Frank Louis
Who are these stupid (criminal) people -- and why do we keep inviting them back?
(Forgive me for rambling but I just have to rant!)
By Frank Louis
August 10, 2011

Everyday, it seems, just as I get ready to submit an article, more and more stuff happens, like the 600-point down-day on the DOW, the downgrading of America's credit rating, and London burning as I rewrite this article yet again. As I write now, the DOW went back up 400. Ben Bernanke came out and "froze" interest rates for 2-years. Millions and millions of dollars changed hands yet again.

Ben is the guy who, regarding the sub-prime mortgage, testified "not only the new homeowners but also their communities have benefited from these trends." Sounds like a man in the know to me. Ben, everyone who put money in lost it... and then some. Seem like an airplane getting ready to come apart in midair? As a person with a commercial pilot license, I think so.

So, even with these new developments, the jest of my article has remained the same: "Just who are these stupid, criminal, people, and why do we keep inviting them back?" AIG is filing to sue Bank of America over mortgage-backed securities while the Americans who were robbed of their life savings and total net worth in that same Ponzi scheme are not able to sue anyone. They are just expected to bite the bullet through it all.

Want to jump start the economy, give the people who were fooled into buying real estate during this well known housing scam their money back, and their good credit ratings too, and watch it run! And read the rest of this article so you will know just who (like all of them) to get rid of! We Americans have lost over $6 trillion (I have heard up to $14 trillion) already. Lost all because the government tried to "equalize" home ownership and open our borders. We want our money back back!

So just a couple of days ago, our president (before the DOW broke back below 10,800) was barking about some idea for tax credit incentives for employers to hire GIs. I hate to say it, but I have to agree with him on this.

But it is not exactly news that military training does not translate into civilian jobs. It never has! Combat veterans returning from the Vietnam War faced a similar economy as the one we have today... plus gas lines. This is an age-old problem... remember WWI? Veterans in tent cities along the mall in Washington, getting shot at. And, as I recall history, it has always been the liberals who jeered America's veterans, called and still call for cuts in military budgets, and called veterans names like "baby killers'" or, made the most recent claims that veterans may be "threats" to our nation.

The Peace Corps doesn't even recognize military service as "experience," never has. So, can someone tell me the history of this issue? How is it that for a hundred years or more, training received in the military has never been recognized as valid in civilian society? Even B-52 pilots have to take civilian classes to get a license to fly once they are discharged. Can I be hearing this right that the liberals are the ones who are coming to the veterans' side, laying claim on this issue? You have to be joking! Talking out of both sides of their mouths if you ask me.

Yes, the same people whom, not that long ago, called veterans one of the biggest threats to our nation's security? Remember 2009? Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano's statements about "returning war veterans as particular threats " to our national security? Having the combat skills that "right-wing" radicals are looking for? Recently, Obama was on the news pointing out how an Army Medic he is holding up, as an example cannot get hired as a "first responder." Obama was pointing out how returning veterans are coming home to face unemployment like he is some sort of top investigator discovering this afore unknown fact. Can this all be serious?

I do admit that this is a serious flaw that has adversely affected our veterans throughout our nation's history. But really, it is going to be this guy who will lay claim to correcting this? Wow! If he succeeds in the same way he is leading the nation in other venues, I have serious concerns. Like the title of this article says... "Why...?"

However, I am willing to bet that if someone did the research on this, they would discover that it has been liberals and democrats all along who have, historically, made the fact that our veterans are routinely shunned from the civilian workplace that our president has "uncovered " a reality. Just a guess.

In the midst of all of this, John Kerry comes on the TV saying that the media "has a responsibility to not give equal time" to ideas he does not agree with. Ideas he calls "bad." Ideas that, in his mind, are "absolutely absurd notions" like gay marriage for instance, perhaps sanctuary cities I would guess. Is this what he means? How about the sub-prime mortgage crisis? You know, giving houses away (wealth redistribution) so as to hyper-inflate prices, virtually wiping out the majority of Americans' net worth in less than a year when it all crashed?

Was that one of the ideas that Kerry is talking about that should have been suppressed? If so, I guess I agree with him too. At the same time, another pundit whose Islamic sounding name I can't pronounce or remember how to spell is on TV accusing the Right-Wing of wanting to "Blow the country up." And what was it that Kerry said not that long age about our military "raiding villages and killing..." in the middle of the night? Now his party is defending our troops? Huh? Didn't he serve in Vietnam?

