Frank Louis
Supreme Court or Subprime Court? We will see!
By Frank Louis
March 27, 2012

This week, we will see first hand just how well the "Supreme Court" of the land respects and upholds our basic civil rights as defined under the constitution of the United States. What remains to be seen is just how "crafty" they think they are in interpreting a basic principle of our constitution.

The question facing the Court, as we all well know, is going to further set the stage for the future of this nation and our individual freedoms... or should I say, what's left of them.

As I look around, I see more and more encroachment on out basic rights; property rights, our religious freedoms, attacks on the free market, and now control over our basic health care. While I agree that there is a growing population in this country who have decided that the taxpayers can pay for their emergency room visits and other "medical related issues" such as birth control and abortion, forcing this ill conceived mandate down our throats is surely not the solution to this growing problem. This has been proven, on paper, several times over. Further taxing us is not a solution no matter how well the tax is disguised or hidden away.

However, with half of "Americans" not paying any taxes other than sales tax, it is obvious that the work load is steadily shifting to the backs of the working Americans who do pay taxes, both property tax and income tax in addition to sales taxes! You know, those of us whom are also adversely affected by the encroachments on several of the afore-listed freedoms that "non-taxpaying" folks do not, as a rule, concern themselves with.

So, will the Court be indeed "Supreme" and side with working Americans who are being forced more and more to carry the burden of the government's increasingly intrusive and destructive policies? Or will the Court prove to in fact be "Subprime" in their decision, removing even more civil liberties from those of us who must support these government habits through our highly taxed sweat and labor, further reducing any remaining meaning to the old term "the American Dream?"

As I read through the founding principals of this nation, I see clearly the role Christianity had in the establishment of this country. I often hear our elected and non-elected officials openly lying as opposed to merely "stretching the truth." Not exactly Christian I suspect. I am often drawn to Scripture, as were our Founders. I read some of the Scriptures I am sure our Founders read and pondered when drafting the Founding Documents. Scriptures that, for instance, warned them and now warn us that: "The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness." (1 Corinthians 3:19)

Isn't this "foolishness" presented as "wisdom" what brought about the current economic turmoil in the form of sub prime mortgages, our unfettered open borders, the removal of God from our culture, the hijacking of the term "American Dream," and the constitutional violation of our rights to worship (Oh yeah, we may still be able to "worship" just limited in our ability to "practice.") and pursue happiness (through home ownership) that resulted?

How about suggesting that the officials of today take a look at this one Scriptural truth at least if nothing more. Maybe, in these terms, they can explain the housing crisis, the resulting unemployment, the foreclosures, open borders, and yes, this health care bill that needed to be passed in order to learn what was in it. If that is not a list of foolishness, I do not know what is! If you have children, grandchildren, perhaps even great-grandchildren, ask yourself: "Just how much longer can this nation last with foolishness ad its god?"

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Frank Louis

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