Dr. Stephen C. L'Hommedieu
The meaning of the CDC "Zombie Apocalypse" Part 1
By Dr. Stephen C. L'Hommedieu
August 3, 2011

Just when you thought the dark side of medical information couldn't get more science debased, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a strange article on emergency preparedness that was straight out of "Tales from the Crypt." Fresh from the bubbling cauldrons of the CDC, "Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse,"1 by Ali S. Kahn, MD, MPH, is a suspiciously elaborate concoction, mingling emergency readiness procedures with choice delicacies from zombie horror fiction. Featuring emergency "essentials" such as zombie history, etiology, diet (brains) and "diagnosis," along with horror film favorites and a zombie escape plan, "Zombie Apocalypse" is an amusing distraction of weirdness that belies its purpose.

Objectives Behind the Weirdness

If you had read the article's "A Brief History of Zombies," you may have thought the same as I did — What the...? A zombie apocalypse? After a quick rebound from the mild aftershock of disbelief, I continued reading with a sense of uneasiness. Clearly the method to the madness was to use this fear-based zombie horror scenario to capture the attention of a select target audience.

For many, "Zombie Apocalypse" may have seemed like a fun way to review the basics of emergency planning. But there's another side to this monster mash that's as disturbing as the thought of being chased by a band of hunger-crazed zombies. Although fronting legitimately good emergency preparedness recommendations, this exercise in zombie tactical maneuvers also demonstrates how good advice can be used to infuse elements of subtle propaganda and fear-based conditioning strategies to manage public health objectives.

To fully appreciate the real meaning of "Zombie Apocalypse," we need to process this information within the context of CDC primary objectives. Consider the following list of pertinent objectives aggressively pursued by the CDC today: 1) to manage public behavior toward vaccine compliance; 2) to exaggerate normal childhood diseases as largely deadly or with precipitating harmful life-long consequences; 3) to promote flawed or bogus research studies and statistics to legitimize actions for imposing vaccinations and vaccine mandates; 4) to feed the public misinformation and media hype to induce a sense of urgency or panic to surge vaccine demand; 5) to establish a derogatory language or icon (such as zombies) that can be identified with those who refuse vaccinations and oppose vaccine mandates; and 6) to convince you to relinquish your mind, body and will to the recommendations and demands of these health officials who claim to know best how to protect you in a zombie emergency.

How are these CDC objectives accomplished? The methodology is quite simple: formula, fear-based propaganda and coercive government intervention. For example, for the purpose of a zombie apocalypse, the magic equation could appear something like this: [Fear-Based Exaggerations and Misinformation + Complicit Mainstream Media Support] x [Epidemic, Pandemic or Bioterrorism + Imposed Government Intervention] = [Vaccine Mandates + Loss of personal and Constitutional Liberties] x [Billions $$$ in Pharmaceutical + Medical Industrial Complex Profits]. Clearly, this is the new math for imposing vaccine compliance and generating pharmaceutical profits.

By this time, if you've already read "Zombie Apocalypse," you may be thinking, Wait a minute, there wasn't any mention of vaccines in the entire article! You're absolutely correct, vaccines were not specifically mentioned. But as you can see; whether you introduce a pandemic, or a biological weapon, or a childhood disease epidemic or some other zombie apocalypse into the equation or discussion, the answer will always include vaccines.

Even more disturbing is how this seemingly innocent "information" is obviously geared for a younger uninformed mainstream audience of 'tweens, teens and young adults. Surely the CDC knows that the success of vaccine compliance is dependent upon rendering young malleable minds susceptible to their suggestions through regular feedings of their information. "Zombie Apocalypse" utilizes this cool fictional horror theme, not by coincidence, but by design, because it's attractive and "fun" for many of this target audience. Building a rapport is essential for preparing a platform to engage their trust and cooperation. Once this is established, a continual flow of misleading and false information can begin the process of aligning the behaviors and beliefs of these young minds with government and global objectives.

So if you've buried any notions of pretense behind CDC medical information, it's time to blow the lid off the coffin and take a closer look. Carefully examine the remains; you may begin to develop an appreciation for what these CDC officials do best: managing social media operations for the sole purpose of influencing public behaviors and beliefs to serve the interests of the Pharmaceutical Cartel and related medical institutions, of which a primary objective at this time is to extinguish public resistance to forced vaccinations.

More CDC "Tales from the Crypt"

Although the idea of preparing for an apocalypse of the walking dead may seem frightfully outlandish coming from the CDC, the use of such fictional premises is actually nothing new. They've been using them secretly for years. But apparently they're now getting bolder and coming out of the closet. Since the CDC has officially come clean about this fascination for zombie horror strategy, let's do a quick review of other major CDC reality horror and sci-fi adaptations that may have escaped your attention.

"The Vaccine Apocalypse"

Frankly, I don't know exactly how the CDC came up with the concept of "Zombie Apocalypse." One possibility is that a fetish for horror and science fiction scenarios was suddenly inspired by the recent filming of "The Walking Dead" in the Atlanta area. But it's more likely the concept was derived from the eerie classic original and heavily promoted horror production that could only be described as "The Vaccine Apocalypse," for which the CDC has been a central mediator for many years. Essentially, "The Vaccine Apocalypse" is a loosely-based version of another classic horror film, "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," although much more insidious, utilizing a hazardous and grossly excessive vaccine schedule as the primary assault weapon.

