R.T. Neary
Summer musings – uncharted in 2021
By R.T. Neary
August 22, 2021

Despite early summer bringing record 100-degree days to the northern states, the extensive rainfall which followed in June produced some beautiful shades of color and greenery in the yard landscaping this year.

Since we Americans still have the power to disengage from the plethora of media influences currently claiming that they own our lives, this overwhelming natural beauty served to stimulate the thinking processes. The first thought: Just why is true beauty ignored by so many?

Above and beyond all of this, on our personal level, how literally awesome are our powers of perception, but far beyond that of rationality. Why have Americans allowed this innate ability to be hi-jacked? Subsequently, illogical thinking has then been substituted to the point of further denying the validity of the perception itself. A new “reality” has been created. Sounds Orwellian? It is.

Once people clothe themselves with the garment of positive thinking and reclaim their human cerebral treasures, we can properly interact in a far better socio/political world. This requires, however, that we incorporate the truly great accomplishments of the past. Elements of society have not only distorted much of our history, but they have attempted to erase much of the good – while turning some facts completely upside-down. These current ones don’t even deserve mentioning.

Fortunately, we are still blessed with this phenomenal power of rationality, as well as its inherent ability of decision-making – however diminished the choices have become in recent years.

Sophists may rule Academia, but common sense is still free from their grasp. Nor is it for sale.

By being human, we inevitably do become reflective in the midst of nature’s beauty. There is a philosopher in many of us, and it has seemed mandatory this summer to let this aspect run free.

Accepting the true beauty of our surroundings and the joy of wallowing in it, why is the concept of truth so missing in the broader society? It makes us want to remain in our cocoon and never leave it.

We do live in a real world, however, and by being part of a multi-billion-member family, we inherently know that we must contribute to it – in a positive way.

As we view contemporary American society, however, truth seems to not only have zero demand, but it is steadfastly avoided. In everyday life, the complete process of logical thinking has literally been turned upside-down. Traditional Western-style thought seems to be a thing of the past, replaced with newly concocted verbiage which directly attack our history.

Incorporated in this modern approach is the old adage that if anything is repeated enough, the public will come to accept it as correct. It is essentially Marxism, Goebbels and Alinsky mixed with a special blessing from the newly canonized St. Fauci. The powers-to-be know it has worked in the past and, unfortunately, it is working now in these once-proud United State of America.

As transparently false as the admonition by William Randolph Hearst that “News is what I tell you is news” is the approach being used by today’s ruling oligarchs. They control not only the disseminators of the “news”, but the large corporations, as well as the largest bodies of our governmental structure, foremost of which are the FBI and the Department of Justice.

The 3-lettered word “lie” has reached a point in our contemporary society where it has been morphed into its opposite. The essential ingredient to do this is repetition. Also, what is perceived by you as beneficial to your personal lifestyle, is not only good, but is true in the natural order.

So-called Academicians have cast the essential quality of objectivity aside. Acceptability is the key ingredient for something to be true, and the Hi-Tech world is the major power broker in this regard – without question. Hi-Tech giants have asserted their power even to the point of disallowing the President of The U.S. to express his views on their so-called platforms. At the same time, they have proved that Trump Derangement Syndrome could now be medically classified as a genuine illness.

Yet our docile so-called “voting public” was hardly disturbed by this abject usurpation of power. In reality, these Hi-Tech behemoths are hiding behind language in the federal law which gave them their very existence.

As we marvel at what nature has provided us to enjoy in our own surroundings, the giant trees as well as the smallest blooms of color all seem to point to God. While so much of the natural order makes us stop to savor it, we have been given the right to re-arrange it for our own collective needs.

Philosophizing on a beautiful summer day inevitably leads us to ponder the abject lies that permeate the current socio/political environment. It calls us to action. Yes, we do have the power to correct the now-less-than-subtle attempted theft of that one concept that is sacrosanct: truth.

    Truth and God are one – and yes, this is spiritual warfare. So be it!

    “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”, said Edmund Burke.

Let them call us alarmists, but as Pat Buchanan said, “Moral authority is like a muscle. It has to be exercised”.

Pat did so, and that is why the so-called Public Broadcast System replaced him as a panelist. PBS epitomizes falsity being politely dressed up as truth. To any intellectually honest viewer however, it is perceptively a distortion of it. In fact, PBS is a great study of how we got to where we are now.

Returning to the everyday world after enjoying all of our surroundings, we still are denizens of this planet and have an obligation to speak out publicly on wrongdoing.

