Laurie Roth
January 27, 2013
Dr. Laurie Roth's daughter faces attack on religious rights (continued)
By Laurie Roth

This week I interviewed attorney David Cortman of Alliance Defense Fund, – now named: We talked on air about the attacks all across the country against religious liberties of Christian kids in public schools. I asked him, "Do school officials have the right to make rules saying kids can't have a Bible study, have a Bible club, pray, or be open about their faith at school?" He boldly stated that it is completely unconstitutional and violating their religious rights to deny these things. Kids can read their Bible, pray, create a Bible club, along with all the other clubs kids create in school. He noted the big problem seems to be other than anti-Christian agendas and unbelief. Officials and teachers are simply uneducated as to what the Constitution actually protects, so they often end up shredding and seizing kids' rights.

I shared the details of my 16-year-old daughter's assignment to write a paper on Christianity, and her conflict with her history teacher over it. He had told her to write the report with four sources and not to use the Holy Bible because it was "faith based." He then attacked the story of Noah and the flood to her face saying it was impossible. and the Holy Bible was fake. He also told her she would receive an "F" if she used it. I called the teacher, and naturally he didn't admit any threats to Monica promising an "F," saying she couldn't include the Bible in her report, nor that he called it fake. Yet, according to Monica, he was lying and the opposite occurred.

Attorney David Cortman stated that the teacher went over the line and had no right to belittle her faith, say The Holy Bible was fake, and to deny her the right to use it as one of the four sources on her Christianity paper, due to it being "fake" and "faith-based." We both agreed that The Holy Bible is not only a faith-based book, but is a noted book of history worldwide, surrounded and supported by hundreds of manuscripts. It is the number one best-selling book in the world. His forced exclusion of the Holy Bible was obviously a result of his unbelief issues.

Students like my daughter Monica are being attacked subtly and overtly at schools across America for exercising simple religious rights as Christians. You never hear of the kids running off to sneak an abortion, declaring gay rights, Muslim rights, or anti-patriotic rights getting in trouble or facing an "F." Cortman confirmed attacks on religious liberties are profoundly against Christian expression and rights. This has to stop, but in order to do this, Christian kids and families must stand up and fight more than they do.

This stupidity and treachery cannot stand if we are to continue being America. Does Mo's history teacher plan to have her write her next report on the "founding of America by Muslims and atheists"? Did he get his history training at "Mad Magazine Institute for Idiots"?

Christianity and inspiration from the Holy Bible influenced the very founding, building, and legal system of the United States of America. Our founders and members of Congress started all their sessions in prayer and took it for granted that the Holy Bible was God's word, defining and protecting our freedoms, moral code, and history with God and the people. Our early members of Congress not only prayed openly before each session, but also sent out thousands of Bibles to the population. Maybe they should have all gotten an "F" – not.

I think we all know where the "F" belongs, and it is not with Monica, our country, or the Holy Bible.

Join me each day as I battle these issues, defending freedom, the truth, and our rights to be who we are.

© Laurie Roth


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