Rev. Austin Miles
May 6, 2013
CAUTION! Death panels launch PR campaign
By Rev. Austin Miles

WALNUT CREEK,CA – Obama supporters huffed, puffed and jeered when Sarah Palin suggested that the new Obamacare plan would have death panels to decide when the elderly would be denied life saving surgery and medical assistance.

This was to be a part of the health plan that Obama bulldozed through when nobody was there to oppose it. The massive document with specifics of the plan, contains 2074 pages, that nobody would have had time to read prior to "voting." That was the intention.

This stimulated the classic utterance from Nancy Pelosi: "Look, just pass the bill, then you can find out what's in it."

Obama wouldn't wait for an official vote which he knew couldn't win.. He rammed it through during a recess when most everyone was gone except for a few democrats. The way Obama managed to sneak this bill through automatically aroused suspicions.

One provision in the bill, Pg. 430 lines 11-15, allows the government to decide what kind of treatment you can have at end of life. **

Read this carefully, particularly the last three words, "end of life." The government will decide WHEN the end of life is to occur.

This means when the elderly are no longer useful to the party, they will be eliminated. This is a Marxist solution. Obama is a Communist, sponsored by Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and Russia acknowledges that Obama is just that, shown in this recently published story:

Leave it to California to lead the way. Within this past week, The Golden State became the first to launch an official public relations campaign to persuade people to end their lives as they age (and become a drain on the government) when private health care plans are turned over to the Feds.

Obamacare puts everyone's health issues under government supervision, supposedly to aid the ailing. All medical care comes out of the federal budget that has been fattened by the forced Obamacare amendment – that very same federal budget that doles out millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars to fund the luxurious lives, vacations and perks of the Obama family who use Air Force One as a taxi.

The PR campaign is crafted to coax seniors to end their lives before money is spent to save them. The public relations releases are published carefully with highly skilled language worded to make readers and the elderly feel that it is wrong to prolong their lives or the lives of loved ones when there is no quality of life and is such an expense to their families. But the PR wording is not that harsh. It is subtle.

It started with a sizable paid ad announcing a lecture/discussion "Advance Healthcare Planning Forum" on Friday, May 10th in Campbell, California. It followed a series in The Contra Costa Times (Walnut Creek,Ca) with emphases on "The Conversation" which leads to end of life decisions.

On Sunday April 28th, the Bay Area Newsgroup, publisher of several Northern California newspapers including the Contra Costa Times, put out TWO magazine supplements for the Sunday paper which follows up the series titled, "The Cost of Dying."

On page 2, the headline is: "Easing The Anguish:" then says: "The end of life used to be a family affair, but increasingly it's been turned over to high-cost high-tech and often futile and painful hospital treatments: It doesn't have to be that way."

They offer three books: one titled, "Cost of Dying," then "Choosing How You die" which is very telling in the title, and the other, "Devoted to The End." Numerous funeral homes have ads in that supplement. Yes, they can see a surge in business as Obama kills off the elderly.

The other supplement, "Seven Things You Should Know About Hospice Care," is also designed to manipulate people, yes people....those who are seniors, and their families, to have a life ended so that basically, they won't be in the way or cost any money.

Death Panels? You betcha! Ms. Palin was right as well as everyone else who opposed the idea of that much power in the hands of the government, in this case, in the hands of one particular man whom Russia acknowledges as a Communist. If we remain silent, we will BE silenced – for good.

**To read 50 of the provisions to Obamacare which includes the above referenced one regarding 'end of life' see this excellent story by Lauren Lane writing for News With Views, click on this link:

Photo Caption: Obama and End of Life Obamacare

Photo Credit: White House Photo

© Rev. Austin Miles


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