Laurie Roth
More "I feel your pain" and "Nothing Central" from Obama
By Laurie Roth
November 16, 2013

In the face of our current health care emergency caused by Obama himself, we get the empty-empathy-"I-feel-your-pain" speech. He is the one who blew up the building and splattered bodies and blood everywhere, and he is the one giving us the empty dog bone of empathy for our lost healthcare plans. He dared in his empty speech to walk around his healthcare graveyard, acknowledging the headstones and bloodstains, but flooded us with "Oh well, things will be fixed soon and what do you expect? There are always a few glitches."

Obama gave no promise or assurance of delayed fines. He gave no specific strategy to fix and support tattered health insurance companies, policies, and plans...only insults and statements saying he would dictate to them how things would be. They are the bad boys, because they dropped millions from their plans. Not Obama, who made sure health insurance companies couldn't survive with his draconian rules and regulations. He planned for them all to go under along with our healthcare and choices.

Obama can stick his empty speech, addressing absolutely nothing and offering zero solutions, in the toilet of dung he lives in and flush. Rise up, people in the HOUSE and SENATE and forget delays and trying to restore health plan rights. You cannot fit the broken GENIE back in the bottle. Obamacare must be destroyed, as in repealed, as in eliminated. It is unconstitutional, doesn't work, and has substandard security measures to protect our information. It offers substandard healthcare decided by a government board and rations healthcare to our seniors, like they are unwanted widgets to be destroyed.

This Obamacare rollout has violated millions of people already, by making sure they have lost perfectly good health insurance policies and are now left to grope around with few choices in the dark. They can go with the exchanges that don't work – the $600 million computer that doesn't work – or with the visiting witch doctor that is in town to try and fill the gap.

Obama's speech this week was like Adolph Hitler standing next to his ovens empathizing with the families who had to take off their clothes before they were burned alive.

President "empathy and empty pants" MUST be impeached and Obamacare MUST be repealed. It is time for the people – a grassroots movement from heaven...(we already have the government from hell) to rise up and turn frustrated feelings into hard-hitting action.

Keep believing, keep praying, and get ready to roll. Frogs can boil in water some place else...not in America.

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