James Lambert
Democrats' environmental agenda hurts Americans at the pump
By James Lambert
February 27, 2012

The Democrat party continues to adhere to a radical environmental policy that is responsible for the current price of gasoline. Since President Obama took office in January of 2009, the price of gasoline has almost doubled in price.

While production of oil on private lands in the United States has increased, production has decreased on federal lands. Why? Because the Obama administration has been blocking and delaying development of new sources on public lands. This includes:

- Numerous sites off the gulf coast including the eastern seaboard

- Blocking the development of the Anwr oil reserves in Alaska

- Not allowing drilling of an 18 billion barrel reserve of oil off-shore of the California coast

- Ignoring proven sources of coal in West Virginia (a traditional Democrat state)

- Disregarding natural gas reserves in the mid-west (including Colorado) on federal lands

Yet, the mainstream media continues to defend this President and his party's radical environmental policies. Democrat House leader Pelosi and her Democrat allies in the U.S. Senate, (such as New York Senator Chuck Schumer), continue to label oil as "dirty" and oil companies as "greedy." Oil company's net profits on a gallon of gas in California are significantly less than state and federal taxes. It's hypocritical when Democrats such as Pelosi and Schumer lambaste gasoline producers such as Exxon/Mobile while 'big government' is the real culprit of greed. Just look at the raw data and you'll see what I mean. Last quarter Exxon showed net profits of operations of 7.7% while state and federal taxes (on each gallon of gas) represents over 13% of the sales price of each gallon in California.

The state of California and the federal government carry no risk of production that oil producing companies like Exxon shoulder. Not only do companies like Exxon have to explore for the oil, they have to put up the capital to develop their sources of production. All the government does is grab their "share" from the consumer at the pump.

Don't be fooled by Obama's rhetoric that he's not responsible for the dramatic rise in gas prices during his 3+ years in office. By shutting down exploration of energy sources in federal land and slowing the permitting process, Obama and his Democrat allies have made it more difficult for this country to be energy self sufficient.

Democrats continue to cater to an environmental lobby that believes oil is "dirty" and that developing our own sources of natural gas, shale oil and coal is wrong and can only hurt this country. I am hopeful that common sense will win out and that the public will realize that it is crucial for America to develop its own energy sources. I know it will ultimately help our economy and bring back the jobs we so desperately need. Why send billions of dollars to the tumultuous Middle East or give untold billions to socialist rebels like Hugo Chavez when we can develop our own raw energy resources here at home? What of the billions of barrels of oil right off shore in California or the billions located in 2 square miles of land on the northern slopes of iced tundra in Alaska? Just think of the thousands of needed jobs a change in governmental policy would bring to these economies today. All four Republican candidates have endorsed opening up our national resources to developing energy. It is time for a change.

Ultimately, I am convinced that voting for Obama and his Democrat allies in 2012 will guarantee a continuance of our present policies of energy dependence on unstable regimes in the Middle East. I, just as most Americans, am tired of these rising gasoline prices, and the government's culpability in this issue.

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