Kevin O'Neil column
Kevin O'Neil
Born in 1951, married with 2 sons. Pastored a church for 20 years and is a self-employed landscape gardener and tree surgeon based in Surrey, south of London. Attends an evangelical church now and visits, fortnightly, an orthodox synagogue. Has three areas of particular interest: England, Israel and America.

Cursing yourself
Kevin O'Neil
May 12, 2013

The Report pompously entitled "The Inheritance of Abraham? A Report on the Promised Land" by the Church of Scotland, in which the committee states their opinion . . .

The end of the friendship
Kevin O'Neil
May 6, 2013

Well, I suppose that all friendships must come to an end sooner or later, Othello and Desdemona, Caesar and Brutus, but of this one I had nurtured higher hopes, . . .

The two faces of death
Kevin O'Neil
May 2, 2013

Why was the fiercest invective of that paragon of beings, the Man of Nazareth, reserved for the religious hypocrites of His day? Not for the blatant criminals, . . .

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