Frank Louis
Backhanded insult from President Obama: "Looks like he maybe served in our military."
By Frank Louis
November 7, 2016

Still I ramble. What else can I do, time is about up! Well, there may still be time left to get this last point in before the voting booths open and shut their doors on November 8. If not, can't say I didn't "told you so." Surely everyone has heard about the recent protester at the Hillary Rally where our President was, again, as The Donald often points out, "not in the office" where we are paying him to be.

So, here are two puzzle pieces. Let's put the puzzle pieces together. They are: The recent protester at the Obama led Hillary rally in Florida and "Operation Vigilant Eagle." "Operation Vigilant Eagle" is a program launched by the Department of Homeland Security in 2009. It attributes military veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, as being "extremists and potential domestic terrorist threats" to our nation. It is a federal program created to do surveillance on military veterans who may express views critical of the government. It really points to the meat of the matter as far as I am concerned! Hey, didn't Hillary yell, a few years ago, that it was "American" to protest? I think so.

This protester, well that remains to be seen. Another paid by the DNC activist? How will we ever find out? Do they give these people 1099s or, do they just violate their own tax regulations? Regardless, you know this had to be a set up. Since when does Obama speak off the cuff? Not that I know of. The "protester" was met with a handful of very specific, "spontaneous" sentences. They had to be preplanned. What perfect pacing, emotional inflections. This was set up. Mr. Obama is no Donald Trump. He cannot wing it one bit. We all know this. Everyone knows he probably cannot even say good morning to his kids without a teleprompter.

So, here is our President commenting on the "protester:"

"You've got an older gentleman who is supporting his candidate," he explained. "He's not doing nothing, you don't have to worry about him. You don't have to worry about him. This is what I mean about not being focused. First of all, we live in a country that respects free speech. Second of all, it looks maybe like he maybe served in our military and we gotta respect that. Third of all, he was elderly and we gotta respect our elders."

Well let's dissect this statement with what we know about the Liberal Agenda, the Democrats and all that stuff.

First, you know how age is respected among this group. So, I will not even bother to use up my precious space pointing out the choice of music and entertainment at Hillary Rallies. Who is the audience for that? The use of four-letter words and ethnic slurs and words like "bitches" in the lyrics, much less the all-feared "N-Word." A word a poor old "White Privileged" elderly male who prefers to use the ol' tried and true bathroom – as labeled. A word that can absolutely not even be pondered much less pronounced by folks like me. Jay Z? Really? People are voting yes" to this? The Liberals say "Well, Jay Z is not running for president." What does that mean? He is what the potential "president elect" presents us with. One in the same if you ask me. What ever happened to the old vantage? Something about "the company you keep?" And veterans are the threat to this country? I think not!

Second point: Mr. O says, (of the "protester") of course, we all "respect his speech." So that is why there are safe spaces on campuses, regulations about Halloween Costume use, made up expressions like "hate-speech," etc. Sure, Jay Z is not "hate speech?" What is it then?

Recently, I accidentally found myself in a seat on an airplane heading to Atlanta. Just before the plane lands, I find out I am sitting next to a coworker. Near the end of the early morning flight when the cabin lights came on, we recognized each other as colleagues from work (we teach in a college.) Well, the conversation, by the other person's choice, came to political issues. Specifically immigration as this person is a well documented open borders proponent.

When I used my hometown of Miami as an example of why open borders are not a good idea, IE: the total immersion of Miami-Dade County (so named after "Dade County" went bankrupt a few years ago... but that's another story), into Latin American Culture (to put it mildly), to include bars on the windows of residential homes, she had the following to say. "So, you are upset about loss." Hey, my puppy did not die here. This is not about "loss." But, as a liberal, they can reduce this issue to some psychological problem of ours, of mine. I'm not coping well I guess. In no way would a liberal admit to the idea that too much of one thing is not good. My hometown has been stolen!

Sure he (this "protester") has a right to free speech. Just like the speech given by Mr. Peter Thiel (Pay Pal) at the RNC. He said that he had at one point realized: "If you do not confirm, you are not diverse." Something to think about. He also spoke out against transgender bathroom bills, calling them "a distraction from our real problems." "Fake culture wars only distract us from our economic decline, and nobody in this race is being honest about it except Donald Trump." Yes, substance over mere rehearsed inflection!

So, then there is the piece where Obama says: "... it looks maybe like he maybe served in our military..." Really. How does "that" look Mr. President? "Like a typical white person" as you once said? So, now he has placed this "protester" (and I put it in quotes because I really doubt this was for real) in this group that he and the Democrat party have determined a "threat to national security." Yes, this is a sentence by sentence degradation of everything I stand for.

In just a very few sentences, Mr. Obama pointed out every issue with this person that the Left is against. Really, you gotta hand it to the man (and his writers of course). And when you listen to any of them... the emotion with which they read the teleprompter. We are to believe this also?

So, this all brings me back to "Operation Vigilant Eagle" and why this has to stop. We cannot have someone in the Whitehouse any longer who thinks this way. Destroying the National Makeup of this country is not a "loss." Being a veteran is not being a threat to this country. Being "elderly," Whatever that is suppose to mean deserves more than "respect." How does "respect" fit into demolishing everything we thought this country stood for? Just aAnother word that has lost any sense of meaning.

In the meantime, Donald is rushed off the stage because of a potential threat this weekend and he pops back in a couple of minutes. Too bad he didn't have some "sensitive" prepared remarks as did the President. With emotional inflection inserted at just the right spots. What, the FBI just let Hillary off the hook? Oh yeah, I predicted that a few weeks ago. And, I am just ready to ... pop? Is it still Ok to say "pop?" I just wonder any longer.

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

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