Norvell Rose
Will Obama "go gangsta"?
By Norvell Rose
February 14, 2010

In a recent column for, fiery political analyst Roland Martin urged the President of the United States to get down and dirty with his political adversaries. Like, you know, jump ugly and go all street thug on 'em. Clearly spoiling for a fight and with a curious, chest-bumping homage to the nasty culture of radical rappers Martin wrote:

    Obama's critics keep blasting him for Chicago-style politics. So, fine. Channel your inner Al Capone and go gangsta against your foes. Let 'em know that if they aren't with you, they are against you, and will pay the price.

Interesting, isn't it, that the supposedly respectable Mr. Martin would implore the President to act like a notorious criminal. That he would champion scandalous behavior and embrace violent vengeance of the sort promoted by despicable gangsta rappers.

Of course, the outspoken Roland Martin is certainly not a lone liberal voice when it comes to exhorting President Obama to get tough, even get dirty, but get the job done. The job of crushing his critics and forcing his radical agenda on a resistant populace. Policy by raw power, not by reasoned persuasion.

Writing in a late-January edition of Mother Jones magazine, David Corn suggested that Obama might be more effective by changing his personal approach to that of "an in-your-face brawler." Not pulling any punches, Corn goes on to goad Obama with brazen, bare-knuckles rhetoric:

    Consequently, if Obama aims to be widely regarded as a warrior for the middle class, he will have to take some mighty swings that cut through the clutter. Proclaiming "I am a fighter" will not be enough. He will have to name his foes (financial institutions, insurance companies, Republicans, and perhaps recalcitrant Democrats) and truly exchange blows. He may even have to lose a high-profile battle or two to persuade voters he is slugging away on their behalf.

"Truly exchange blows," Mr. Corn? Maybe a good, old fashioned duel is in order. After all, the Vice President of the United States, Aaron Burr, shot it out with the Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, in 1804. By the way, Burr survived; Hamilton didn't.

Ever since the Democrats' shocking defeat in the Massachusetts special Senate election, a growing chorus of Obamatons have been belting out rancorous fight songs. The increasingly feisty Eleanor Clift, writing in the February 12th edition of Newsweek, lamented Obama's lack of true grit in dealing with members of his own party:

    The fractious Democratic majority would only have acted on its own if Obama had cracked the whip.

The "cracking" theme also played prominently into a commentary by David Reilly, writing recently for Bloomberg:

    Obama needs to ditch his professorial, community-organizer mien and start cracking some heads.

Ah, I get it drop the guise of the well-dressed, well-groomed, well-spoken con artist and get back to your roots. You know, Chicago skull-bustin' politics. When you've got the power, man up and use it.

A frustrated Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson called for Obama to take off the kid gloves:

    At some point, he needs to metaphorically, of course actually slug somebody.

And of course, where would a liberal call to arms be without incitement from intellectualist Charles Blow of the New York Times? Trying to inspire Obama, the gentleman pugilist, Blow counsels:

    And keep showing those newly resurrected flashes of fight as a reminder that your patrician tenets are not at odds with bare-knuckled partisan politics.

So, will the President get crackin' and start sluggin' away with a newly clenched iron fist? Will Obama, in fact, "go gangsta?"

To understand the question, as well as the answer, I believe one needs to consult the coaching offered in Obama's political playbook the magnum opus for committed liberal crusaders Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.

Remember, Alinsky's primary approach to politics is deceit. Duplicity. Fraud. Guile without guilt in the name of social justice. All's fair in love, war and politics; and truth is, for the Alinsky family, fair game.

The ends taking power and property away from the "illegitimate" Haves and giving it to the "deserving" Have-Nots justify the means. Alinsky, and Obama, would create a community/communist Utopia dominated by friends and allies. But the creation would come not through open and honest debate, because America would reject their vision if truthfully presented.

Therefore, the Alinskyites disguise themselves as believers in the republic and democracy, in order to infiltrate, seize control of, and destroy the system from within.

Given Obama's Alinsky-inspired gambit of lies, pretense and deception, one must now see the "gangsta" question for what it truly is a false question the very kind the great pretender in the White House consistently pulls from his own bag of political tricks.

Contrary to what Roland Martin suggests in urging Obama to put that change thing to work and "go gangsta against your foes," I suggest the President already has. The community organizer in chief is atop an enterprise of organized crime against the country.

Barack Obama is the boss of a Chicago political gang. He has consistently committed violence against the Constitution he swore to uphold. He is the kingpin in a culture of political corruption as rotten as any in memory. And as surely as any drug dealer, he pushes addiction to handouts and bailouts and creates a cruel, desperate dependency on government.

Like a glorified gangsta rapper, he performs with a pied piper seduction that draws and will ultimately destroy the unwitting masses so many ill-fated moths to the flame.

It is Obama's Alinsky-aligned intent to destroy traditional America and enslave her citizens to a debilitating, dehumanizing Marxist mentality. Free enterprise, free will and free thinking are the enemy and, thus, the victims of the political syndicate.

Without a doubt, any elected official who robs the people of their rights, liberties, choices, opportunities and dignity is a thug. Any leader who deliberately and repeatedly deceives those who look to him for honest and principled guidance is a gangsta.

David Plouffe, one of Obama's campaign honchos, was recently thrust back onto the front lines of the current political battle. Like so many other Obamatons on the bellicose left, Plouffe has urged his fellow Dems not to be conciliatory in the face of growing opposition, not to concede or compromise, but to be undeterred and unyielding to "fight like hell."

Seems to me that "hell" is indeed an appropriate word to bring into this discussion, for that's exactly where I believe a gangsta winds up if not in this life, then certainly in the next.

© Norvell Rose


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Norvell Rose

Norvell S. Rose is a veteran radio and TV journalist, writer, producer and director with five regional Emmy Awards to his credit. A Patriot with a rekindled passion for truth, honor, and liberty, Rose is a direct descendant of John Sevier hero of the American Revolution, four times elected to Congress, and first governor of Tennessee. Rose lives with his wife and two children in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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