Norvell Rose
The formal declaration: War on the middle class!
By Norvell Rose
January 25, 2010

From Barack Obama and his well-oiled propaganda machine, we have come to realize that truth can be found only in the opposite of what's said. So, when the President announced his new initiatives to help the country's struggling middle class, I knew that, in fact, the all-out war on the middle class had formally been declared.

Take cover, America, they're from the government and they're here to "help" us.

The first wave of the assault — the media blitz.

The New York Times - Monday, January 25th, 2010. The headline blared, "Obama talks of restoring security for middle class." The article goes on, "President Obama vowed on Monday to 'reverse the overall erosion in middle class security' as he stepped up his efforts to reconnect with Americans suffering from a weak economy and high unemployment." Oh great, they're gonna improve the conditions they caused to worsen by doing more of the stuff that failed in the first place. Brilliant!

From MSNBC on the same day, "Obama targets middle class with new aid plans." Well, give 'em credit for using an appropriate word — "target."

ABC News touted the President's "pivot" to the economy in declaring, "Obama vows more help for the middle class." I can hear the roar of the distant cannon getting louder.

On Politico, we read, "President Obama, Vice President Biden unveil middle-class agenda." The acrid smell of gunpowder fills my nostrils.

Not to be outdone in the rush to redeploy Obama's political force against the increasingly agitated masses, CBS News trumpeted that "Obama unveils new breaks for middle class." Did someone say "breaks"? We don't need no stinkin' "breaks" from the government. Inevitably, "breaks" means more things get broken.

With this hail of friendly fire, the massive media blitz should make us duck and pray. Because whatever the Obama Administration sets its sites on, you can bet that target will suffer the "slings and arrows" of outrageous misfortune (to borrow from the Bard).

For months now, I've been expecting Obama's elitist army to storm the gates of middle classdom in America. Oh, believe me, I know they've already been attacking our institutions, our principles and our bank accounts. But I am now convinced this new "fighting" posture the President is assuming — surely to be illustrated by the expected red-meat rhetoric in his State of the Union speech — is an escalation of the war footing. You know, shock and awe and all that.

But hey, I thought the left was against war? Maybe, except when it's waged against their own countrymen whom they detest. Possibly they wouldn't call it "war." How about peace through progressivism? You've heard the talk of "sacrifice," right?

Now why, I mean really, WHY would the President of the United States and his liberal stormtroopers want to destroy the middle class in this country? Or if not destroy, at least damage and dishearten to the point of paralysis? Doesn't the middle class help define American exceptionalism? Exactly!

Here's the deal, folks. For a totalitarian regime to successfully consolidate its power and diminish any opposition to its sustained stranglehold on a people, the middle class must be effectively destroyed. There must be no viable middle class, with its non-conformist dream of upward mobility and its path to prosperity. There must be only the upper class — the rulers; and the lower class — the ruled. Order-givers and order-takers. Those who direct the State's work and those who do it.

You see, we in the middle class are difficult to control. Tough to manage. Independent and entrepreneurial and full of unpredictable ideas, don't you know. So the strength and security of the middle class — largely in the form of our wealth — must be taken. Not by brute force, but by ill fortune. You know, the deplorable devastation of capitalism and the mess the markets have left us in.

The spirit of the middle class must be broken. Not by sticks and stones, rather by crisis upon crisis. Unexpected economic downturn upon unexpected unemployment report.

The choices available to the middle class must be limited. Not by onerous restriction, but through supposedly helpful regulation. See the pattern? See the battle lines?

When Obama says he'll be fighting against powerful corporate behemoths on behalf of the middle class, truth is found in the lie of that contorted charade. These behemoths of banking, manufacturing, health care, unionism — they're all beholden to the new power brokers and their patsies in Washington. So they play along. Just look at the evidence.

They told us to invest in home ownership. Now, the sinking value of our real estate has sucked untold wealth out of the middle class.

They told us to invest in stocks and bonds. Now, the value of our 401k's, mutual funds and stock portfolios has taken an incredible battering.

They told us that only the government could protect us from those big, bad, unscrupulous health insurance companies. That only the government could save the auto industry. The banks. The energy companies.

Thanks to the "stimulus," more and more people are going to work for the government, while the private-sector job market continues to bleed. You get the picture, and it's not a pretty one.

The totalitarian state needs workers — the dependent lower class — to do what the government/corporate overlords — the elite upper class — tell them. Totalitarianism cannot abide by those pesky, independent, wealth-building, spirit-driven middle-class meddlers; witness what happened with Scott Brown in Massachusetts. The revolt must be government helping the people to the point of their helplessness.

The totalitarian state recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life. Witness the Obamatons' answer to all the crises and emergencies they claim to be handling for us — the answer is, of course, more regulation, more fees and taxes, and a tightening of the government's iron grip on the economy, education, energy, the environment, the media. An iron fist they pretend is a velvet handshake.

Witness also the unrelenting efforts of the Administration and their allies in Congress to destroy the Constitution so that the reach and power of the federal government is boundless, unlimited, without check. Tenth Amendment? How quaint.

Yes, pitch battles against America's once-thriving, once-expanding middle class have been conducted by Obama's army, almost always in the name of fighting for the people. But now, now that the people of the middle class are waking up, rising up and threatening the Obamatons' plans for domination, the war must be waged with greater focus and intensity. And of course, with greater cunning and treachery.

Recognize their war declaration as they turn their focus on "helping" the embattled middle class. Recognize that their proposed solutions are those that come from the government, from the top down.

Recognize also that our greatest defense, our most formidable weapon is the truth. Armed with the truth, we will not be defeated.

Thankfully, the Obamatons' increasingly transparent lies and distortions are revealing the truth as never before.

© Norvell Rose


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Norvell Rose

Norvell S. Rose is a veteran radio and TV journalist, writer, producer and director with five regional Emmy Awards to his credit. A Patriot with a rekindled passion for truth, honor, and liberty, Rose is a direct descendant of John Sevier — hero of the American Revolution, four times elected to Congress, and first governor of Tennessee. Rose lives with his wife and two children in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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