Carey Roberts
Rep. Joe Wilson calls out the liberal lies
By Carey Roberts
September 10, 2009

Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina infuriated millions of smug liberals Wednesday night when he yelled out during President Obama's congressional speech, "You lie!" To which I heartily respond, "Representative Wilson, you are one red-blooded American hero."

Peddling his healthcare plan to an increasingly skeptical electorate, Obama claimed, "The reforms I am proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally." The truth is, Obama's healthcare reform bill contains no mechanism to verify whether persons are U.S. citizens before they receive government benefits. So the president's statement was, a-hem, highly misleading.

For years, conservatives have been unfailingly polite and duly respectful when confronted with the standard array of leftist slanders, half-truths, distortions, and outright prevarications.

But have you noticed how it's getting harder these days to sort out the lies from reality? We've reached the point that propagandistic claims are beginning to permeate our culture — the media, our schools, the workplace, not to mention in political discourse.

Of particular concern are the falsehoods regularly doled out by former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Barbara Mikulski, along with all the rest of their N.O.W. sidekicks.

So for the sheer pleasure and entertainment of my loyal readers, herewith I list my 10 favorite feminist follies. Ready for a couple belly-laughs?

Lie #1: Women require special preferences and set-asides so they can compete fairly with men.

Truth: Can you believe feminists would make such a disparaging remark about the abilities and ambitions of women?

Lie #2: Women are more ethical and morally-upright than men.

Truth: Knowing this was one of candidate Hillary Clinton's applause lines, any attempted refutation on my part would be redundant.

Lie #3: Women are the victims of wage discrimination (another of Hillary's favorites)

Truth: Women work fewer hours, have less work experience, and more often work in air-conditioned comfort, compared to men. When these factors are taken into account, women are paid the same as men.

Lie #4: Only men care about the trappings of political power.

Truth: I am "the most powerful woman in America...All right, let's hear it for the power!" — Nancy Pelosi, January 3, 2007, upon being named Speaker of the House

Lie #5: Women were routinely excluded from medical research studies (Sen. Mikulski milked this ha-ha for years).

Truth: Although women were slightly under-represented in heart studies, they were substantially over-represented in cancer research. Nowadays, two out of three research participants in National Institutes of Health studies are female.

Lie #6: Male lawmakers have historically given short-shrift to the needs of women.

Truth: Consider Social Security, Medicare, and the full gamut of social welfare programs — services that were passed into law by male legislators, and serve mostly women.

Lie #7: The glass-ceiling stops women from reaching the highest levels of business and politics.

Truth: Few women wish to put in 70-hour work weeks and sacrifice time with their families to reach the pinnacle of their profession.

Lie #8: Women are incapable of slapping, hitting, or otherwise harming their partners.

Truth: Research shows women are equally violent as men in their intimate relationships. Just ask former NFL star Steven McNair.

Lie #9: Men don't do their fair share of childcare or housework.

Truth: When you add up the total number of hours that men and women put in on the job and at home, men are very much pulling their weight, and more.

Now, are you ready for the Big Kahuna? The Grand Gagger that forms the basis for all other feminist lies? Here goes...

Lie #10: For millennia, women have suffered from patriarchal oppression wielded by over-bearing and wicked men.

Truth: That's plain ridiculous. Why do these women choose to ignore the countless men who have given their lives defending kith and kin? And the husbands who clock extra hours on the job so their wives can enjoy the good life?

So I want to offer a challenge to my readers. When you hear a liberal fabrication, stop being so polite. Acquiescing to the bully tactics only reinforces the behavior. Here's a more apt response: "You lie!"

That'll stop them in their tracks.

© Carey Roberts


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