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Karen Hathaway Pittman is a freelance writer, novelist and poet whose political commentary is widely published on the web. She lives in London, England with her husband and cat. Her work is archived online at http://karenhpittman.blogspot.com, but she prefers to be followed on Facebook. She receives email at karen.pittman@sky.com.

"Hey Joe!"
Karen H. Pittman
October 12, 2012

Hey Joe — Smilin' Joe ... Grinnin' Joe ... Simperin' Joe ... Sniggerin' Joe — what's up with the dents, gent? They kept snappin' like a pair o' . . .

Cowboy George
Karen H. Pittman
June 3, 2012

In the wake of President Obama's graceless introduction of George W. Bush at yesterday's unveiling of the former President's official White House portrait, . . .

And heaven wept
Karen H. Pittman
September 14, 2009

Down it poured a nerve-scalping war dance of rain, pummeling its drums and refusing to let up. Like a tribe of ghouls, the uninvited gusts howled around the . . .

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