush's biggest opponent in the last election. The Republicans cannot blame the Constitution Party for their woes, although some have tried. Some in the Republican Party think that actor Fred Thompson can save their party, but he has too much Bush-globalist baggage, as do many of the people close to Mr. Thompson. Like the storm in the Book of Jonah, it seems that the only way for the Republicans to save their party would be to throw President Bush overboard. (But, what would happen to them if they tried?) Even party loyalist Fred Thompson recently made a speech, at the annual Prescott Bush dinner, without using the words 'George Bush'! (As Nashville Republican syndicated talk-radio host Phil Valentine put it last week, the only way for a Republican candidate to win the next election is to "run against Bush.")

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Money can no longer save the Republican Party. (It never really could. It only prolonged the agony for loyal conservatives.) Jim Clymer, chairman of the Constitution Party, describes the misguided loyalties of conservative Republicans as "battered voter syndrome." As a recent WND letter writer put it, remembering Ronald Reagan, "He said he didn't leave the Democrats; they left him. Well, the Republican Party hasn't left us. They've kicked us out." (Letter titled "This is the thanks we get," Sat, 02 Jun 2007.)

In their misguided quest to become "all things to all people," the Republican leaders have shamefully abandoned the very people that put them in power. The difference between a battered wife staying with her abusive husband, and abused voters staying with the Republican Party is that, in the domestic version, only one person's life is at stake. If too many voters cling to the sinking Republican ship, then our whole country is in jeopardy.

In the interests of full disclosure, I am the state PR coordinator for the Constitution Party of Tennessee, and was (until recently) the director of operations for the National Veterans Coalition. That is the group that is encouraging Dr. Jerome Corsi to run for president.

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