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Barbara Kralis, the article's author, writes for various Christian and conservative publications. Her columns have been featured at, Catholic World Report, Catholic World News, Alliance Defense Fund, Intellectual Conservative,,, Catholic, The Wanderer newspaper, New Oxford Review, Phil Brennan's WOW, MichNews, ChronWatch, North Carolina Conservative, Catholic Citizens, Illinois Family Institute, and others. She and her husband, Mitch, live in the great State of Texas. She can be reached at:

Archbishop Sheen Today! -- The Glorious Assumption
Barbara Kralis
August 17, 2015

(Originally published August 10, 2004) © Catholic Online 2004 As children we asked the pretty nun, "How did the Blessed Mother die? Where is her body?"  . . .

Is the Pope Catholic?
Barbara Kralis
August 10, 2015

Pope Francis' conciliatory language toward irregular sexual unions for the past two years has caused the fiercest fighting within the Catholic Church . . .

We, The People
Barbara Kralis
July 1, 2015

On Saturday, July 4th, 'We, The People of the United States' will celebrate 239 years of the birth of our once great democratic nation. Sadly, the SCOTUS . . .

How to get through the day
Barbara Kralis
June 3, 2015

The prevalent "outing" of immoral world Catholic hierarchy at the highest levels is giving a poor example to families worldwide. People ask, "Who do we . . .

Catholic Church defends 'Stand-Your-Ground' laws
Barbara Kralis
July 18, 2013

The Catholic Church's teachings support the legitimate defense of "Stand Your Ground" laws in that people have a legitimate right, and even the duty, to . . .

Let's ban Jalapeño peppers
Barbara Kralis
May 2, 2013

A friend from New York asked me the following question: "If our government succeeds in banning guns for private citizens, what next will be banned?" Did I . . .

Abortifacients -- pharmakeia & sorcery
Barbara Kralis
October 1, 2012

Artwork: "The Alchemist" by Marcel LorAnge Recently, it was learned that New York City is dispensing the abortifacient "morning-after pill" (Mifeprex, . . .

Eradicating minorities
Barbara Kralis
March 1, 2011

Abortion providers — such as Planned Parenthood (PP), with their 850 U.S. abortion mills — certainly know of the power of a single, truthful graphic . . .

Happy Birthday, dear Bishop
Barbara Kralis
June 9, 2009

Bishop Rene Henry Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of the diocese of Corpus Christi, Texas, celebrates his 86th birthday today, June 9, 2009. On May 23, 2009, Bishop . . .

Administrator of the Catholic Diocese of Charleston stepped in it.... Part Two
Barbara Kralis
November 18, 2008

In this second part, let's examine what the Catholic Church, its Popes and those Bishops in unions with the Pope, teaches us about its Church members forming . . .

Administrator of the Catholic Diocese of Charleston stepped in it... Part One
Barbara Kralis
November 17, 2008

Recently, a Charleston Catholic diocesan pastor, Father Jay Scott Newman, JCL, wrote a column to his flock which he published within his November 9, 2008 St. . . .

How many times do we have to say 'NO' to same-sex marriage?
Barbara Kralis
November 1, 2008

California voters are once again fighting for the 'life of the family.' Same sex marriage is on their November ballot for the second time, bringing many people . . .

A Catholic bishop's interview confuses the already confused
Barbara Kralis
October 15, 2008

In a recent interview, Bishop Gerald Kicanas of the diocese of Tucson made some interesting comments that deserve public scrutiny. He discussed the upcoming . . .

Will Denver Catholic Archbishop finally enforce Canon 915?
Barbara Kralis
August 18, 2008

The Democrat National Convention of what many refer to as the "pro-abortion party of the United States" will take place within the Archdiocese of Denver from . . .

Te Deum laudamus
Barbara Kralis
July 30, 2007

The Supreme Vicar of Christ on earth, Pope Benedict XVI, has recently spoken in a most wonderful way for the spiritual benefit of all the universal church, for . . .

