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Karen Hathaway Pittman is a freelance writer, novelist and poet whose political commentary is widely published on the web. She lives in London, England with her husband and cat. Her work is archived online at http://karenhpittman.blogspot.com, but she prefers to be followed on Facebook. She receives email at karen.pittman@sky.com.

"Hey Joe!"
Karen H. Pittman
October 12, 2012

Hey Joe — Smilin' Joe ... Grinnin' Joe ... Simperin' Joe ... Sniggerin' Joe — what's up with the dents, gent? They kept snappin' like a pair o' . . .

Cowboy George
Karen H. Pittman
June 3, 2012

In the wake of President Obama's graceless introduction of George W. Bush at yesterday's unveiling of the former President's official White House portrait, . . .

And heaven wept
Karen H. Pittman
September 14, 2009

Down it poured a nerve-scalping war dance of rain, pummeling its drums and refusing to let up. Like a tribe of ghouls, the uninvited gusts howled around the . . .

Britney Hussein Obama Spears
Karen H. Pittman
August 3, 2008

Oops, he did it again: fresh out of a tone-deaf rehab-session with the Democrat Congressional caucus, Britney Hussein Obama Spears is busy gobbling up all the . . .

The blame game
Karen H. Pittman
September 6, 2005

I have heard it all now. While illegally threatening the President of the United States with bodily harm on ABC's This Week, Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) . . .

City of the dead
Karen H. Pittman
September 5, 2005

Watching New Orleans sink, I can almost feel the wheels turning in my brain, churning like those massive paddle wheels of yore that alas! once roiled the . . .

Being Fonda Jane
Karen H. Pittman
April 18, 2005

Well, if nothing else, one thing I've learned since writing "Kinda Fonda Jane" is that being Fonda Jane even kinda isn't exactly a good thing to be. In fact . . .

Fonda Jane
Karen H. Pittman
April 7, 2005

Hey, guys, quick, before you miss it look up: I'm about to step out onto the ledge here and say something terribly controversial. I'm about to break ranks . . .

Stealing heaven's fire
Karen H. Pittman
March 29, 2005

As Terri Schindler-Schiavo lay drying out like a desert palm in a Pinellas Park nursing home, I am reminded of proud Prometheus, who once foolishly attempted to . . .

To do big things
Karen H. Pittman
December 12, 2004

On December 8, 2004, something big happened. But it happened in a small way, quietly. Quietly The New York Times announced it, burying it deep within its . . .

Character counts -- so vote for it
Karen H. Pittman
November 1, 2004

Author's Endorsement: If you believe as I do that President Bush has worked hard since 9/11 to defend you and your family, tell him so by voting for him.  . . .

In the eye of the storm: Riding it out with Dan Rather
Karen H. Pittman
September 17, 2004

No matter what those celluloid talking heads say, I highly doubt Dan Rather and CBS got "snookered," as Bill O'Reilly, the biggest blubbering head of all, . . .

Kerry, Kerry, quite contrary
Karen H. Pittman
September 5, 2004

Kerry, Kerry, quite contrary, How do your coffers grow? With 527s and 501s, And ugly little Soros's dough. For the junior senator from Massachusetts, there's . . .

I believe John Kerry
Karen H. Pittman
August 27, 2004

Note: The writer of this column wishes to acknowledge her debt to the late journalist Michael Kelly, whose 1998 essay, "I Believe," served as her template.  . . .

Liar, liar, pants on fire: Why Scott Peterson deserves to Frey
Karen H. Pittman
August 18, 2004

On one point at least, the pundits have it right: We all know Scott Peterson's breeches were burning, long before now. We all know he was hot as a firecracker . . .

From Ann's can to your website
Karen H. Pittman
August 12, 2004

In his recent OpinionEditorials.com article "From the Garbage Can to Your Website" , David Peng finds severe fault with my trenchant little satire, "Poor Little . . .

Poor little rich boys
Karen H. Pittman
August 8, 2004

Well, I guess the Bush/Cheney/Carlyle Cartel dreamed up that pipeline in Afghanistan and "invaded" Iraq because they were trailing their richer liberal . . .

The CIA's plaster disaster: How Kerry crippled Intelligence
Karen H. Pittman
August 7, 2004

Victims. That's what we've become. A society of victims. But when we wallow in victimhood, we deny natural law. We shun nature. We reject the simple truth . . .

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