Henry Lamb
Copenhagen confusion
By Henry Lamb
December 6, 2009

More than 14,000 people have pre-registered to attend the shindig in Copenhagen next week, none of whom are delegates. The facility, which accommodates only 15,000 people, will be overrun by special interest groups, all clamoring for attention and a piece of the $94 billion pie that is divided annually among the global warming congregation.

The number of delegates that attend these meetings usually reaches 4,000 and the press adds another thousand or so. The conference is an economic boon to the host city, and an opportunity to party for the attendees, and a potential disaster for everyone else in the world.

The Copenhagen meeting is the 15th official meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change. This is the annual "biggie;" delegates and special interest groups meet four or more times each year; each meeting drawing five to 10 thousand people. The U.N. actually pays a per diem to the majority of the delegates; expenses for most of the special interest groups come from grants from various governments, or from major foundations.

The U.N. works hard to see that a good time is had by all; they screen attendees tighter than the Secret Service screens State dinners at the White House. WorldNetDaily, for example, is not allowed to attend; they may report something that the U.N. does not want reported. The press that is allowed to attend may not film or record the meetings. They may not even carry their equipment into the area where the meetings are held without an official U.N. "minder" with them. Everyone is free to photograph and record in the public areas such as the restaurants and the exhibit area.

The actual meetings are another matter. Much of the time the delegates are divided into different groups, working to remove the [brackets] from the brain-numbing language that may eventually evolve into a treaty. The brackets indicate language that some, but not all, delegates want in the treaty. These sessions are interrupted by mass-meetings where all the delegates assemble to listen to translators reveal the speaker's latest vision of cataclysmic eschatology dispersed by the despicable demons in the West. These "hate America" sessions provide the inspiration for the delegates to endure another day of bracket-removing.

By the end of the meeting, all the brackets will be removed and the delegates will produce some kind of a document in which they all agree to something. Everyone will hug, wave, say goodbye, and go home to begin preparing for the next meeting.

These people seem to have little awareness of what's happening in the real world.

They deny that the people they call "deniers" are increasing in number every day that the world continues to cool. They are shocked that people are upset by the thousands of emails from the East Anglia University Climate Research Unit. They are far more concerned that someone hacked into the system than they are about the contents of the messages. These messages reveal a corrupt process that has fed the U.N. system manipulated data on which the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has crafted its gospel of fire and brimstone for sinners who dare indulge in the consumption of fossil fuels.

Back in the real world, the politicians who are finding themselves out at the end of a very wobbly limb are maneuvering to avoid a fatal fall from public confidence. President Obama announced that he would grace the Copenhagen meeting en route to pick up his Peace Prize. While there, he is expected to announce that the U.S. of A. will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 17% below 2005 levels. He has no authority to do this, of course, but shhhhh...., don't tell him; let him learn the hard way.

China, not to be outdone, quickly announced that it would reduce emissions by a whopping 30% below 2005 levels, but independent monitoring of projects designated as carbon reduction projects, would be allowed only in those projects that are funded by the West.

The European Union continues to wring its collective hands, knowing full well that Obama's gestures are nothing more than another peacock performance subject to the very real reins of Congress where sits Senator Jim Inhofe and his fearless band of global warming agnostics.

The uncooperative climate data over the last umpteen years, coupled with the release of the hacked emails from the U.N.'s primary feeder system, have cast a rather large cloud of confusion over the future of the entire global warming religion. The global warming faithful must feel much like the Pope and his faithful felt as they began to understand that Copernicus was right after all.

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