A plea to the Pope for help
Barbara Kralis
January 25, 2007

Of the many attacks against the Catholic Church today, most all come from members within the Church. In fact, reports from Rome indicate that the Pope is . . .

Cd. Mahony's fishy fish lure
Barbara Kralis
January 4, 2007

One of the chief symbols of the early Church is the fish symbol, the Symbolum maius. The Sacred and essential characteristic of the Christian fish symbol . . .

Exposure of evil makes way for the good
Barbara Kralis
August 8, 2006

Pro-life people unambiguously value human life from its conception in the womb to its natural death, and therefore certainly want to protect the safety and well . . .

The hope that no one should be a slave
Barbara Kralis
August 7, 2006

Slavery is an issue that affects everyone, everywhere. Thankfully, there are many effective efforts that show promise of helping to end human slavery. This  . . .

Catholic Church fights human trafficking & slavery
Barbara Kralis
August 4, 2006

The Catholic Church has assumed a pastoral responsibility to promote the human dignity of persons exploited through trafficking and slavery and to advocate for . . .

U.S. government leads battle against trafficking
Barbara Kralis
August 3, 2006

The United States is leading the global battle to fight human trafficking and the slavery usually attached to it. The U.S. government has declared such human . . .

Smart raids and rescues of slaves
Barbara Kralis
August 2, 2006

For the most part, criminal traffickers and slave lords are not recognizable thugs, but are usually known as "respectable" businessmen within their communities. . . .

Trafficking in your own backyard
Barbara Kralis
August 1, 2006

You may think, "This cannot happen to anyone in my family...." However, human trafficking and slavery happens to children just like yours all over the world . . .

How trafficking scams work
Barbara Kralis
July 31, 2006

Human trafficking takes root in industries that already are known to have labor violations — sub-poverty wages, no benefits, no labor relations, and illegal . . .

Human trafficking: a trans-national criminal enterprise
Barbara Kralis
July 28, 2006

Trafficking of humans for slavery is a trans-national criminal enterprise that typically is found in regions plagued by poverty, instability of government, and . . .

Child slaves for sport
Barbara Kralis
July 27, 2006

Thousands of children as young as two years of age from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sudan are trafficked each year into the Persian Gulf states' dangerous camel . . .

Involuntary human servitude
Barbara Kralis
July 26, 2006

Involuntary servitude: This sordid form of servitude is experienced mainly by migrant low-skilled laborers trafficked into prosperous areas from poverty . . .

Combatant human slaves
Barbara Kralis
July 25, 2006

Wars produce slaves used by the triumphant forces, who often sexually abuse women and children taken from ravished war-torn villages. The U.S. State Department . . .

Slavery as domestic servitude
Barbara Kralis
July 24, 2006

Human slavery exists as domestic servitude in thousands of households throughout the world. In most cases, domestic servitude among women and children also . . .

Child sex tourism
Barbara Kralis
July 22, 2006

Child Sex Tourism [CST] entails tourists, mostly men, engaged in sex trafficking by purposely traveling to known sex destinations, seeking anonymity in . . .

Different forms of human slavery
Barbara Kralis
July 20, 2006

Despite centuries of struggle, slavery has not been eradicated from our world. Slavery is readily found on the farms of India, the heritable debt-bondage brick . . .

Modern day slavery flourishes
Barbara Kralis
July 19, 2006

"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United . . .

21st Century slavery
Barbara Kralis
July 18, 2006

"Slave labor [in the Soviet Union] made no demands, could be transferred anywhere at any moment, was free of family ties, had no need for housing, schools or . . .

Fired for speaking the truth
Barbara Kralis
June 16, 2006

A Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority [WMATA] Board member, Robert J. Smith, a Catholic husband, father of four and a seasoned Republican activist, . . .

Lies exposed by photos and videos
Barbara Kralis
February 9, 2006

Supporters of the abortion movement have deceived mankind with bumfuzzling statements that Partial Birth Abortion is a rare occurrence, being performed "less . . .