Truth exists, and objectivity is its core. This is precisely why it is being attacked ruthlessly. Elements of our society refuse to accept this fact, and they are in the process of trying to bring this great nation down to further their own ends They have made enormous gains – and are transparently evil.

Let us bring to the fore some of these summer observations.

The President of these once-United States of America is a cognitively-impaired half-century veteran of Washington politics, who is so inept that he was physically disabled for days by an encounter with his own dogs. Joe Biden in this mediacracy was allowed to run for the highest office in the land from the basement of his home, script-reading from a teleprompter. He was a willing pawn prevented by the oligarchs from making his own decisions, only parroting as best he could from a prepared script. Tragically, Biden was successfully stage-managed to win the highest prize in the USA. Above and beyond our reflective total bewilderment of this sad affair, the man now occupying the White House poses a pulsating threat to every principle on which this nation was established.

When he tripped and fell 3 times – the last time almost flat out – while trying to board an aircraft, his lying support staff blamed it on a wind which they claimed was blowing hard. Not only was this an abject falsehood, but the event was viewed world-wide and alerted our political enemies as to the deteriorating mental/physical condition of the U.S. President.

Joe Biden’s lying is part and parcel now of his persona, going way back. While claiming that he was in the upper tier in his law school days, it turned out that he was on the lowest rung. Call it delusional if you wish, but just this summer he claimed that he had driven an 18-wheeler. Actually, he rode as a passenger one time. Not only was he responsible for the savaging of Justice Clarence Thomas, but Biden now denounces “whites” and states transgenderism is “today’s top civil rights issue”.

It is difficult to say, however, which of the Biden family has the more serious mental problem. Son Hunter Biden, whom Joe states is “the smartest guy I ever met”, has become a multi-millionaire by trading on his father’s political power. He is one mentally deranged individual – and his actions are a disgrace to this nation’s proud history. Hunter Biden’s drug addiction was the reason for his receiving a dishonorable discharge from the Navy. Yet, this did nothing to change his devious lifestyle.

One might say Hunter’s foul-mouthed, pleasure-filled world of moral depravity would make the ancient Roman emperors blush.

The Hunter Biden computer is a storehouse of incriminating data on him and many others. Never physically re-claimed from a repair shop, his drug-affected thinking obviously had intervened, but the shop owner saw its significance and contacted authorities.

The computer contents are now in the possession of countless world governments, hackers and sundry enemies of the USA. Corporate Hi-Tech moguls and the other billionaire oligarchs now running this country currently put a public lid on this sordid affair. In this they are allied with the FBI, DOJ and all the government bodies who should have revealed the entire scenario pre-November 2020. This is as scarry as our imagination allows us to travel, especially knowing what criminality it documents. The suspicion of Russian blackmail relative to Biden’s Keystone pipeline shutdown, coupled with then agreeing to allow once again the Russian flow of oil under the Baltic, looms large.

Genuine reporting on what is now revealed was done by the N.Y. Post pre-Nov 2020, but it was blocked by Big Tech on their platforms because it was obvious that Joe Biden was the “Big Guy”. He was the person with a built-in guarantee of a slice of the monetary treasure Hunter was accumulating by trading on the Biden influence at Washington levels. The total runs into the millions of dollars.

It was easily a foregone conclusion that revelation of the contents of the Hunter Biden computer would have guaranteed the re-election of our 45th President. Donald J. Trump was an extremely effective leader, genuinely respected – if not always that well-liked on the world stage.

On a truly level playing field, fingers will be pointed at so many high government officials that it is clearly the largest scandal of this new millennium. Time will someday expose this package of lies and those who were complicit. We trust God it will be soon – for the sake of the nation.

What occurred elicits head-shaking disbelief in its intricacy and the number of people involved. This was an outright violation of a multitude of federal laws by those pledged to uphold our beloved U. S. Constitution. An utter disgrace!

Vice- President Kamala Harris is another example of a living lie occupying the highest level of our U. S. Government. Worse still, she is simply lacking any genuine personal appeal.

Only a heartbeat away from the apex of power in this treasured land, she bedded her way in ascending the political ladder to the position she now holds. Hardly the starting point, but her mistress relationship with California’s power broker Willie Brown provided a pathway paved with gold. Every step from that point proved to be relatively easy pickings.

Given her background – replete with diversity – the Kamala Harris game plan was well delineated early in her life. Race, gender, religion, sexual preference, and a host of socio-political positions were easy for her to identify with – and become an ally to many factions.

While her scientific researcher mother was a Brahmin Indian, her father’s roots were of higher class Jamaican plantation owners. He, a Stanford Economics professor, and her mother divorced when she was 7, and her early life and education was in Canada without depravation.

