Laurie Roth
America will march through floodwater, sewage, and hell to throw Obama out on election day
By Laurie Roth
October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy is a bullish hurricane which slammed the East Coast the week before election day. It's painful and ugly, and couldn't be at a worst time. Sandy is a vicious tyrant causing flooding and damage in many states. It is not anything new, however. Americans are most familiar with how sewage smells flooding, and how breakage looks, because we've had to walk, swim, and survive in it for nearly four years with Obama. It has been a hurricane of lies, betrayals, constitutional breaches, and unfolding plans of destruction for America. Where is FEMA for the people and our Constitution?

We are seeing an increasingly "desperate" and "angry" president. He is resorting to calling Romney cutsie junior-high names, "Romnesia," and hurling swear words at him, bull***. Obama is being surrounded by the zombies he himself has created that are now circling him with destruction on November 6th.

Obama's collection of zombies:

1) "I will force substandard and forced health insurance and care — zombie."

2) "I will attack and punish the First Amendment — zombie."

3) "I will turn the military on the people and crush Miranda Rights — zombie."

4) "I will create countless executive orders, more than any other president — zombie."

5) "I will crush the coal and oil industry — zombie."

6) "I will destroy America's lead and international reputation — zombie."

7) "I will go to war with the Catholics and Christians — zombie."

8) "I will assure Sharia, employ the Muslim Brotherhood, and look the other way on radical Islam — zombie."

9) "I will refuse the endless calls for help and let my ambassador and his aides be murdered in cold blood in Libya — zombie."

Regardless of the weak excuse or sound bite, Obama has nowhere else to hide. The zombies and goblins are in every room. The hurricane doesn't even give him enough broken boards to hide behind. He is standing in front of us all naked, as a traitor, coward, and failure of a president. He is shrinking smaller and smaller as the Wicked Witch of the East did when water hit her in the Wizard of Oz.

The largest branch of government is on call, hurricane or no hurricane — with voter intimidation, games, and threats — and we are on deck and called to vote like a "Braveheart" this election and boot this evil traitor out of the White House. Let us ALL do it without pause.

Romney and Ryan have a bold, conservative, and liberating plan for America and her people. They aren't perfection, and we can all scream and yell about the details on the fringe, but they are the leaders that God has provided to give our country a real path for a comeback. They have said what they support. It is up to us to remind them of their commitment to the people, their word, our God, and Constitution. They must undo the healthcare bill, restore freedoms, pull back draconian regulations, build back our energy systems, and create real jobs.

Americans haven't been used to a presidential team that leads, but rather one that destroys. Now, we must reset our buttons, put a real leadership team in the White House, and co-lead and make them accountable.

Join me each day for my national radio show from 7-10 pm PAC: Also, join me live for election coverage on November 6th 7-10 pm PAC. We will get our country back if we all work together and vote right that day.

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