Zen is coming to a Dallas Catholic parish
Barbara Kralis
February 6, 2006

What is going on again in the Dallas diocese, again? Jesuit speaker Fr. Robert E. Kennedy, S.J. has been invited to be the speaker and the leader of a Zen . . .

Does the U.S. Bishop's president support ordination of homosexual men to Priesthood?
Barbara Kralis
December 1, 2005

On November 29, as President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops [USCCB], Bishop Skylstad, Bishop of Spokane, WA, released a USCCB Press . . .

Can celibate homosexuals be ordained -- yes or no?
Barbara Kralis
November 30, 2005

On November 29, as President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops [USCCB], Bishop Skylstad, Bishop of Spokane, WA, released a USCCB Press . . .

Five pitfalls to avoid during state elections to ban 'same-sex marriage'
Barbara Kralis
November 10, 2005

The recent successful Texas November 8 elections resulted in record number turnouts for the successful passage of a state constitutional amendment 'Proposition  . . .

Archbishop Sheen Today! -- Denying our sins (Part Two)
Barbara Kralis
October 18, 2005

Many years ago, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen wrote a theological book in which he capitalized the word Hell. His editor corrected it by putting in a small "h."  . . .

The heroic battle of the United States to preserve the sacred covenant of marriage (Part 4)
Barbara Kralis
October 1, 2005

It is imperative that the will of the American people to protect this vital institution from arbitrary redefinition be acknowledged in our Federal Constitution. . . .

The heroic battle of the United States to preserve the sacred covenant of marriage (Part 3)
Barbara Kralis
September 30, 2005

It is imperative that the will of the American people to protect this vital institution from arbitrary redefinition be acknowledged in our Federal . . .

The heroic battle of the United States to preserve the sacred covenant of marriage (Part 2)
Barbara Kralis
September 29, 2005

It is imperative that the will of the American people to protect this vital institution from arbitrary redefinition be acknowledged in our Federal . . .

The heroic battle of the United States to preserve the sacred covenant of marriage (Part 1)
Barbara Kralis
September 28, 2005

It is imperative that the will of the American people to protect this vital institution from arbitrary redefinition be acknowledged in our Federal Constitution. . . .

Archbishop Sheen Today! -- Denying our sins (Part One)
Barbara Kralis
July 29, 2005

An ancient tradition tells us that Our Lord appeared to St. Jerome, priest and doctor of the Church, asking, "Jerome, what have you to offer me?" The . . .

Catholics supporting the denial of 'nutrition and hydration' are not in communion with the Church
Barbara Kralis
May 4, 2005

Updated June 3, 2005 It is a rare person who has not heard of the recent cruel homicide of the Florida woman, Terri Schiavo. Everyone, it seemed, had a . . .

Archbishop Sheen Today! -- Frequent Confession (Part Two)
Barbara Kralis
April 23, 2005

Frequently, we Catholics have been asked from those outside the Church, "Why confess your sins to a priest when you can go directly to God yourself?"  . . .

Benedict XVI -- 'Ubi Petrus, Ibi Ecclesia'
Barbara Kralis
April 20, 2005

He took the name Benedict from the co-patron of Europe who founded over 40,000 communities of monasticism to combat widespread corruption. It should be no . . .

Is Fr. Bouchard a heterodox dissident vis-à-vis Terri Schiavo?
Barbara Kralis
March 24, 2005

© Catholic Online 2005 Why would the influential president of a Catholic Dominican theological institute recently teach moral theology that is markedly . . .

Archbishop Sheen Today! -- Frequent Confession (Part One)
Barbara Kralis
March 21, 2005

The question is asked, "Why does Pope John Paul II, and the Popes before him, strongly urge the use of Frequent Confession when Church Law does not mention this . . .

