Tom Kovach
Decoded meanings in new World Coin
Not-so-hidden meanings in the United Future World Currency
By Tom Kovach
July 12, 2009

Get ready for the new world money.

Even in the new "test" coin shown below, there are not-so-hidden meanings that portend a future plan for the world and its monetary system. That plan is quite far from the American concept of "in God we trust." This column investigates the meanings coded in the symbolism of the new World Coin, along with the meanings in the larger global monetary plan.

United Future World Currency — UFWC — test coin
(image from their official Web site)

no comment by "The One"??

The RIA-Novosti news story (from Russia) reported that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev held up an "example coin of a possible global currency at the G8 summit in Italy." Interestingly, the Russian news story left out an important detail — which was reported in this Breitbart news story. The missing detail was the fact that the G8 plans to replace the dollar as the accepted currency for international monetary exchange.

Also missing from major news reports was any comment by alleged US President Barack Obama. Perhaps citizens with a traditional American viewpoint might expect an occupant of the White House to voice an objection to any plans to diminish the dollar. But, this would be the same occupant of the White House that wants a "path to citizenship" for illegal aliens, has already restricted the American intelligence community from using even "mildly harsh" interrogation techniques to render information from terrorists, and thinks that he can tax, borrow, and spend the country into prosperity. So, no one should be surprised at the lack of comment by "The One."

Barack Obama has been scornfully nicknamed "The One" for many reasons. All of those reasons center upon his extreme narcissism and fraudulent authority — which culminate in the astounding belief by many people that Obama is the Messiah. Notably, Obama has never publicly renounced that assertion, although he has certainly had many opportunities. Compare that fact with the demise of King Herod, as described in Acts 12:23 in the Holy Bible. God struck Herod dead for not denying it when the assembled people declared that the king spoke with, "... the voice of a god and not of a man!" The sequence of the events is remarkable: Herod "was eaten by worms and died." (As pointed out in my second book, The Bible does not say, "Herod died, and then was eaten by worms.") The new World Coin, in the center of its obverse face, focuses in relief upon a large numeral "one." Although the numeral is the face value of the "eurodollar" coin, it appears that there is more to this numeral than mere attribution of current value.

The design, prominence, and relief of the central numeral "one" all bear a notable resemblance to the design of ancient religious temples — especially the Temple of Yehowah (the One True God) in Jerusalem. Although one could argue that the layout is just as similar to the Parthenon (Temple of Athena) in Greece (with an exact replica, in better condition, in Nashville), we will see later in this presentation that there is no doubt that the Temple of Yehowah is the "target" of the symbolism in this World Coin. This author asserts that it is no accident that "The One" is the central focus of the coin.

politics, religion, and ... money

Only three days before the release of the World Coin, Pope Benedict XVI released an encyclical titled "Charity in Truth." In it, the pope called for a 'global authority' to govern a global economy. This authority would include the "redistribution of wealth." That phrase comes directly from the Communist Manifesto.

On the same day that the World Coin was introduced at the recent G8 economic summit, alleged President Obama discussed the world's economy with Pope Benedict. So, in a nutshell, "The One" met with "The One" to discuss "The One." The fact that the Holy Bible specifies that there will be a one-world economic system in the last few years of human history on Earth underscores the importance of both this topic and its timing. (For details about the prophectic timetable, see: Tribulation: 2008.)

At least in theory, politics controls money, and religion controls politics. (The quintessential example of religion controlling politics is the law against murder.) But, the iconography of this new World Coin contains as its central image a "temple" dedicated to money itself. As if that were not bad enough, the meaning of the imagery goes much deeper.

In the tradition of writing Orthodox Christian icons, not only are the details important but also the position of those details conveys meaning. So, on the "front" (obverse) of the coin, we see a numeral "one" that is stylized to resemble a religious temple with steps leading up to it. On the "back" (reverse) of the coin, we see a single "tree" with a variety of leaves. The various "branches" grow from a single "root," which is at the very center of the picture and the coin. Thus, this central "root" must be very important to the meaning behind the World Coin.

The "root" seems to have a shape that is human, not organic, in its origin. It is raised in relief, thus giving it a somewhat cylindrical shape — as opposed to an oval that might be merely a symbol. This "root" seems to represent a specific, man-made object. But, what object?