Kamala was named by her mother after the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, and she still retains her father’s surname. He is outspoken as well as quite intelligent, and he publicly corrected her for referring to what she alleged were family pot-smoking Jamaican rituals. Also, in exploiting her faux African-American ethnic heritage, she has referred to herself as a “Black Baptist.”.

Harris expressed openly that a woman has a right to do what she wishes with her own body, and she expands on this statement by favoring the legalization of prostitution – nationally.

Eventually her escapades linked her up with a divorced multi-millionaire, Doug Emhoff. He was an activist lawyer and easily recognized the value of their ideological pairing. They became a married couple in 2014, and the Jerusalem Post later took note of some significance of it. Emhoff was Jewish, and Kamala was seen as Presidential timber post- Trump.

She became step-mother to son Cole and daughter Ella, who was very active in LGBTQ causes, especially with the transgender element. Given the obvious cognitive difficulties of Pres. Joe Biden, Emhoff has openly indicated awareness in the future of being the “First Gentleman” of this nation.

While playing the race card to the hilt as an “African-American”, she also utilized the Asian label, while still accepting the religious title of “Black Baptist”. At times she would recite the parable of the Good Samaritan with its positive connotations directed towards herself. She even botched an attempt at using “love thy neighbor” as a reason for people to get vaccinated. It fell flat.

Kamala Harris obviously knows how to touch all bases. Politically, it has been noted, though, that as D.A. and A.G. in California, she avoided a homosexual scandal in the clerical ranks of the Roman Catholic Church in the San Francisco area. She was particularly severe, however, on David Daleiden for his hidden-video recording of the baby parts sale by the abortion industry.

It may have surpassed what boss Joe Biden did to S.C. Justice Clarence Thomas. History cannot avoid either of these “lynchings”. Justice Thomas has proved to be a brilliant addition to the highest court in the land. The baby parts trafficking wreaks of our loss of respect for human life – at its worst! David has enormous courage, however, and continues to persevere through the court system to end this grisly “medical” practice.

Our current V.P. obviously is another willing pawn, as is her superior. President Joe Biden has tried to slip under one of his most egregious unconstitutional acts by delegating Harris to correct the sorry open-border death-dealing situation. The Mexican border crisis has only become more exacerbated.

With V.P. Harris professing to avoid the actual crossing points and seek out “the root causes”, the entire affair is so replete with people-trafficking, rape, drug importation and child exploitation that it is heart-breaking. Illegal aliens worldwide – now identified from over 160 countries – have been attracted to this method of gaining entry to the U.S.

Being dispersed throughout the continental U.S., as many as 2 million illegals, many carrying infectious deadly diseases and the Corona virus, could enter through this route in 2021.

In our politicized court system, from the Department of Justice on down, cheap politics is severely shaking our constitutional foundations. This Democrat administration has also stepped up the filling of lower court vacancies with Soros-financed political hacks – as 2020 payback.

Veterans who undertook a rigid basic training on entering the service learned to become aware of enemy fire and danger on their flanks, as well as that from straight ahead.

One such, who was certainly well-trained, is combat veteran, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton. As the corona virus outbreak from Asia started to be identified as originating in a fish market in Wuhan, Sen. Cotton pointed out explanations that it started with bats were flimsy. The Senator explained that there was a virology lab a short distance away from the market, and that this should arouse everyone’s suspicions as to the true locale of its origins. Sen. Cotton is not only a true patriot but an acute observer.

U. S. Health officials, headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci, accepted the bat market theory, and what has followed is an unparalleled display of negligence and political exploitation nationally. Fauci has been guilty of every species of double-talk known to mankind, from wearing two masks even to adding goggles – in addition to the two. This is all above the tidal wave of foamy advice on vaccines, clearly a book-length story. No, change that word to UNCLEARLY. The Wuhan virology lab case has now been clearly made, and all the intricacies which followed additionally give some credence to the theory that China may have played a major role in getting Joe Biden into the White House by releasing this virus. It is not beyond the imagination, given the way the Democrat stage managers exploited the pandemic during the 2020 campaign This aspect may very well be proved true – when all the facts eventually unravel.

There is still so much we do not know, most of which is under cover by all the elements including the Deep State which comprise and control this mediacracy. What may be most head-scratching about much-quoted Dr. Fauci is, as a result of 4 decades as a government bureaucrat, his salary now exceeds that of the President of the United States.

