Monte Kuligowski
Now is the time to tone-up the political rhetoric
By Monte Kuligowski
January 18, 2011

After the tragedy in Tucson, a common theme has emerged among liberal politicians and pundits. CBS News reports that "Democratic Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland has called on the country to tone down its intense political rhetoric." CNN has a piece out titled, "Lawmakers: Time to cool the political fury." The New York Post informs that, "Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle . . . bemoaned the 'toxic rhetoric' they say has infected US politics and may have set off the Arizona rampage that left one of their own fighting for her life."

Toxic rhetoric "may have set off" the murderous rampage? What's that based on?

The call by Democrats and certain na´ve Republicans to tone down the rhetoric sounds reasonable enough on its face. But once we realize that the left is exploiting a national tragedy to silence conservative opposition to the president and his agenda, it's not so reasonable after all.

We have to begin with the narrative the left shamelessly attempted (successfully to some degree) to set in place within hours after Loughner's shooting rampage. Paul Krugman set the template with his baseless piece, "Climate of Hate." Krugman does not argue that the toxic rhetoric from both sides may have incited murder. The liberal narrative is that the "toxic rhetoric" of conservatives, namely Tea Party types like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and Rush Limbaugh is such that it may have incited Loughner to kill.

Evidence has since emerged showing that the deranged Loughner was not politically active; was not affiliated with the right; did not vote in the midterms and did not listen to talk radio. But even that news hasn't slowed down the left's push to exploit a national tragedy. Loughner's madness had nothing to do with political rhetoric so let's tone down the rhetoric anyway?

"Why limit free speech?" one might ask. It's simple: toning down political rhetoric would conveniently tone down opposition to Obama and his agenda.

Most everyone is for civility in politics, but that's not what is at issue here.

As the Democrats deftly deny that the country is engaged in a "culture war," they are fighting it wisely, tenaciously and frankly they are winning. Prior to the midterm elections, President Obama warned that he would engage in "hand to hand combat" if the Republicans won the House. And after Republicans won the House, the destructive trinity of Obama, Pelosi and Reid did just that. They abused the "lame duck" session and rushed through more controversial law before the newly elected Congressmen could be sworn in to block it. Like the rest of Obama's contentious and reckless legislation, it will fundamentally transform the country.

Without proper hearings and debate, Obama rushed through law to establish open homosexuality in the military and equally significant, the so-called START Treaty was ratified. We have no idea how much the repeal of "don't ask don't tell" will cost, both morally and economically or how much START will cost our national security.

But that's okay to Obama because he got what he wanted — the American electorate be damned.

When Mr. Obama incited a Democrat crowd to "punish our enemies," before the midterms he was saying that it's us against them.

In context of the "tone down the rhetoric" rhetoric, we must remember that it's no secret to anyone that Obama has angered a good portion of the electorate.

Those who understand that America's unique liberty has always meant freedom from central control have been incited to anger by Obama's brazen rush to remake the country. Conservatives are very angry and in light of the way our system was constructed they have every right to be.

Mr. Obama has awakened a sleeping giant and single-handedly caused an unprecedented constitutional revival in the country. The Tea Party movement is Obama's worst unintended nightmare. To the left's dismay, the anger of the people has found nonviolent expression via organizing, fundraising, pamphleteering and in getting the middle class to the polls.

So long as millions of Americans remain fired up and organized to stop the moral and economic bankrupting of America, Obama's agenda is in trouble.

Therefore, from the left's perspective, the vast conservative movement must be stopped. It must be tamed. It must be toned down.

When Democrats make their calls for the country to tone down the "rhetoric," they effectively are calling conservatives to tone down the opposition. The rhetoric — the art of influencing opinion — of the Right is all about opposing the radical agenda of Obama.

Not a shred of evidence exists to conclude that the heated rhetoric of the culture war (from either side) caused a deranged Jared Loughner to kill. But on the contrary, the left's exploitation of a national tragedy to silence conservatives has everything to do with the culture war.

If the left really thought that political rhetoric somehow causes people to kill they would have toned down their own rhetoric years ago. Instead, the left prefers to unscrupulously create the perception that the right is dangerous and needs to be toned down.

Frankly, in the defense of liberty now, more than ever, is the time to tone up the rhetoric and opposition against Obama and his toxic agenda.

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Monte Kuligowski

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