Frank Louis
Liberals exposed for anti-semantic language: does anything mean anything any longer?
By Frank Louis
March 1, 2017

I just don't know where to turn. The world has gone off its rocker! While much of the debate seems to be who is or is not "anti-semitic," and what is or is not "Fake News," I have come to a revelation: The Liberals have made major headway in their quest to destroy and make language meaningless through what I now call Anti-Semantism.

The morning after President Trump's Address to Congress, Mika and Morning Joe are harping on VP Mike Pence about the President's (falsely quoted) "media" as "enemy of the people." Mika, Joe... He said "Fake News" is the enemy! As long as you purposely misquote folks, you are making "Fake News." How is it that you still do not understand this?

Anyway, back to my topic: "Anti-Semantism."

The age of semantics (The study of word meanings and word relations, and the study of the cognitive structure of meaning), appears to be over. If you can prove me wrong, please do.

Semantism; the branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning seems to have gone out of the window, particularly in the media. Take pretty much anything the Left leaning, Liberal Media or politicians have to say or "report on." These days, it is often said that the news cycle moves very fast and this is true (perhaps the only thing reported that is true). It makes it difficult to write articles that are still timely when they finally get read. So, I try to make broader points rather than elaborate on specific events.

So, what is this "anti-semantic" language I speak of? Disregard for the meaning of words, obviously.

Well, first off, just the other day George W. Bush was "interviewed" by Matt Lauer on NBC. This anti-semantic "journalist" asked President Bush about "fake news." Boy did "W" miss an opportunity. Why oh why didn't he reply with something like "Oh, do you mean like the faked National Guard "documents" produced (literally) about me by Dan Rather?" A blatant attempt to disgrace President Bush.That kind of fake news?" George, are you gutless? Why didn't you hit the ball back into their court?

Didn't you hear Matt try to lead the interrogation (It really was more of an interrogation than an interview.), calling President Trump's Travel Ban a "Muslim Ban?" Then asking you over and over about this "(Muslim) Ban," which it is not. President Bush, you seem to be part of the problem. You did not make the point. Why didn't you ask him why he insists on calling it a "Muslim Ban" when it is clearly not. Actually, this was the problem with your Presidency in many ways. You never made the point! This is not the era for being "wishy-washy" old man. Stick to painting is my advise... work on some anatomical issues. There is no accounting for taste! Is Trump the only one with the courage to speak up and call a spade a spade?

Fake News? What about NBC editing George Zimmerman's 911 Call? Remember that? That is not creating "fake news?" What do these people think, or are they just pre-programmed to ignore facts?" Does anyone remember the truck exploding on TV "news" in the 1990s? NBC "fake news," staging the test crash of a General Motors pickup truck for the Dateline NBC program. The reporters wanted to demonstrate that gas could leak from the truck's fuel tank and cause a dangerous fire after a crash, so they rigged it with explosives just in case it did not blow up on que. Not Fake News?

They do not deserve the slightest degree of respect folks. Not a lick! They have an uncanny ability to "lie for the truth" and believe they are justified in doing so. Seems like most Democrat politicians are cast in that same mold.

What about The recent CNN "report" when Chris Cuomo was asked, "What do you tell a 12 year old girl who doesn't want to see a penis in the locker room?" He responded, "I wonder if she is the problem or her overprotective and intolerant dad? teach tolerance." This is real? Really? Chris, get a brain remake! Now there is a problem with modesty and morals? How is it that you are still on TV?

Just as stupidly, Chris Como recently "reported that the goal of Castro and Communism is "to truly make everyone equal, not at the lowest level; not by demoralizing everyone; but lifting everyone up." I have been to Cuba several times (legally) and I can tell you, this is not true! More Fake News!!! But I can tell you one thing: it is "demoralizing" for me to learn that that 12 year girl is the problem as far as you are concerned. It is demoralizing for me to now be called some sort of bigot for believing the truth over your propaganda. Chris, where do you get this fake news?

How, again, can we forget Chris Cuomo, son of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo (another nutcase!) in Cuba when he was covering President Obama's "historic" visit to Cuba. Allison Camerota brought up his "Guayabera," shirt, which she described as "culturally appropriate." Hey, I own several. I like 'em. I wear them often.

However, if I or a conservative reporter were to wear a Cuban style shirt, the Left may well go crazy. (Seriously, some "liberals" have dumped on me before when I, a "white man" dare to wear mine!) If he were a conservative, you know they would have staged protests accusing him of the unforgivable crime of "cultural appropriation." Bring to mind recent hype over whites wearing dreadlocks, halloween costumes etc. This hypocrisy totally went right over Allison Camerota's head however as she has no clue either. Is there a difference between shaping the story and reporting "Fake News?" I don't think so. Is there a double standard? I think so.

