Frank Maguire
How much do you increase the tent flap for the camel's nose before the tent collapses?
By Frank Maguire
May 2, 2013

"Feminism taught – and professors on the New York Times op-ed page continue to write – that there are no significant natural differences between men and women. Therefore, it is not unique to male nature to want to have sex with many partners. Rather, a "Playboy culture" "pressures" men into having frequent, uncommitted sex. And, to the extent this is a part of male nature, it is equally true of women's natures." Why Is There a Hookup Culture? Dennis Prager, April 30, 2013

"The First Amendment creates an inescapable moral relativism, societal and cultural for our nation taken as a whole. For example, I view homosexual sexual activity as not only not immoral, or sinful, or wrong, or undesirable, but as affirmatively moral, and virtuous, and right, and desirable." Franklin E. Kameny, board member, Washington D.C. ACLU.

"All ideals – divine, transcendental, human or invented – are capable of being abused. That's just the way human nature is." The Dawkin's Delusion, Joanna Collicut McGrath, clinical neuropsychologist, student of experimental psychology at Oxford University, lecturer in the psychology of religion, Heythrop College, University of London.

I read Steve Stone's "Enlarging the Tent" with more than a usual interest. I was recently challenged by a Mormon friend after I had sent out an e-mail to my "Kith and Kin" about the church's Boy Scout decision. It was implied, politely, that my hardline might be deficient in Christian charity, sometimes referred to as compassion. In my own defense I cite my simple understanding of charis...charitableness. It was concisely stated by our local pastor, Roger Daniels of First Baptist in Arizona City – "There are no throw-away people." Each is our neighbor, and we are to be their servants. As I said, "Simple"!

What is written, below, is a slightly redacted version of my response to my Mormon friend.

It's proper for me to divulge, at the outset, that I am an ordained Baptist Deacon. Much of my early education was in Roman Catholic "parochial" schools, and the first university I attended was Jesuit. I'm no stranger to R. Catholic doctrine, tradition, and ritual.

In addition, it isn't my purpose, here, to wax negative about the institutions of the Roman Catholicism or Mormonism. As a Baptist of fundamental conviction, and in agreement with Mr. Stone's conclusion about the morally problematic and, I believe, inevitably destructive decision made by his church of origin, Steve and I do have our differences in re religion. Mine is minimalist and simple. I rely upon one canon, comprised of the Old Testament and New Testament. Steve writes that the Mormon canon includes the Bible.

But, that aside, we are both in virtually complete agreement that the Mormon's ultimately harmful-to-all decision arrogantly rejects the orthodox Scriptural Law, the Prophets, and the perpetuity of the teaching of Jesus about His Father's inerrant, Spirit inspired Word, and the subsequent evangelization of Jesus' teaching by apostles and disciples.

It is human nature to have been created with sexual desire. It is neither de facto nor de jure, a gender-preference desire. There is no evidence at all that persons are born with a compulsive desire (the oft-touted "gay gene") toward a same-sex preference. There are, very rarely, cases of trans-genderism. Very rarely! But this is a pathological condition, and should be lovingly treated by objective counseling and treatment.

The reality is that there has been a cultural degradation, promoted by those who equate sexual-activity with the bodily requirements of eating/drinking, and, even, breathing...that unless we exercise sexually, our hormones will result in severe neurosis and a virtual explosion. This lubricious faction (the Masturbation school) posits that we really have no control, and, thus, no choice. The success of this faction is a result of deliberate educational conditioning and political influence – and, the selling of Lust, producing a dissolute society of Lust Junkies.

It is amazing to me that Mormons take the position that they are transcendentally adept at defining "gay" adequately, and by counseling these young persons who have been convinced, by our debauched culture, that they are "gay," that they can "cure" this.

By the way, what will an application for admission to Boy Scouts for "gay applicants" look like? Is it "don't ask, don't tell?" Will the applicant apprise Scout leaders in an interview that he, himself, has determined that he is gay, or that some objective factions, having passion for the exceptional, have, in one way or another, learnedly advised him – "God bless them (?)" – that he is gay?

Will there be a detailed questionnaire, developed by professional, "hands-on" experts that will ask specific questions about what acts his alleged gaydom include?

With no intention of equating R. Catholicism and Mormonism, Mormonism contains mutatis mutandis, in re matrimony, a fundamental similarity to R. Catholicism. That position was (is), that in re R. Catholic seminaries, young men could be allowed entry (for the sake, alleged, of "compassionate correction, or, perhaps, for the utilitarian purpose of 'expanding its stakes'") even if they confessed to having an obvious difficulty with same-sex attraction if they promise to remain celibate; or, into Mormon seminaries if the applicant promises to teach and personally practice monogamy even if he believes in the original Mormon "eternal doctrine of polygamy."

