Henry Lamb
Warning to Washington: Here comes the freedom movement!
By Henry Lamb
May 24, 2009

You've probably never heard of the Freedom21 Federal Credit Union. It wasn't among the "big" financial institutions getting bailouts from the federal government. It was not in the news because its managers got million-dollar bonuses. In fact, it is a relatively new financial institution created by, and for, the organizations and individuals who believe the federal government has gone way beyond the authority granted to it by the U.S. Constitution. It is a part of a new awakening, a mobilization in preparation to stop what is perceived as a march toward socialism.

All across the country, people are joining organizations and creating new organizations, all aimed at reining in government power and returning to the principles of freedom set forth in the Constitution.

Glenn Beck's arrival at the Fox news network has energized the freedom movement. His 912 Project has attracted more than a half-million people who are organizing into local study groups and learning how to become more effective in their efforts to get government under control. His support and promotion of the April 15 nationwide Tea Parties contributed to the success of the events.

Ron Paul's presidential campaign morphed into the Campaign for Liberty. This nationwide network is busy teaching people at the precinct level about the fundamentals of freedom and about how to win local and state elections. They are urging people to support HR1207, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, which will, for the very first time, require the Federal Reserve to submit to an annual audit.

Ironically, 99 years ago this week, a train left Newark, New Jersey for Jessup Station, Georgia, carrying some of the wealthiest, most powerful people the world. They met in secret at the Jekyll Island Club and laid the plans to create the Federal Reserve System.

Another group of people took a train this past week from Newark, New Jersey to Jessup Station, Georgia en route to the same Jekyll Island Club. The people in this group are not among the wealthiest people in the world, but they are among the most powerful; they are some of the leaders of the growing freedom movement. Nearly a hundred years ago, a meeting at Jekyll Island produced the Federal Reserve, which now controls our economic destiny. The current meeting at Jekyll Island, organized by theWe the People Foundation, seeks to produce a plan to control the Federal Reserve and restore our economic freedom.

All across the country, organizations such as Take Back Kentucky and Alabama's Alliance for Citizens Rights, New Mexico Cattle Growers Association, and dozens of others are meeting to educate and organize their communities to be even more effective in the freedom movement.

Nationally, organizations such as Gun Owners of America, EdWatch, Eagle Forum, Stewards of the Range and dozens of other organizations are preparing to hold their 10th Annual Freedom21 National Conference. The freedom movement is gaining momentum.

State, local, and national organizations are beginning to coordinate their efforts. While each organization works toward its own goals, they also alert their members to respond when there is a national alert. Currently, there is a flurry of activity in response to the Great Water Heist, and the Enumerated Powers Act, and the National Animal Identification System.

Each organization has its own special area of expertise, and when any participating organization needs help, all the Freedom21 organizations do what they can to help. What is different about the freedom movement is the entire effort is completely voluntary. There is no hierarchy of command; people and organizations are bound together only by the principles of freedom and the determination to defend those principles against all enemies, both domestic and foreign.

What's really unique about this movement is that they have created their own Freedom21 Federal Credit Union. This credit union serves only the individuals and organizations that are members of Freedom21. They are building their own financial institution so their members not Wall Street fat cats will get whatever dividends may be generated. Freedom21 members are the shareholders of the credit union. Because the credit union is a not-for-profit organization, all revenues beyond the cost of operation must be returned to the members.

Another unique feature is the "Endowment Accounts" organization members can establish. When individual members of participating organizations join the credit union, one-third of the membership fee goes to the member organization. Although the institution is young, it is solid, needs no federal bail- out and its deposits are guaranteed to $250.000 by the federal government. Currently, the credit union offers its members share deposits, time certificates, and loans. As the membership grows, the institution will offer checking, credit/debit cards and a full range of financial services. This institution was created expressly to serve the freedom movement.

This freedom movement is not a flash-in-the-pan. These individuals and organizations know the score and they know how to do what needs to be done. They are gearing up for the long haul. They are issuing a stern warning to all those in Washington who want to turn America into a tyrannical socialist state: Here comes the freedom movement!

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