The man (Como) is "certifiable" folks. The Bible addresses a time when what is right will seem wrong and what is wrong will seem right. We are here folks, here and now. A child who is traumatized by naked body parts of the opposite sex is the problem? Whoa there Nelly!

And who can forget the shame and chastisement that was unleashed upon Donna Brazile by the media for smuggling CNN debate questions to Hillary Clinton. Oh, yeah, she was not reprimanded in the leas... right... this never happened. Conflict of interest? Illegal? No, she is still a"highly respected" Democrat passing the gavel just this past weekend at the DNC. So, let's debate whether this is some form of "fake news" at its roots or some other encrypted cover-up explanation created to misguide us.

So, recently I saw an article published by Scientific American, titled "Is There Something Unique about the Transgender Brain?' (Oh yeah, and Rachel Dolezal is Black and Elizabeth Warren is an Indian... of course they are! They have "unique" brain waves too I guess.) They must also be victims of "Unique Brain Syndrome.")

I will not use too much space here quoting this article but you should really check it out. A better example of "information shaping" one will rarely see. First off, it surely negates anything that Christians who look to the Scriptures to for guidance base their assumptions and foundation on. This article bases its foundation on a false assumption: the definition of a "normal brain."

That is for sure. First off, the article discusses the "transgender brain" as though it were normal. It is not. The Bible is clear on that. So, this article compares the "transgender brain" to the "straight brain." The basis of this debate is, itself, fake news. To take this article seriously, one must believe that transgender is "normal" and I cannot believe it is. It is "abnormal brain" compared to the "normal brain," and we should not be misled. Counseling and good upbringing are the cure.

It reminds me in many ways of another sham placed upon us a few hundred years ago: studies of the "Negro Brain" by Democrats (and they were Democrats) in support of slavery. Here, they tried to make a fake news case for "abnormal" brain. To this fact, I came across an article published on "" titled "Racial Stereotypes From the Days of American Slavery." Look it up. These two articles are not unalike in so far as they quote made up "facts" based on false assumptions. Fake News.

The first article attempts to convince us that the malfunctioning that has been identified in these people's brains is "normal" in so far as it justifies their behavior . This is like calling Jeffery Dahmer's thought process "normal." (And, no, I am not comparing this transgender movement to cannibalism.) The second article illustrates how science in the 1800s argued that the "Negro Brain" was inferior, that Blacks were not capable of abstract thought, they were not sensitive to pain, and low on the evolutionary scale. The article also points out that this thought was considered "fact" and was even published as such in the Ninth Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica in 1884 (pg 316), Hummm...

"Scientific Facts." What would we do without them? This is like mapping the stars using the premises that the earth is in the center of the universe. Then attempting to fly to the moon based on that geometry. More Bad Science. It is called "confirmation bias." Have an idea then look for ways to make it sound true. Have as much confirmation bias as you will, but you will never be able to prove the Bible basics wrong. You will never prove that abnormal sexual behavior is normal., (Remember, males have one Y chromosome and one X chromosome, females have two X chromosomes.)

We are talking about all mankind being created in the image and likeness of God and certain behaviors being abominations (yes, those). Plane and simple. 2 Corinthians 10:12 makes these over-educated blowhards clear: "they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise." We have been fed "fake news" at every juncture. Even back in Biblical times.

So, the New York Zoological Society (now the Bronx Zoo) in 1906 had an exhibit that compared a young man from Africa to a chimpanzee. As many now point out (evidently no avail) these pro slavery folks were, for the most-part,often Democrats. (See Dinesh D'Souza, 2016 film: "Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party." This film provides an eye-opening view of American Political History... including the Planned Parenthood roots deeply in racism.)

These are the same people who are still trying to sell us more and more bad science like this Transgender "Normal" brain, the same bad science that they are trying to sell us Climate Change and open boarders with. The same "logic" that allows them to believe they can edit information, reframe information, then "report" this disinformation to us and not be guilty of producing "Fake News." We are being sucker-punched my friends.

Philippians 3:2 warns us "Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision." My interpretation of the word "concision" in this context is not unlike warning us to beware of these "experts" who are obviously not telling us the truth about much of anything.

To quote Tiny Tim: "God Bless Us Everyone!" And good luck.

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

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