Biochip: the Mark of the Beast?
(Image source:

Note the resemblance between the human-implant biochip (above, left), and the "root" in the middle of the "tree" on the coin (above,right). Not only are the shape and texture similar, but the biochip is the "root" of the cashless society of the future. This cashless society is necessary for the implementation of the world monetary system that was predicted in the Book of Revelation. That system is built around the "Mark of the Beast," which the Bible specifies is based upon "the number of a man," and that number is "six hundred and sixty-six." (In my book, Tribulation: 2008, there is a thorough explanation of how that number is linked to a specific man that is on the world political stage now.) Without that Mark of the Beast, "no man will be able to buy or sell." Thus, the centrality of the chip-shaped "root" depicted on the World Coin reveals the importance of the biochip to the New World Order monetary system. The chip holds together the five leaves. (The first chapter of my book, released last year, also explains the Biblical meaning of "leaves." Indeed, the leaves have become tender, and summer is near!)

Biochip is powered by heat changes in the body.
(Most effective locations: forehead and palm of hand. Surprised?)
(Image source:

The leaves themselves have specific meanings. The very first leaf (from the left) appears to be the leaf of the "terebinth tree" (Pistacia palaestina), which has tremendous Biblical significance. This tree is central to understanding God's provision of vast petroleum resources for Israel during the last days. (For details, see my recently-released report: On Wings of Eagles.) In the Hebrew language, that tree is called elah. David killed Goliath in "the Valley of Elah," in the land of the Philistines. During his recent speech in Cairo, alleged President Obama reversed long-time American foreign policy by siding with the Palestinians (Arabic: Filistin) against Israel. By turning the United States against long-time ally Israel, Barack Obama is siding with the modern descendants of the Philistines, and is thus setting the stage for a war "of truly Biblical proportions."

To summarize so far, the Pope of Rome has met with Obama, who is a member of a small group of national leaders (the "Group of Eight," or G8), and that group is promoting a World Coin as part of a planned global monetary system. The Pope has issued an encyclical that calls for both the redistribution of wealth (Communism) and a political "authority" to enforce that redistribution. The premiere coin of this New World Order monetary system contains symbols that link the worship of money and the land of the Philistines. There are remarkable parallels between this New World Order monetary system and the system described in the Book of Revelation. The timetable for implementing this system matches that expected in the seven-year Tribulation period has already begun. Such a mixture of "religion, politics, and money" is exactly what must occur during the Tribulation, according to the Book of Revelation.

but, wait, there's more!

Also described in the Book of Revelation are certain events that lead up to the implementation of that man-made world system. Those events include the rise of a False Prophet, who places himself above every religion in the world. The False Prophet will then pass along his power and authority to another leader that is called The Beast. There will be an assassination attempt upon The Beast. He will receive a fatal head wound, will die (or, appear to die), and then will "rise from the dead" three days later. Upon his "resurrection," The Beast will have been bodily indwelt by Satan, and will thus have become the dreaded Anti-Christ that will rule the world for the second half of the seven-year Tribulation.

The False Prophet will oversee the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. But, that new Temple will be different, because it will be dedicated to the worship of a false Messiah. The False Prophet will lead the world in the worship of this false Messiah: The Beast.

So, what does this have to do with the new World Coin? Read on!

FIELD of obverse side of coin
(Sets the stage for coded images)
(image edited by Tom Kovach)

The field surrounding the Temple-shaped numeral "one" is a six-sided shape that is partially obscured by other images on the coin. Earlier in this column, it was noted that the "target" of this coin was none other than the Temple of Yehowah (the "proper name" of God; or, in Hebrew, Ha-Shem, "The Name"). According to the decrees of God, the Temple can only be located on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This is the hill where Abraham prepared to sacrifice his only son, Isaac, according to the command of God. But, at the last moment, God sent an angel to restrain Abraham's hand. God then placed a ram in a nearby thicket, caught by his horns, for Abraham to sacrifice instead. So, what indictors are there that the coin is a coded blasphemy against God and against His Holy Temple?

Connect the dots...
(No other religion uses the Star of David)
(image edited by Tom Kovach)

No other religion uses the Star of David as its symbol. But, is this a lot of hyped-up speculation that the Jewish Temple has been somehow targeted for blasphemy by the designer of this new World Coin? Is there any other proof of a connection to the Temple in Jerusalem?

MENORAH: Jewish symbol coded into new World Coin
(Mocking an event that commemorates a miracle of God)
(image edited by Tom Kovach)

As the above image shows, when the side "decorations" are highlighted, it is easy to see the shape of a multi-pronged candleholder flanking the mocking Temple shape of the numeral "one." The candleholder, or Menorah, is the Jewish symbol of the miracle of Hannukah — the rededication of the Temple after the Maccabean Revolt, during which God caused one day's worth of olive-oil supply to burn in the lamp for eight days.