Activist Judge Greer plays "God" as arbiter of life and death
Barbara Kralis
February 28, 2005

© Barbara Kralis, all rights reserved. For Catholic Online 2005 "No one can be the arbiter of life except God himself." America suffers from the rule of . . .

U.S. Archbishop issues perplexing "clarification" statement
Barbara Kralis
January 31, 2005

Juridically, why can't this teacher of faith see the clarity and simplicity of Cardinal Arinze's recent admonition: "Rainbow Sash wearers are showing their . . .

Cardinal Arinze denies he approved U.S. Archbishop giving sash wearing "gays" Holy Communion
Barbara Kralis
January 23, 2005

During the past five years, at the time of the Catholic Church's most holy day of Pentecost Sunday, openly 'gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender' persons . . .

Archbishop Sheen Today! -- Sex and holy purity (Part Two)
Barbara Kralis
November 1, 2004

© Catholic Online 2004 (See Part One) It's impossible to discuss Holy Purity without visiting the The Sermon on the Mount. When Jesus taught the . . .

Some attempts to sabotage Catholic voters
Barbara Kralis
October 29, 2004

The Catholic Church possesses the fullness of truth, the complete moral teachings of our age. We thank God for the Magisterium of the Church, for the solemn . . .

Does the Bishops' voter guide confuse priorities of magisterial teaching?
Barbara Kralis
October 28, 2004

Pope John Paul II, and the Bishops who teach in union with the Pope, speak loud and clear what the church's priorities are for voting as a Catholic. They . . .

John Kerry was an altar boy -- so was Adolf Hitler
Barbara Kralis
October 25, 2004

Presidential candidate, Senator John Kerry is urgently pressing uncatechised or 'dumbed down' Catholic voters to believe he is a faithful Catholic that best . . .

Archbishop Sheen Today! -- Sex and holy purity (Part One)
Barbara Kralis
October 19, 2004

What is the single greatest gift a young man and woman can give each other in marriage? It is their holy purity or chastity. Without holy purity, human love — . . .

Will the silence of most U.S. Catholic Bishops help elect a Presidential candidate... who promotes procured abortion and supports same-sex marriage?
Barbara Kralis
October 15, 2004

Sixty million U.S. Catholic laity is scandalized and confused by the refusal of most Bishops to dutifully govern and correct pro-abortion candidates. The . . .

Archbishop Sheen Today! -- Rectitude of intention
Barbara Kralis
October 12, 2004

© Catholic Online 2004 Why do we hear so little mention of this virtuous idiom, Rectitude of Intention? Is it because the very meaning, per se, is a pox . . .

Archbishop Sheen Today! -- Choices we make (Part Two)
Barbara Kralis
October 8, 2004

© Catholic Online 2004 A long time ago, Sister Christine Joseph taught us to make the heroic minute on waking each morning. She taught our first grade class . . .

Archbishop Sheen Today! -- Choices we make (Part One)
Barbara Kralis
September 28, 2004

Heaven or hell, it is our choice. Which will it be? Will we choose the place and state of perfect and eternal happiness where we will see, face to face, the . . .

Archbishop Sheen Today! -- Fountain of mercy
Barbara Kralis
September 21, 2004

© Catholic Online 2004 What does the Church mean when she uses this theological phrase, 'Fons Misericordiae' or 'Fountain of Mercy? Let us first look at . . .

Archbishop Sheen Today! -- Praying the Rosary
Barbara Kralis
September 18, 2004

© Catholic Online 2004 The medical and scientific communities have recently proclaimed what Catholics have known for centuries — reciting the Rosary is good . . .

Archbishop Harry Flynn, what sayest thou?
Barbara Kralis
September 16, 2004

In a recent column of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis' newspaper, 'The Catholic Spirit,' Archbishop Harry Flynn wrote that the Eucharist was a . . .

Limiting the harm using proportionate reasons
Barbara Kralis
September 15, 2004

© Catholic Online 2004 In Romans 3:8, we read that 2,000 years ago the Apostle St. Paul is falsely accused of teaching that 'evil can be done to bring about . . .

