Frank Louis
Just a thought: The nuanced difference between statements like "the-old-country" and "my-country."
By Frank Louis
November 18, 2016

So, recently I read that Donald Trump is our President-Elect. I am certain that my multiple articles pointing out "this or that-reason" to vote for Mr. Trump, the "Not-Clinton" Candidate, played a major role in this outcome. Its a joke folks... humor. I don't claim the credit.

Millions of Americans played roles in electing Mr. Trump and get all of the credit. I am proud of my country at last (as Ms. Obama once said).Very proud and happy as well.

So, let's pray and continue to press on and work to remind President-Elect Trump why we elected him. Among multiple reasons: Immigration. Surely not the least of multiple concerns on our minds and in our hearts... among many others. But my topic today.

So... often, subtile signals tell or point to the truth. We see it all of the time with these body language experts analyzing candidates, accused criminals, etc. One has to wonder why these body language experts don't analyze our beloved, bellowing, immigrant population. Or just pay attention and hear what they are saying. Demanding.

Of course, for those of you out there who will surely find fault in my opinions herein, let me state that I surely am not speaking about 100% of any individual demographic population. I am talking about many. Pay attention the next time you are in a line at K-Mart, Target or some other checkout line and you will hear the same thing I am pointing out here... if you pay attention. Assimilation folks, assimilation. It is all about assimilation. We are traditionally one nation, under one God, with a common language and a common set of laws with one strong moral base.

However, I will grant that, with regard to Islam's history in this nations formation, Obama was correct: Muslims played a big role in the development of this nation. Just check out Thomas Jefferson's response to Muslims in 1801(The First Barbary War: 1801–1805), perhaps even more relative today than ever. This was America's first war with Islamic terrorists and should be remembered lest we forget. Yes, in many ways we owe these Muslims credit for helping our country build up a strong Navy and Marine Corps. And, we surely must also give credit where credit is due every time we sing "to the Shores of Tripoli."

But back to the point at hand:

Who am I addressing? You know, the people (from around the globe) whom we are told will have their families "torn apart" should they be returned to their native countries. Does it not occur to anyone that these "immigrants" have, themselves, already "torn" their families apart by moving (breaking into) to the US in the first place? Aren't their families "there" and not "here?" Just curious. "Torn" from their homes and families by themselves for even coming here.

But there is another subtle clue everyone seems to miss. The obvious verbal language used by these aliens. So, I will begin by asking this one question: Did you or anyone you know have immigrants in your/their lives back in the 1920s, '30s, '40s, even into the '60s? How did these immigrants refer to their nations of origin? Don't recall?

They called it the "Old-Country!"

My wife's grandmother spoke about life in the "old-country." Friends of both our families growing up often spoke of the "old-country." My grandparents spoke of the "old-country." English was spoken at home. They "were Americans now." Sometimes, they might have reminisced about a simpler lifestyle in the "old-country," but more often than not, they were contrasting that "old-country" to the benefits of being in the US of A. They were happy about being unrestricted in achieving personal and family goals be they financial, social, or moral (religious freedom type) goals. Yep, they were now in their "new-country." Note the use of the "possessive noun." It shows "ownership" according to the English Language Dictionary.

These days, what do you hear from "immigrants" if you listen and pay attention to vocabulary usage? Where they came from is now called "My-Country." Yep, these people refer to their nations of origin as "my-country." Not the "old-country." What does that make the US? "Chopped liver" as my parents and their legal immigrant friends who came from the "old-country" would have said? "Nada" as many of our new trespassers would say?

This is my-country, our-country. It is just a strip mall to many of these folks. I can't think of any other way to put it. Don't get me wrong... they are all not Spanish speaking. I never said that. Many are from the Mideast who worship Allah and don't want to assimilate at all. They do not call the US "my-country." Nope, they are Iranians, Islamists or whatever. This place (the US) is just a bust-stop folks. Wake up. But I don't know how to write "nada" in the many other "native tongs" not assimilating into "my-country" so I will stick with that. I want my-country to remain as it was created to be. I want "my-country" back! I want it for my children and great, great, great grandchildren as well.

As I have pointed out many times over the years, I grew up in what used to be a very "All American Town:" Miami, FL. Miami was a true melting pot. I had friends from just about every state and race in the Union and... and several whose families had come from "other countries," who spoke English. Non of whom referred to their nations of origin as "my-country." Nope, things are different today. That mens things are not the same! This is a crisis and needs to be brought into control. Southern Florida has been given away. Is the rest of the nation next?

Like Hillary just said in her "coming-out" (again) speech (less hairdresser?) this week, it is about "our children" and "saving America." I guess this is about her "perception." I agree, with what she says here, just not the result she is fighting for. Hillary; it is worth the fight and I will continue to fight as I am sure everyone reading articles on this website will do as well. Remember when Obama told John McCain in 2009 after winning the election.: "The election is over John" ... "I won." Talk about unifying the nation. Hillary, you did not win. Mr. Obama, please behave. Don't continue to encourage these protests, especially from abroad!

Ex-President Obama, you are making this country look like the Banana Republic you seem to seek to create. Please, take your place (no, not a racist remark). As with the tradition of all of the presidents before you (as they were all white, this remark is obviously not racist). Leave the keys under that matt and don't let the door hit you on the way out. Get out that bird-hunting shotgun you have, go relax with Joe. Have another beer summit... "Assimilate" into your new role, as it has been defined since the founding of this nation. Let us have normality.

Yep, it is all about assimilation and the use of the possessive noun. Such an important aspect. A nation requires a sense of National Unity to exist. The "America" that Hillary and Obama (and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, et al) types of the world want is not "my-country."

Once a population saturation point is hit (and I don't know what that is... maybe 20% or so?) and residents of the US no longer refer to the United States of America as "their-country," we are toast. Burnt toast. The kind of toast people must throw out. Burnt up. Wasted. This is what they want? What you want? Do I make my point? I hope so.

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

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