Laurie Roth
Path to American greatness for America--AND Obama is not on it
By Laurie Roth
May 23, 2014

Rebuild and acknowledge our moral and Christian foundation.

Everyone in the world knows we are a unique and fairly new nation founded mostly by Christians and built on Christian principles reflecting the Holy Bible, not Islam or any other religion. When the United States started putting love and reverence for God in the back seat, and us in the front seat we started spiraling downward. We elected wannabe movie stars and gods like Bill Clinton and those wanting international controls and a dictatorship like Obama. We have turned our country and government into nothing but a cult of personality, race, and fame.

The only way back to finding any kind of wisdom, common sense, and real goals in leadership anymore is for our country to really submit to God, the principles of the Holy Bible, and repent of our arrogance and worship of everything except the real God. Then, we must humbly seek His help to fix, guide, and heal our nation. It is very simple but we need to humble ourselves first to do it.

In the process of throwing Obama off the throne and putting God back on, we must also institute freedom of speech and religion again. As it is now, Christians are practically in hiding these days, being warned not to pray at work, share their faith, or show a pin or Christian symbol where someone might actually see it. Get back under the table you Christian, or perhaps you would like the closet. The gays have come out so there is room for you in there with the brooms.

It is time to "get messy with it" regarding Christian freedom of speech and our right to share. Open your mouths and pray while sharing your faith with a friend at work or school. While you are at it with your Christian mess, do pray before you eat in the cafeteria or restaurant and read your Bible on a break from class. NO ONE has the right to deny any Christian student or adult the right to express themselves if they are not interrupting a class, avoiding their work, or being obnoxious.

Islam is being ushered in all over America through Common Core the government manipulated curriculum and through major chains like Home Depot who has recently rolled out the carpet for Sharia Law. Now, there will be special rights galore for Islamics at Home Depot while all are squeezed into "sensitivity" training. In other words, everyone can shut up, look the other way, and ignore Islamics getting special consideration for all the parts of their religious needs. Christians can shut up, because they don't have any needs.

Well...not anymore. Join me in being a "messy and vocal Christian and American." They are the ones who can shut up! I am a real, very imperfect and expressive Christian. I am also a patriotic and proud with it. Join me and get messy with it.

© Laurie Roth


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