I say this because polygamy is still being practiced in Utah and other areas where Mormons live in large numbers. (Some resources add polyandry – women having more than one husband – to the accusation.)

I found this "resignation from membership" letter, written on November 21, 2006 by Dianne Chryst Ormond of interest. In her letter, Chryst-Ormond asks "Why did the church teach me that polygamy was for the support of the widows and surplus single women, when there was actually a shortage of women?

http:/// htm

"Then why didn't Smith provide support for his 33+ wives? Why did General Authorities keep sealing new polygamous marriages for at least 16 years after Wilson Woodruff's Manifesto?" I have no idea what this was all about, but I do know that her letter was written.

Some Catholic seminaries became virtually homosexual dominated and controlled, actively recruiting their own. I do not know how Mormon seminaries counsel on polygamy, nor any ratios. I also know that despite flagrant rebellion against Rome and Catholic/Christian scriptural teaching, the church has virtually no control over the rebellious seminaries. I don't know who has ultimate authority over Mormon seminaries or what is done to seminaries that deny authority. I also do not know the source of funding for either the R. Catholic seminaries or the Mormon seminaries, though I assume that in both cases it ultimately is the church members.

Who is the enemy that some Mormons and R. Catholics believe is conquerable? If Satan is the enemy, as we are un-mistakenly told in the Old and New Testaments, neither the R. Catholics nor the Mormons are a match for this Anti- Christ Juggernaut – "Jagganath," the Hindu "Lord of the World."

Further, if the enemy includes the current culture, it is a strident enemy at war with all of Christianity. Unless the Mormons and R. Catholics can overpower the dominant, all hooked-up cultural enemy that has been clearly successful in "normalizing" homosexuality as a legitimate, rightful, natural choice, then such a hubristic position by any man-created institution – i.e., of possessing power superior to Evil – is foolish.

So-called "compassion" cannot defeat Evil. In fact, the humanist call for "compassion" is often a ploy – a ploy that originates in Hell. Satan makes very good use of it. The French philosopher/historian Montesquieu warned about democratic republics, in his Consideration of the Romans, "there is nothing so powerful as a Republic in which the Laws are observed not out of fear, not because of reason, but by the way of passion, as was the case of Rome and Lacedaemon – since there to the wisdom of good Government was joined all that faction can possess."

Very influential homosexual alliances (factions), NAMBLA (remember they once served as counselors to the U.N.), the ACLU, and the manifold mediums working to create a popular (democratic/political) acceptance of the lie about "gaydom" are actually threatening lawsuits in order to intimidate everyone who sets out to "cure" the so called same-sex-attraction fixation. These powers go so far as to punish psychologists, psychiatrists, and clerics who presume they can and should counsel even those persons who personally testify that they are trapped in the homo-sex culture and are desperately seeking help to be freed from it.

I remind you of my current Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Babeu, who hid his sexual-homo history, and deliberately deceived the Pinal County voters (who included me).

When Babeu was caught in flagrante, and had to 'fess up, he said that when he worked for Mitt Romney's campaigns in MA (and AZ) that Romney knew he was "gay" and had had no problem with it. And, it was Romney himself who appealed to the Gay factions to support his run for the presidency, saying that it is expected that the Democrats are supportive of them, but it will be effective to have a Republican on their side because it would bring an enlightened and progressive change to the Republican Party, in keeping with the changing cultural/societal mores.

A fair question! How do the Mormons plan to contend with the ongoing push from the "gay" power-factions, when they continue to attack the Boy Scouts – and they most definitely will. Who would deny, they will insist, the right of "gays" who, com-passionately, want to be Boy Scout leaders?

"The bigger a man's head, the bigger his headaches," Persian proverb.

What is actually at stake when "expanding the stakes" makes the stakes much higher than one can afford?

Resources: The ACLU vs. America, Alan Sears and Craig Ostley; The Agenda, Rev. Louis P. Sheldon; Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth; Jeffrey Satinover, M.D.; Same Sex Attraction – Parent's Guide, edited by John F. Harvey, OSFS, and Gerard V. Bradley; The Same Sex Controversy, James R. White and Jeffrey D. Niell; The Dawkins Delusion, by Alister McGrath and Joanna Collicut McGrath.

© Frank Maguire


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Frank Maguire

(Frank Maguire passed away on May 19, 2021. His obituary can be read here.

Frank Maguire was born in Dorchester, MA, 1938, attended schools in Massachusetts, California, and Arizona, where he completed degrees in music and English writing/Journalism. Frank has been married to Helen Isabel Maguire Estevez of Culver City, California, since 1957. They have six children, 14 grandchildren, and 17 great-grandchildren.


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