Appeal to the Holy Father on behalf of Terri Schiavo
Barbara Kralis
September 14, 2004

© Catholic Online 2004 (This letter to Pope John Paul II was written on behalf of a group of pro-life people nationwide, ‘National Fight4Terri Volunteer . . .

Archbishop Sheen Today! -- Mary and the Moslems
Barbara Kralis
September 7, 2004

© Catholic Online 2004 The history you are about to read is a miraculous event authenticated and recorded at the Vatican over 400 years ago. Sacred archives . . .

Archbishop Sheen Today! -- Reparation
Barbara Kralis
September 2, 2004

© Catholic Online 2004 “My sin is always before me,” Ps.50 In the face of spreading agnosticism and relativism, the term 'reparation' is most unusual.  . . .

Archbishop Sheen Today! -- Sacrificing for others
Barbara Kralis
August 27, 2004

© Catholic Online 2004 Sac•ri•fice, n. the surrender or destruction of something valued for the sake of something else. Suicide or killing oneself is the . . .

Three bishops refute flawed theology of Fr. Andrew Greeley
Barbara Kralis
August 20, 2004

© Catholic Online 2004 No other Vatican memorandum has caused so much controversy in recent times as has that written by the head of the Vatican's second . . .

Archbishop Sheen Today! -- St. Augustine of Hippo
Barbara Kralis
August 16, 2004

© Catholic Online 2004 Augustine's account of his early life of wrongdoing would not shock very many in America today. His sins in the fourth century are . . .

Archbishop Sheen Today! -- The glorious assumption
Barbara Kralis
August 10, 2004

© Catholic Online 2004 As children we asked the pretty nun, "How did the Blessed Mother die? Where is her body?" Taking a deep breath, Sister Christine . . .

Archbishop Raymond L. Burke, the new 'John Fisher'
Barbara Kralis
August 5, 2004

© Catholic Online 2004 Recently, Archbishop Raymond L. Burke, Bishop, D. D., J.C.L., of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, 'the new John Fisher for our times,'  . . .

Archbishop Sheen Today! -- Lourdes
Barbara Kralis
August 2, 2004

© Catholic Online 2004 It was more than 150 years ago. The recently defined and promulgated dogmatic title was miraculously given to an illiterate peasant . . .

Archbishop Sheen Today! -- Angels
Barbara Kralis
July 27, 2004

© Catholic Online 2004 It was the fall of 1951. He wore a black cassock with violet 'abito piano' or piping. The wide violet 'sincture' was wrapped at the . . .

Bishop Vasa — a shepherd for our time
Barbara Kralis
July 18, 2004

© Catholic Online 2004 A faithful and courageous prelate, Bishop Robert Francis Vasa, M.Div., J.C.L., Bishop of Baker, Oregon, kindly granted this writer a . . .

Cardinal Ratzinger said, "The minister of Holy Communion must refuse to distribute it." He did not say 'could,' or 'may,' but that he "must."
Barbara Kralis
July 6, 2004

Is it possible that after so much scandal and hurt in the Catholic Church, Bishop Wilton Gregory and Cardinal Theodore McCarrick would withhold and distort an . . .

Prohibition is worthless without enforcement [1]
Barbara Kralis
June 24, 2004

© Catholic Online 2004 The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops met recently in Denver for their June plenary conference. This year's meeting, . . .

Is not murder just as evil as lust in the eyes of God?
Barbara Kralis
June 7, 2004

We have watched Cardinal George in Chicago and Cardinal McCarrick in Washington D.C. rightfully deny Holy Communion to manifest sodomites wearing Rainbow sashes . . .

Ten questions regarding the denial of the Eucharist
Barbara Kralis
May 24, 2004

Several U.S. bishops have recently voiced their opposition and ersatz reasoning why no one should be denied the Eucharist according to Code of Canon Law n. 915. . . .

