Frank Louis
We(ed) the people: cleaning house, not exactly "xenophobic"
By Frank Louis
July 6, 2016

I couldn't help but notice the other day that my garden needed serious weeding. I needed to weed my garden to make room for the plants as I had intended, as this garden was created to be. The garden's "constitution" (the way in which a thing is composed or made up) so to speak. So, let's say someone has a garden. Weeding is a necessary element in insuring that the garden remains in tact and functioning as intended. Of course, these days, most folks have never tilled a garden... they have no clue! A garden is not a jungle. Without weeding, the weeds will slowly take over. The garden becomes a jungle. Sound familiar?

It seems to me that our government, our country, (the world?) is urgently in need of "weeding" or the weeds will surely take over. A political weeding as well as a look at a regulated immigration process and role of morality among other things here in the US is overdue. Expecting assimilation into our country is not xenophobia, not by a long shot. It has been an established American founding principal. Weeding is education, what is taught in schools.

But other questions and issues are to be considered here as well. What is this country's saturation point? Our physical and cultural capacity? How many people can this landmass support? Have you been in the daily traffic in Atlanta... Houston... LA? What are the limits on our infrastructure? Do we post all signs in 2-3 or 6 or more languages? How much clean drinking water can we keep up with? And,no, this is not a call for stronger EPA Regulations. How much sewer can we dispose of... and where? What about food? Really folks. This is being realistic, not xenophobia.

In fact, "xenophobia" wasn't even a word until after 1900. Think about it. It is a compound-word, materialized to cast guilt on people. It is made up! "Homophobia?" It was not even a word until around 1960! "Transgender," 1969, "cisgender" another made up word did not come into use until around 2010. All words made up to "ill-define " the majority of the population and to cast guilt on "we the people." What about "normalophobe," or Christianophobe," (we have "Islamophobe" seemingly made up in the 2005 range) or "traditionalmarriageophobe?" When will these words make the dictionary? Can you say "probably never?"

Folks, we are being "hood-winked," (16th-century term used figuratively for veiling the truth). Or as President Obama would say, we're being "okeydoped:" a word dating way back to the 2007 era, found in the New Urban Dictionary. Why don't we, or at least our "leaders" stick with tried and true "actual words" with established meaning and credibility rather than elevate slang and "miswords" created to confuse and control? The progressives make up words to control the narrative and we allow it. Wake up!

I have said for years, that the liberal/progressives seem to have won the language war. Easy to do if you just make up new words that support your end goals. Can anyone really define "diversity?" How can we argue against words like "equality" or "fair" when they are bastardized?

Here is an example. I looked up the antonyms for xenophobia (the list of synonyms is shocking as well). The closest antonym I could find was "approval." "Approval" does not exactly express how I feel/felt about the country I grew up in. I did not just "approve" of it. There seems to be no actual word to counter "xenophobe," none!

Well, I went on. From "approval," the next word I could find in this trail as a viable synonym for "approval" was "compliance," (Does having a nation mean forcing "compliance?" Not exactly.) I never felt that by speaking English and using the men's room I was "complying." "Compliance" led me to "submissiveness," which... well, you guessed it... eventually, after following a few of these rabbit trails brought me back to "xenophobia." I guess, by definition, liking something the way it is, was created to be, is wrong, or at least there is no word for it.

These days you hear... across the board... politician after politician, celebrity after celebrity, "journalist" after "journalist;" "weeds," all lining up to debase Donald Trump as the Republican Nominee for President. The mere fact that these people are so adamantly lining up against Mr. Trump is, in my mind, creating more and more evidence that a President Trump is exactly what the US and the world need. He is NOT a "xenophobe." But, as my thesaurus exercise just demonstrated, there is no word for liking the America we had and could have again.

I know one thing: these people stand 180 degrees from my values. The fact that these individuals, who endeavor to destroy the world I want to live in, joyfully denounce Donald Trump, is nothing more than a strong endorsement for Mr. Trump's candidacy. Their distain adds to the list of his qualifications for the office of president. The leaders of most every European Country have taken every step imaginable to destroy their national identities. The people who are running to Europe... and to the US are from countries that are is disarray because of the people who live there. Disarray in a country is not an act of nature. What happens when they bring their "cultures" and "social norms" here? Disarray?