And now there is a new White House plan to fight "homegrown terrorism" which I understand includes combating those "right wing extremists" we hear are holding the nation "hostage" and are "blowing up" the economy as mentioned in the last paragraph. What is this rhetoric? Last I checked, the only actual "terrorists" who fits the "hostage" and "blowing up" M.O. is Obama's good buddy and friend in Chicago, Bill Ayers. And, if I am not mistaken, he is a LEFT WING extremist and liberal/progressive/democrat leaning in his politics. Is there something wrong with this picture?

In view of these points, how is it that conservative values being set up to somehow become "criminal" and/or "terrorist"? Nancy Pelosi had said on many occasions that her liberal issues are "moral" ones. I agree, I just believe that, if she checked the moral compass, she would see that she is reading it backwards. Many would debate that the things she calls "moral" are really "immoral." Other democrat media pundits address the dangers associated with what they call "faith-based politics," totally ignoring the founding principles of our nation: the "Under God" thing? How do these people keep getting elected, put in the public eye, and placed in decision-making positions?

Then there is Emanuel Cleaver, (D- MO). This congressman recently came out and called the recent federal debt deal a "Satan Sandwich" because, as he said, it was "antithetical to everything the great religions teach." Yo, Manny, perhaps you have missed this point, but the government is not (I repeat NOT) a "great religion."

Leave "religion to the religions and leave the government out. It was not that long ago that the UN passed legislation to force its gay-rights policies on the nations of the world. Maybe the UN is setting its self up as the next "great religion" of the world. Let me tell you Mr. Cleaver, if you have religion, you believe it. Religion is not something that is voted on, politically correct or that "evolves" with time. Yes, many "religions" that are around today just may not qualify under my definition. And, some are false. I go by the Old and New Testaments as did our founders.

Religion is not just a club you attend like one of the "great country clubs" of the world. You believe in a "religion" because you believe its teachings, not because it is "one of the great religions" or because it conforms to political views. And as I said, there are a lot of groups posing as religions that really are not. Maybe a common thread in all of this is the lack of a solid moral code; absolute truth. Anyone thought of that while the ACLU continues to eradicate the Christian values upon which our nation was founded?

We keep hearing about the need for more and more regulation. We are constantly told that the lack of regulations created the economic crisis. No, it was the lack of ethics and a moral compass that caused that. Over 600 new regulations were passed just last month. So, I do not think that the lack of regulations is our problem.

The problem is the lack of a moral code. No Barney Frank, your assertion that there is a "right wing group that simply does not accept the notion that there is a role for government" is incorrect. We just do not believe in the roles people like you and Manny Cleaver want to bestow upon it. Government has limited roles under our Constitution and Bill of Rights. In fact, I think I liked the Mr. Cleaver of my childhood (you know, Beaver Cleaver's dad) better.

Speaking of Leave it to Beaver, has anyone else noticed the resemblance between Tim Geithner and Eddy Haskell? Maybe its the same guy; calls for him to resign? How about he moves out of the country?

Back to where I started: our country has just lost its AAA credit rating. Yep, the same rating agencies that rated the sub-prime mortgage backed securities as AAA has spoken again. Yes, the very AAA rated mortgage backed securities that stole $6-10 plus trillion in net worth from American homeowners while bringing down the economy leaving Americans who actually paid cash money for their real estate investments bankrupt! Yes, those agencies. The agencies who did that are now doing this.

Yes, the people who — one week work for the fed, the next week at Goldman Saks, then for Moodys, or Standard and Poors, then for Fannie Mae, then head a hedge fund, teach at Harvard, then go back to the fed; all along somehow being very lucky in their personal investments. These are the people who are making hundreds of millions from these crises while leaving us broke and underwater in our property values, bankrupt. These people not only play in the game and referee at the same time, they also write the game's regulations during the game in the other room. A bit of a home-field advantage? Sorry, but I don't believe anyone on either side of the debate right now. Time for a total clean sweep.

Even our "conservative" leadership comes on the news and asks "how did these guys miss the mortgage crisis?" Rand Paul on Hannity asked this stupid question. Doesn't he understand this simple point? These economic "experts" did not miss it; they made billions of dollars off of it, and they are making billions more now playing the market again as no one else can. Did Sean mention this? No; so, "why" I am asking. Can anyone tell me?

Just this week on CNBC, when asked about how the rating agencies "missed" the call on sub-prime and mortgage backed securities, the Managing Director of Standard and Poors stated that he was "disappointed" with their role. "Disappointed? " We were all robbed and left broke and he is "disappointed." On a Frontline documentary on the subject, those representing the ratings agencies at a Congressional Hearing on the subject of those AAA ratings on mortgage backed securities stateed (under oath) that their ratings were "just opinions," nothing more. And they get paid?