In the theory and practice of law, "three is a pattern." So, if there is truly a deliberate mocking of the Jewish Temple in the symbols of this New World Order coin, then there should be a third coded meaning in the design of the coin. Is there?

THE CURTAIN — dividing the Temple
(Separates the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place)
(image edited by Tom Kovach)

As the image above shows, the line across the obverse face of the coin "just happens" to line up with the Temple's internal dividing line: the curtain that divides the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place. The whole reason for the Temple to exist was so that the Ark of the Covenant — the gold-covered box that originally held the Ten Commandments and other Hebrew sacred objects — could reside permanently in the Most Holy Place. Could it be mere coincidence that these images all point to the same Temple in Jerusalem? And, if not, then what is the purpose behind the coded meanings?

entirely by design

The inscription "unity in diversity" heads the obverse face of the World Coin. But, what exactly does it mean? The presidential campaign of Barack Hussein Obama (whose family name means 'crooked') relied heavily upon the buzzwords "unity" (meaning: denying traditional standards to sink to the lowest common denominator) and "diversity" (meaning: supporting or even honoring the disgusting homosexual agenda). Lowering one's standards and supporting an abominable sin are the exact opposite of the goals of following God. Thus, the modern application of the phrase "unity in diversity" is the exact opposite of the declaration of Deuteronomy 6:4, "Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one!" That verse is dutifully recited by practicing Jews, and is known in Hebrew as the "Sh'ma Yisrael." That is the central phrase of the prayer life of a practicing Jew, and would correspond to the phrase "Our Father" for the practicing Christian. To put such mocking, yet subtle, blasphemy on a World Coin could only be by design.


Designer — Laura Cretara of Italy
(Member of a small and elite group)
(image edited by Tom Kovach)

The bottom of the coin's reverse contains the subscription (see: Definition 2) "L. Cretara." Research shows that Laura Cretara is a coin designer from Italy. She is one of a small handful of designers of the Italian Euro coins. Below her subscription are five small stars. There are also five stars — rising from right to left, or "toward the East" — on the obverse side. Five is the number of Satan (his emblem is a five-pointed star, or Pentagram). He declares in the 14th chapter of Isaiah that he "will be like the Most High God." The Messiah is called the "bright and morning star." Thus, in order to become like God, Satan would need to attempt to "rise in the East" like the morning star. Coincidence?

According to two Italian dictionaries, there is no direct translation for the word cretara. However, according to an American friend of Italian descent, who has made a study of the language, the name comes from the root creta, meaning either "clay" or the island of Crete. And, from that root comes the Italian word cretino, meaning "idiot," and the phrase dire cretinate, meaning "to talk nonsense." Keep in mind that God created languages to confuse the nations, to prevent them from completing the Tower of Babel and continuing a second global government. (The first global government was destroyed by the Flood of Noah. The second global government was headed by Nimrod, the grandson of Noah. The third global government, the "New World Order," will be destroyed when Jesus returns ... soon!) Only an idiot would openly align themselves with a Satanic global government. God must be chuckling over that aspect of the new World Coin.

One of the other designs of the Italian Euro coins shows a mounted Marcus Aurelius riding across a stylized compass rose — thus conquering the world. (The compass rose is stylized to resemble the Buddhist "flower of life" symbol. Hmmmmmmm.) This coin's design is based upon the Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius, which is the only fully surviving bronze statue of a pre-Christian Roman emperor. Coincidence?

the bottom line

Leftists rely upon obfuscation to further their agenda, just as Satan relied upon it in the Garden of Eden to further his agenda. Lenin and Stalin called the enthusiastic victims of obfuscation "useful idiots," and had them slaughtered en masse after their usefulness as "agents of change" had dried up.

In like manner, the Leftists working to implement a New World Order might appear for awhile to have succeeded. But, all of these things are predicted in the Holy Bible. Thus, they must occur! We cannot prevent them. We can, however, refuse to bow down to worship money or the masters of the new money system. They might become furious. They might kill those that refuse to bow down. But, the Bible makes a clear distinction between the eternal destiny of those money masters and the eternal destiny of God's followers. And, even here in this world, the Bible says, "... in one hour such great riches came to nothing ...." (Revelation 18:17)

Therefore, do not be deceived — whether by coded meanings on money, or by any other thing. "For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect." (Matthew 24:24) Note, dear readers, that the above verse clearly implies that it is not possible to deceive the elect. You can choose to let the Truth set you free, and thus resist the coming economic slavery of the New World Order. You can do that, in part, by understanding the coded meanings in the new World Coin. My hope is that your new understanding will lead you to a stronger faith in God and in His True Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus).

© Tom Kovach


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