Henry Lamb
There's a great day coming!
By Henry Lamb
July 26, 2009

In his great old hymn, Will L. Thompson tells us that "There's a great day coming bye and bye." Thompson's great day, of course, is judgment day, "When the saints and the sinners shall be parted right and left."

Judgment day in America is coming. It's inevitable.

It is impossible for a nation to borrow its way out of debt. And it is impossible for a free people to be forever enslaved by regulatory chains. Thompson's hymn asks: "Are you ready for the judgment day?"

Ready or not, judgment day is coming.

Obama and his left-leaning cronies have already borrowed more than all the past presidents, and he is pushing his cronies to run up another trillion dollars of debt to enslave the entire health care system in regulatory chains of government.

Obama and his left-leaning cronies are rushing to forge regulatory chains around every citizen who uses energy, using the bizarre excuse that these measures are required to prevent the planet from overheating when mountains of scientific evidence says otherwise.

Obama and his left-leaning cronies are rushing to restrict the use of privately owned land by claiming authority to regulate activities that may affect the waters of the United States which they define to be all water, anywhere it may fall, flow, or accumulate.

For 20 years, Obama championed the black liberation theology of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, but since political pressure forced his resignation from Wright's church, Obama has deliberately distanced himself from Christianity, at Georgetown University, by ending the White House Prayer Breakfast, and by avoiding church in general. He even declared the United States to be a non-Christian nation.

On the other side of the political aisle, there is growing evidence that the "saints" are getting ready for the judgment day. That day will come Tuesday, November 2, 2010, (congressional elections) when the political saints and the sinners shall be parted right and left.

It will be a great day if Obama's left-leaning cronies in the House and the Senate are sent packing by free people who are sick and tired of letting government continue to wrap regulatory chains around them. It will be a great day if Obama's left-leaning cronies are unable to force their "crap & charade" energy tax into law. It will be a great day if Obama's left-leaning cronies are unable to confiscate the nation's health care industry in order to ration services to only those they deem worthy. It will be a great day, indeed, if the left-leaning Obama cronies are turned out of office on judgment day.

Are you ready for the judgment day?

Thousands and thousands of people are getting right with their conscience. The guilt of apathy and fear of left-leaning lunacy has mobilized people from one end of the nation to the other to gather in Tea Parties to express their dissatisfactions with the bankrupting, enslaving policies of the liberal left. More important, they are organizing in every state, in every county, in every precinct, to get the right people to the polls to ensure that the trumpets will blow and the angels will sing in celebration of a glorious victory for freedom and common sense on judgment day.

All of this is practice for another judgment day, November 6, 2012 (presidential election).

Are you ready?

Right-thinking people who are dedicated to the Christian principles that spawned this great nation must mobilize like never before. Those who have been too busy to see the great national tragedy Obama and his left-leaning cronies are constructing must launch an immediate learning initiative. Those who have not yet joined a local activist organization must do so now. Those who have always left politics and public policy to others must now get ready for the judgment day for surely, it is coming.

Thompson's hymn suggests that when the saints and sinners are parted on that great judgment day, the saints will know a "brightness" that will never be known by the sinners.

If America is to know the "brightness" of freedom earned in blood by our founders and preserved in faith by our predecessors, we must get ready for the 2010 judgment day. We must rid Congress of Obama's left-leaning cronies who blindly follow his wishes. We must reject forever the deeper-debt, higher-tax, bigger-government policies Obama offers. We must return to a government that honors Christian principles and operates solely on the authority of the Constitution.

When an army of saints marches right up to judgment day and separates the political sinners from government, it will truly be a great day.

© Henry Lamb


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