And one other thing folks... Something that is never mentioned. These "immigrants" maintain their citizenship in their countries of origin. We are only citizens here. Natural born US Citizens are not allowed dual citizenships. They can decide to go back. Even if they become US Citizens. We will be stuck here in the disarray they will leave behind. And many openly say their option to go back some day is always open. They wave the flags of their nations of origin proudly. What is up with that? Then why did they leave?

I hope that none of the politicians in the Republication Party that are threatening to boycott the convention change their minds and actually do not show up. Frankly, I am not interested one iota in hearing from Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, or any of the others. Their values are wrong. And, as a Vietnam Combat Veteran, I will say "McCain can stay home too" for that matter. These people seem to all be trapped by the maze of limitations in our language that the progressives have hijacked; taken hostage, distorted. Language in which what is wrong seems right to paraphrase the Bible.

Believe me, these people are "not who we are!" This is a time in the history of mankind in which the spinal strength demonstrated by people like Winston Churchill is required. We must stand up for this country and what the Bill of Rights really mean. Not some watered down interpretation of this document under the lie that the constitution is a "living document," defined by people who distort the meaning of words. "We must never give up."

They are too smart for their own good. "Educated beyond their intelligence." as my mother would have said. The Constitution is not, as Obama and the Clintons (among other progressives) have stated "a charter of negative liberties." It is a document designed to provide "liberty" to the citizens while controlling those who wish to take these liberties away from us. The words are simple and straight forward. They mean what they say. Folks, this is a historic juncture we are facing. People's true colors are coming out as the day's pass. Keep a steady keel and stay the course folks, stay the course!

I have been reading and listening to audio clips from FDR's deceleration of war in 1941. He cited "...a date which will live in infamy...." He directed that "all measures be taken for our defense." He did not offer a "plan." He especially did not offer an "exit strategy," other than to utterly defeat the enemy. He did not mince words.

He acknowledged that "Hostilities exist" and identified the enemy without hesitation. It is easy to complain in hindsight about how the war was fought at home and abroad. Hindsight is always 20/20. But not necessarily correct.

His "plan" was this: "There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our territory and our interests are in grave danger. With confidence in our armed forces, with the unbounding determination of our people, we will gain the inevitable." Think about this the next time the very people who "diss" Donald Trump for his desire to beat the enemies we are facing today with "whatever it takes."

But we have been lured into taking our eyes off of the ball. We do not even allow our children to acknowledge the role God played in establishing this country. Or that He even exists. We are busy keeping track of our flyer miles and interest rates on credit cards, our drug store discount cards. We are preoccupied with social media, checking our credit scores, buying fashionable shoes, and knowing all about Hollywood trivia ... and...well, we all want "free stuff." We cut coupons, use our discount cards, change cell phone and cable service every so many months to save a buck. We are a nation that is distracted from the important issues around life, survival and death. Let the weeds take over!

To take a chance and be very politically incorrect here, most people have never served in the armed forces (only about 0.5% these days). In our automated, air conditioned, mp4 society, people can and will protest over trivial contrived issues as much of life seems to be on autopilot. They have never risked their life and limb for anything truly consequential. Most of the issues progressives concern themselves with are only byproducts of a comfortable lifestyle in which nobody is really "fighting the elements" any longer to survive like our grandparents and past generations did. Many of these people have never contributed to the strength of this country economically either; unless you agree with Nancy Pelosi's idea that welfare contributed to the economic growth.

I am talking about the nation that invented the light bulb, the telephone, the airplane, the automobile. The one that turned the tides in WWI and WWII. The country that had, for decades, a controlled immigration policy. A country that had the best education on earth. That country. This country.

This election is about more than the presidency. It is about the very Constitution this country was built on, the separation of powers, the Supreme Court, our very National Fiber. Decision day is near, very near. Please give it some thought. It is time to weed.

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

Frank Louis is a print and on-air commentator who offers opinions and solutions on and for the economy, social issues, and the future of this nation. In the Old Testament, Nehemiah 4: 14 instructs us to fight for our houses; something we need to be doing now. Our future generations depend on it!... (more)


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