Norvell Rose
Liberal virus alert! Reprogramming the language of job creation
By Norvell Rose
February 17, 2010

I thought I would take the occasion of the one-year anniversary of the Obama stimulus package to issue an urgent warning: Don't let your thinking be infected by the left's insidious attack on the language of job creation in the United States. We must not allow the destructive virus of big government to reprogram our discourse — how we seek to understand and deal with issues surrounding labor and employment in the American free market.

If we don't guard against this incessant viral attack, the operating system of our cherished free enterprise will become totally corrupted. And our drive for self-determination will inevitably crash.

Make no mistake — President Obama and his conniving crew are engaged in a purposeful, methodical campaign of thought-bending. Every policy they propose, every discussion they promote, every media move they make — all are designed to establish and implant in our language and culture a new framework for discussing and developing jobs.

That new socialist structure: government = jobs.

The Obamatons want us to believe that government — their overarching, overbearing central authority — is the great and powerful jobs creator. The ultimate human resources manager. The head office of the national employment service. And their minions in the mainstream media go along with the gag.

Recognizing their strategy, you can see how repetition becomes rationale. Reiteration leads to indoctrination. Say it enough, often enough, with enough authority and gravitas, and the new language of government-driven job creation becomes implanted in our thinking. The liberal virus will have done its dirty work of contaminating our views, our outlook and our expectations.

The truth of how real, meaningful, sustainable jobs are indeed created in a free market — that truth, in lib-think, Obama-speak language — becomes distant and irrelevant. Little more than a dusty relic of the "failed" system of corrupt capitalism. Their "new truth" reshapes our reasoning because Obama and his determined thought-benders will have successfully reprogrammed us.

So, what about the real truth of the massive stimulus and the resulting meager job creation?

Amanda J. Reinecker, writing for the Heritage Foundation, puts it in plain language:

    In February 2009, President Obama signed into law the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. One year later, the tab for this so-called "stimulus" bill has grown to a staggering $862 billion — and the spending has done very little to actually improve our sinking economy.

    The President's stimulus would require a mighty turnaround to be deemed anything other than a dismal failure

Yes, a "dismal failure," if judged on its face, in traditional terms. But to the ruling liberal elite, actually creating jobs is not the only criteria for determining success. In fact, it may not be the best one.

It has become painfully clear that Obamatons care not so much about improving the employment picture, as much as they care about reprogramming the language and bending our thinking. Because then, big government grows bigger and gets more control over our money, our fortunes and our families. We become more distrustful of the private marketplace and more dependent on Washington for setting the course of our working lives.

How many times have we heard that the Obama Administration is refocusing its efforts on job creation? How many news conferences and photo ops and media reports tout the herculean efforts of Obama and the Congressional Democrats to pump more and more federal resources (tax dollars and borrowed money) into improving the employment picture?

Job creation...job creation...job creation. Repetition becomes rationale. Reiteration leads to indoctrination.

Remember, for the Obamatons, their effect on the job market is no more important than their impact on the language of discussing and dealing with the employment picture. To change the discussion is to win a decisive battle of context. To reorient and redirect our thinking is to lay the groundwork for building an ever-expanding government jobs factory.

Chris Gallardo wrote recently on

    Of all of the President's rhetoric lately (and there has been a lot), nothing is more bothersome to me than the repeated calls for 'creating jobs.'

    The only way to create jobs for the long run is to create economic health. The only way to do that is to incentivize individuals in the free market to risk their own capital or borrowed capital try to make a profit.

    The idea that the President (and Dems) can create jobs works beautifully in their favor per their view of the world. It puts them in control to pull the strings on voter's livelihoods and keeps them dependent upon politician's whims.

A CBS-NewYork Times poll released last week offered further evidence that the President's stimulus package has failed to deliver, either meaningful jobs or public approval. The poll found that just 6 percent of those surveyed thought the stimulus has created jobs, while 48 percent said they doubt it ever will.

Still, despite the overwhelmingly negative public sentiment and the mounting expert arguments against him, Obama appears oblivious. He continues to speak in glowing terms about the positive effect of the spending package. Millions of jobs created or saved, he maintains with a smile.

Why the sunny disregard of public discontent and political reality? Because of the ultra-libs' ulterior motive in continuing to tell the story, even if it is a fairy tale. Change the language. Bend the thinking. Shift the paradigm. Spread the virus. Crash the system.

We must not forget that Barack Obama and his Alinsky-inspired allies don't necessarily want the stimulus or any other so-called "jobs bill" to do what most Americans think the legislation should do — help the private sector create meaningful, sustainable jobs. We must always remember — and view their every move through this clarifying lens — victory for the Obamatons is defeat for the American free enterprise system.

So, what is our best defense against the liberal virus whose intent is to reprogram our language and our thinking? To make us automatically look to government for answers to our problems, direction in our lives and comfort in our distress?

Our most effective firewall is, of course, freedom. Our most robust antivirus protection comes from keeping government out of the private sector, whenever and wherever possible. And in keeping the insidious infection of Obama-speak out of our minds.

This effort starts with awareness of the threat. Be alert.

© Norvell Rose


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Norvell Rose

Norvell S. Rose is a veteran radio and TV journalist, writer, producer and director with five regional Emmy Awards to his credit. A Patriot with a rekindled passion for truth, honor, and liberty, Rose is a direct descendant of John Sevier — hero of the American Revolution, four times elected to Congress, and first governor of Tennessee. Rose lives with his wife and two children in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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