Henry Lamb
Responding to modern Marxism
By Henry Lamb
November 8, 2009

The first unmistakable tremors were recorded on April 15. The earth shook again throughout the month of August, when politicians returned home to face their constituents. Those brave souls who dared to hold a town hall meeting were met with enthusiastic questions about cap & trade, about the stimulus, about health care and about what appears to be a mad rush to socialism.

Despite efforts by the White House and the media to downplay the significance of these events and to denigrate the people who participated in them, another tremendous tremor rolled across Washington on September 12. More than a million people by most estimates filled the street from Freedom Square to the Capitol. They were not there to worship Obama; they were there to bury his policies.

Tuesday's elections sent a plume of political fallout across the nation. Obama invested heavily in the incumbent New Jersey Governor who was soundly defeated by a conservative Republican. A parade of Democrat dignitaries campaigned for the Governor's office in Virginia; the more conservative Republican won by a landslide.

The only Democrat victory was in New York's District 23 where it took both the Democrat and liberal Republican candidate, who withdrew from the race to endorse the Democrat, to narrowly defeat a conservative independent. Conservatism also prevailed in Maine, where the voters rejected same-sex marriage.

Denial is not that river in Egypt. It seems to be a river that begins in the White House and flows freely through the Democrat Party and the media. The rest of the nation seems to be encouraged by the prospects of reining in the runaway policies Obama's majority is trying to impose.

It is increasingly clear that the battle is no longer between Democrats and Republicans; it is between liberals and conservatives. Since these terms too, are fuzzy, let's be perfectly clear: the battle is between the people who subscribe to the principles of freedom set forth in our founding documents, and the people who subscribe to the principles of collectivism set forth by Karl Marx.

Every single Democrat in the current majority, including Barack Obama, swore an oath to "...preserve, protect, and defend..." the Constitution. Yet, they absolutely ignore the limitation of power set forth in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. None of the 17 powers enumerated there authorizes the current health care bills or the cap and trade bill, or the bailout, or the stimulus package, all recently passed by the House of Representatives.

When asked by a reporter to identify the Constitutional authority for the current health care bills, Senator Patrick Leahy said: "We have plenty of authority, why would you say we don't have authority?" Speaker Nancy Pelosi's reply to the same question was: "Are you serious? Are you serious?" Obviously, neither one is "preserving, protecting, or defending" the Constitution when they ignore its limitation of Congressional power.

Conservatives in Congress have tried to enact legislation that requires every new piece of legislation to cite the specific Constitutional article that authorizes the legislation. It has been defeated in every Congress since 1994. The current Congress has yet to vote on the Enumerated Powers Act (HR-450).

From one end of the country to the other, Americans are demonstrating that their appreciation for the principles of freedom outweighs their admiration for any political Party, especially those which embrace Marxist principles. Organizations are springing up everywhere, helping people get their precincts, their counties, and their states ready for the next election. One Texas group formed in March, and still was able to muster 25,000 people to march on a rainy September 12 afternoon. Watch their video; this is what the liberals call a right-wing, nut-job hate-group. Unlike ACORN, these people are not funded by government grants or wealthy foundations. They are ordinary Americans accepting their responsibility to defend freedom.

This scenario is being repeated all across the nation. "Choosing America's Future" is a national campaign designed to focus on the principles of freedom and the candidates who pledge to uphold them. At the heart of the campaign is the U.S Constitution. Participating organizations will be providing pocket-size Constitutions at candidate rallies where the candidates will also be asked to sign a pledge to uphold the principles of freedom in every official act or to explain why they will not.

The energy fueling this growing upheaval is neither money nor political strategy. It is a genuine love for American freedom and the absolute determination to never allow Marxist collectivism to invade, persuade, nor hypnotize this nation. Freedom is not quick to respond to suppression. Freedom is longsuffering. There is a point, however, beyond which tyranny cannot tread, even if that tyranny is disguised as a "public option" or "cap and trade." Obama and his Democratic majority may well have crossed that point.

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