And if you think that is something else, remember our friend Alan Greenspan, years ago, was predicting trillions of dollars in budget surplus by now. Can we really believe that this was sincere, that he really believed this? Or were we all set up? He has now admitted that his economic model was "flawed." How much money did he make "missing it," and being "flawed" and "wrong?" Now, in the midst of the recent downgrades, he is saying that the chance of the US defaulting on our debts is "zero." Allan, stop messing with our money. Go design video games, and give back the hundreds of millions you have stolen manipulating the economy while you're at it.

So now, after this downgrade, mortgages may be harder to get and more expensive? Maybe QE 3, another TARP program? More stupid home loan modification programs? More fraud? So what? Really, if you were already robbed of your good credit and life savings as well as equity in your real estate, why would you even care any longer?

There will be more dumb programs designed to "help" more of the wrong people and make more commissions and fees for those in the money food chain and no one except Frank Louis has the only solution that will solve the economic problems. But why do we keep letting these same criminal people lead the economy and our nation? Why do we continue to do this?

On MSNBC this week, Rachael Maddow spreads her hate rhetoric about conservatives being "Arsonists." Wait a minute Rachael; gangs (that I would surely call liberals or progressives, surely not conservatives) are latterly burning London over "social equality" and you call American fiscal conservatives "arsonists?" People burning buildings are "arsonists." Rachael, get a dictionary.

And, speaking of the Maddow show, while I was laying out my thoughts for this article, Melissa Harris-Perry, guest host on the Rachael Maddow show on MSNBC is putting forth her thesis that young (minority) people who had to take out student loans to get through college have an unfair disadvantage to those whose parents owned property.

Her class-warfare diatribe was, I believe, intended to brainwash people - who have student loans- into believing it is just not fair. Yes, those mean-spirited middleclass (white perhaps?) students whose unfairly advantaged parents took out loans against their property to cover tuition expenses... for these spoiled brats who have it "home-free" after graduation. What?

I know for a fact that, among other truths, the students she is complaining about do not qualify for student aid, low interest student loans, tuition grants (scholarships for merit seem to be a thing of the past), affirmative action, quotas, etc. And, with over 9% unemployment, they cannot find jobs in their fields of study when they graduate... they wait tables or work in stores. They do not "collect."

And... here is the best part Melissa. Thanks to the fallout from the Community Reinvestment Act and sub-prime scheme, if their parents borrowed money against their homes (like many people I know), their home is now upside down in value... "underwater." Their families will be bankrupt; wealth redistribution Melissa. Did I hear you mention this? I do not think so.

My solution? Give Americans their money back! The money that was stolen during the sub-prime Ponzi Scheme. I call it the "short keep" and the concept is fully covered in several of my past articles. People who paid hundreds of thousands of dollars of their life savings to buy real estate at the inflated "values" derived from derivatives, who were lied to and sold worthless property. They often placed a $100,000 down payment on property that is worth less than the down payment they made and are being held up for the short fall while people like Ms. Harris-Perry make stuff up to create class-envy.

The people who actually PAID for real estate... they were robbed, lied to, ripped off by the professionals they hired to represent them; their realtors, mortgage brokers, lawyers, etc. Stop making up stupid programs for the stupid people who ran the prices up and did it with no money down!

If AIG can sue the Bank of American as recently reported for misrepresenting these mortgage-backed securities, why can't the people who lost their hard earned savings in this "wealth redistribution" scheme? Give them their good credit back too. Let them back into the economy. Stop this wealth redistribution. Stop it all! The economy will turn around that very day. This is the liquidity that is needed.

Frank Lutz, on Fox, was talking about how people are loosing thousands of dollars in this ratings downgrade but Frank, you have never acknowledged the 40 million people who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the housing scam. I heard that is an average of $123,000 per household. If you only count households where actual down payments were made, it is probable more like $500,000. Frank, are you ignoring this point? Are you just another one of these "stupid people?"

And, yes, I agree, we need more revenues. So, I will suggest the much needed, long overdue, Frank Louis tax incentive and revenue increase plan. My solution: tax the people who made hundreds of millions from our losses in this crisis. (I have sited many of them over the years in articles and on my radio program) These criminals need to be taxed at 150% and maybe do a little prison time as well. People like Hank Paulson who made $700 million from our losses. How is that for a tax plan?

But no, we keep inviting these same criminals back and asking them for their opinions on what to do next.

© Frank Louis


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