Laurie Roth
America fired the bad actors
By Laurie Roth
November 15, 2014

Americans love great entertainment and good acting. We gleefully look for the next hit movie, series, or starlet gossip to come along. However, when just about everyone in political leadership thinks they are the Sylvester Stallone of their own progressive, political Rocky series we have a problem.

No nation can survive with nothing but wannabe actors running things. America has finally awakened and realized, a little late, that talk is cheap. Acting has become all too common and real service has been turned into a fossil at a dig site.

The mid-term election was really a bloodless coup aimed at Obama and the left. It was a non-violent revolution, which fired 1000s of bad actors. We demanded builders, visionaries, patriots, and warriors of truth to jump on the stage instead. Now, the low-ratings show, that America has been forced to watch, "Kill America" has been replaced by REALITY TV – America comes back. Bring the popcorn and enjoy.

We have a ton of work to do, and we will prevail. I will scream it on my show and in my articles a million times between now and 2016. We must stay on point, exercise American priorities, passion, and guts again. Reality TV is here. Welcome to "America comes back." This is just the beginning of a ton of anti-American, anti-God, anti-freedom actors running to unemployment lines. It is about time. Let us not blow our chance, GOP. Pay attention.

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