Imagine this: multiple vaccinations incorporating the destructive power of millions of molecular "chainsaws" from a variety of neurotoxins such as, mercury [2], [3], aluminum [4], [5], formaldehyde and a host of other toxic chemical ingredients. Watch here6 how low levels of mercury can literally hack nerves to shreds to impede normal neurological development. Add to this neurotoxic brew a variety of attenuated or live viruses and bacteria, xenotropic viruses, contamination viruses, genetically-engineered materials and microorganisms, antibiotics and cells from aborted fetal tissue, all of which are incompatible with the development of normal healthy immune processes. Now you have one of the most progressive and destructive horror scenarios ever to encounter a developing brain.

In mass, these tiny perpetrators of metallic ions, chemical compounds and genetically engineered DNA components creep up on unsuspecting, innocent infants, children and uniformed adults and immediately begin hacking away at their once normally developing and functioning central nervous and immune systems. Is there any wonder why the U.S. has the highest vaccination rate among the top nations of the world that is matched with the highest mortality7 rate in children up to five years of age?

Recently published research confirms Generation Rescue's independent study back in April of 2009: "Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biological or synergistic toxicity?"8 The bottom line is this: the more vaccines, the higher the infant mortality rate.

As a national collaboration behind "The Vaccine Apocalypse" has continued to skyrocket, along with neurological, behavioral and learning disorders, SIDS and an autism epidemic, so have vaccines sales, which have now climbed to $27B for 2009 alone, and is projected to reach $35B in 2012!9 Vaccines have become such a cash cow for the pharmaceutical industry and mainstream medicine, that the CDC strongly advises parents, sometimes enforced through "legal" mandates and penalties,10 to submit their children to 36 vaccinations by the age of two. Do you think there could be some link between the egregious U.S. vaccine schedule and the alarming new studies11 that reveal 50% of our children suffer from chronic illnesses and 21% are developmentally disabled?

The H1N1 Swine Flu "Pandemic" of 2009-10

With the pharmaceutical industry riding the financial tidal wave, the CDC was then tapped to mediate another collaborative role. This time it was based on a solid sci-fi theme of a deadly pandemic influenza virus. This more recent effort, enthusiastically regarded by the inside players as the influenza pandemic gravy train, was publically promoted as the H1N1 swine flu pandemic: the race to vaccinate or die! It didn't achieve an authentic zombie apocalypse status, but it did quickly elevate to a neo-pandemic status once corrupt expert advisors of the World Health Organization12 (WHO) altered the criteria. Add to this breach of trust, a number of creative assumptions and hypothetical estimates based on CDC computer generated models that conveniently replaced stringent reporting requirements, and there you have it — pandemic made to order!

Evidence mounted, however, that the progression of the swine flu pandemic was being intentionally miscalculated. CBS Reporter, Sharyl Attkisson,13 eventually uncovered the real statistics in November of 2009 that pulled the plug on the CDC media hype. Unfortunately for investors, the pandemic didn't achieve the financial success anticipated. Vaccine sales were unexpectedly low and orders for millions of vaccines were cancelled. Overstocks of dated swine flu vaccine resulted with many clinics and centers offering the vaccines free to the public rather than incur the costs of disposal through a Haz Mat medical waste system, which is mandatory by law because of the hazardous waste14 content of the mercury-containing thimerosal.

Supporting the misinformation promoted by the CDC sci-fi experts concerning the safety of thimerosal was Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), Kathleen Sebelius, who repeated the same mantra on the CBS Evening News: "Thimerosal has been proven to be safe." For those who enjoy performing the statistical gymnastics required to embrace this unexplainable conclusion, here's a thoroughly-untested-for-safety history of thimerosal,15 courtesy of the Adventures in Autism blog.

Curiously, the CDC forgot to mention the numerous serious adverse events reported concerning vaccine-induced miscarriages and stillbirths caused by injecting this toxic hazardous waste material into pregnant women. A report from the National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW)16 on October 28, 2010 estimated the number of miscarriages and stillbirths directly caused by the flu vaccines to be as high as 3,587. Consider that the H1N1 swine and seasonal flu vaccines took more lives through miscarriages and stillbirths alone than the flu virus itself. This doesn't include the many other serious adverse reactions suffered by infants, children and adults such as death, seizure, neurological impairment, narcolepsy and other permanent disabilities that were reported throughout the U.S. and globally. These reports of serious reactions often prompted the immediate withdrawal of the vaccine or significant restrictions for use on infants and children under five in other countries, but not in the U.S.

If you still believe the risks associated with the flu justifies exposing you and your children to the dangers of flu vaccines, consider the number of documented influenza-associated deaths for the last flu season. Buried deep within the CDC website, recent statistics from the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Report of May 14, 2011, revealed there were only 105 pediatric and 206 adult documented laboratory-confirmed influenza-associated deaths. The CDC computer generated numbers17 of approximately 36,000 deaths per year are not even close to reality. Is anyone curious about the true statistics for other diseases for which vaccines are promoted? You should be.

In light of this horror history, the CDC has been pressing hard to restore public confidence using new marketing strategies to lure the uninformed public into vaccine compliance. This requires clever concoctions of information with intense visual graphics, such as "Zombie Apocalypse," along with an absolutely complicit mainstream media, in order to manage public health habits. But "Never Fear — CDC is Ready" to meet the challenge to achieve their next emergency financial goals.

"Even if all the experts agree, they may well be mistaken." -Bertrand Russell

© 2011 Dr. Stephen C. L'Hommedieu — All Rights Reserved


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© Dr. Stephen C. L'Hommedieu


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