Why is the scandal permitted?
Barbara Kralis
May 17, 2004

"In times of great crisis there are two types of men: those who are overwhelmed by the crisis and those who rise up to resist the trend of events and so change . . .

Is Governor McGreevey ripe for a conversion?
Barbara Kralis
May 10, 2004

(CatholicOnline) — A surprising turn of events recently took place on the political scene. It may have gone unnoticed by most of the top analysts, politicos and . . .

The Pope has no prisons for disobedient hierarchy
Barbara Kralis
April 26, 2004

Therefore, "do everything in your power to protect the Eucharist from every irreverence" If every cardinal, bishop, priest, and layman submitted to the . . .

Democrats wooing dumbed down Catholics
Barbara Kralis
April 19, 2004

The real title of this column, if we want to get rough (and we do) might be "Dumbed down Catholics voting for dumbed down Kerry." Or, "Welcome to Kerry's party . . .

Bishop Bruskewitz will deny Kerry the Eucharist
Barbara Kralis
April 6, 2004

On April 6, 2004, Bishop Fabian W. Bruskewitz, D.D., S.T.D., of the Lincoln, Ne. diocese, stated through his office to this writer that his diocese would deny . . .

Who says it's not a good time to end abortion?
Barbara Kralis
March 29, 2004

There are a myriad of false perceptions on what constitutes being pro life among pro life groups. Some groups' work is counter productive to authentic pro life . . .

Is the Church serving two masters -- politicians and God?
Barbara Kralis
March 15, 2004

As Senator John Kerry travels throughout the U.S. in his bid for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency, this pro abortion, dissenting 'Catholic' . . .

The real moral panic
Barbara Kralis
February 27, 2004

The Pontifical Academy for Life has recently published their new book "Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church: Scientific and Legal Perspectives." It is a . . .

A primer on Canon 915
Barbara Kralis
February 5, 2004

Unquestionably, canon 915 is the most discussed canon in the Codex Iuris Canonici, or Code of Canon Law, in recent Church history. Many in the media have . . .

The pill from hell
Barbara Kralis
December 19, 2003

"If we continue to promote contraceptives, civilization will revert to barbarism" Today, December 16, 2003, is an important day in the United States. After . . .

U.S. bishops are not 'walking the talk'
Barbara Kralis
December 5, 2003

Bishop Raymond Burke, appointed Archbishop of St. Louis on December 2, 2003, privately and publicly proclaimed boldly in August, 2003, that pro abort Catholic . . .

What is so hard for the US Bishops to understand?
Barbara Kralis
November 15, 2003

Tuesday, November 11, 2003, the USCCB attempted to consider which Catholic politicians who dissent from Magisterial teachings should be denied the Sacrament of . . .

Open Letter to the USCCB
Barbara Kralis
November 13, 2003

I am imploring your Excellencies to please make a positive, definitive statement on behalf of the Life of cognitively disabled Terri Schiavo, and for all . . .

Is the Catholic Church's apostasy the cause of Terri Schiavo's plight?
Barbara Kralis
October 16, 2003

On October 15, 2003, I called Cardinal Ratzinger's office in Rome,wishing beyond hope that I could get the CDF behind Terri Schiavo's plight and defend her life . . .

"It is not our policy to deny Communion"
Barbara Kralis
October 3, 2003

Archbishop Sean O'Malley made the following statement on July 29, 2003, from his Archdiocese's Public Release Office, "a Catholic politician who holds a public, . . .

What about Mary Stachowicz?
Barbara Kralis
February 6, 2003

How many of us are ready and willing, spiritually, and catechically, "fearlessly proclaim the complete and authentic truth on Christ, the Church and the world, . . .

Bring back the pictures
Barbara Kralis
November 15, 2001

During our U.S. Civil War, from 1860-1865, few Americans knew what was really taking place on the battlefields. One man in 1863, Alexander Gardner, a . . .

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