Fauci seems to display little genuine moral outrage, but only bureaucratic flexibility. This is being relished by the Democrat choreographers. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) with zinc and a vitamin seemed to be very effective as a cure, but it was soon brushed aside. It is still a major question as to why, but there is a high probability that the reason was that as a generic, Big-Pharma had no patents.

Any acute observer of the country’s political scene should be able to see Valerie Jarrett, David Plouffe; and a host of players such as the Emanuel brothers, who fabricated the Obama two terms, behind the curtains. The current seemingly inexplicable maneuvering fits their style to a tee.

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is more of a caricature, rather than a real man. His executive independence is a mirage. We may never have seen such a willing dupe officially running for this office. In real terms, he is to be pitied – were he not so extremely dangerous where he is. Why are all the circumstances of Ashlii Babbit’s death at the capitol on Jan. 6th being kept somuch under wraps? The MSM and Big Tech cover-up of Biden’s ascension and subsequent events show both to be complicit. Biden’s early abandonment of our energy independence gave many oil-producing countries a giant boost and made no sense as gasoline prices start to rise precipitously as a result.

Aside from the unmentionable threat of “biowarfare”, which understandably is not a desirable topic, another one is more addressable. President Trump made a personal trip to Korea to meet with Kim Jong un relative to the other. It was to address the improvement of their rocket systems with China’s help. Trump was the first President of the U. S. to visit Korea since the 1950s. He obviously saw the vastness of the threat, and he confronted it on a personal level. It was a memorable visit.

Our entire satellite energy grid is vulnerable to rocketry attacks, and North Korea has done more saber rattling in this regard of late. Our electrical energy transmitting using satellite technology is very rarely discussed, but we rely on it far beyond what any citizen realizes. THIS IS A REAL DANGER.

After the Wuhan virus emerged, President Donald J. Trump handled the outbreak almost flawlessly. He inherited the likes of Fauci, but he made the decisions in executive fashion with the good of the nation his only aim. Trump knew the buck stopped with him, and he will go down in history on a par with Harry Truman, JFK and Ronald Reagan for how he handled this type of threat. Enough said.

The Biden/Harris victory itself on Nov. 3, 2020 is one still replete with unanswered questions about sub-plots. The role of billionaire oligarchs, Illegal vote-counting, mail-in balloting discrepancies, voting by machine which flipped tallies, mail-in votes from citizens deceased for decades – on and on. With everything on today’s platter, though, the dirty tricks for now have to be set aside.

Even with China’s role in changing the political environment to give us what we now have, they are far from idle. Their expansion of territory into the South China Sea is far less meaningful than their words about “re-unifying” China. These clearly are statements about their intent to regain Taiwan. They are not illusions. Communist China’s military power is very strong – and not just for display. They clearly respected the Trump/Pence administration. Biden/Harris they clearly do not!

In the wake of the Biden Taliban debacle, perceptions are turned toward our role in the world. Worse, though, at all levels of our government, politics and business, pragmatism is maintained as the rule, and ostensibly the lie is not only acceptable in every segment of society, it still reigns.

The talk about AOC/Markey Green New Deal ignores that China and India are the world’s 2 worst polluters- not the USA. Another major blind spot is the fact that electric-powered autos are tied to the fore-mentioned satellite technology grid to maintain their power supply.

It is no wonder why we find it so therapeutic just to marvel at God’s creation, and what we can do with it to make human lives better. We must never stop honoring the Founding Fathers for their wisdom, foresight – and belief system. There is, also, a mandate to pass it on to America’s youth.

The void created on the world scene by the Biden presidency’s abdication of moral principle will clearly be exploited at every niche to the maximum degree possible. This is surely looming on the world scene, because it is starkly inviting. Afghanistan, China, Russia, Iran and No. Korea have clearly taken note of it.

Who would have thought a few years back that walking in the front door of our local bank with a mask covering most of our face would not have set off alarm systems hither and yon – followed by sirens and maybe even police with pistols drawn?

Some admittedly tremble at what is still ahead and beyond our control. They are quite uneasy they hear “gain of function” bandied with regard to viruses. They admit to fearing that the moral decline may have reached the stage where God is the only one who can restore this nation’s commitment to its founding purposes.

The natural question: Will He?

In these pandemic times, just looking at youth and pondering their future should make us work almost to exhaustion to maintain our great heritage. They will pick up the torch on our departure.

Even as we view just one of these youngsters expressing appreciation to those who sacrificed to get us to what we have now, the message is clear: Truth must prevail.

Never can we abandon it and our rights. We know they have been God-given!

© R.T. Neary


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